What Women Want (& Don’t Want!)

What does your hairstyle say about you and more importantly, what do women think about your look? Styles change over the years and men shouldn’t be afraid of this welcomed change! Here are a few do’s and don’t’s when it comes to men’s hair and the styles they choose:



Clean Cut – This style says “I take care of myself” Women love a clean cut guy who smells good and this look reminds them of a guy who will take care of himself and her.

The Faux Hawk – It’s slightly edgy, but just enough to get a double take from the ladies. The faux hawk is a Mo Hawk without the commitment. It screams “I’m cool, but not a weirdo”

Bald-Yup. Women love men who don’t hang on to their every last hair. Going for it and shaving your head tells a woman that you aren’t afraid of change and we like that.

Bangs – Not quite Justin Bieber, but just enough to play with. Something to style is a great look and very hip. Bangs are so in right now and look great on most guys.



Ponytails – Miami Vice WAS cool, now a ponytail on a guy is dirty looking. Ponytails are for ponies and little girls, so cut it off!

Mullets – Yes, at one time, this was THE style for men and yes, they have tried to bring the mullet back. It ain’t gonna happen, so cut the tail and slap some pomade on. The “business in the front and party in the back” look is way over.

Spiky Hair – Soooo 80’s! Give it up and get a new look. If someone can hurt themselves on your hairstyle, it’s no good.

The Combover – It’s a guys way of hiding something that everyone can see and makes a woman think “Hmm, what else is he hiding?”


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