Kenny G Long Curly Hairstyle

Photo of Kenny G long curly hairstyle.
Kenny G long curly hairstyle.

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick is a smooth jazz saxophonist. He’s an American Grammy winner and has sold more than seventy-five million albums worldwide. Although his work is phenomenal, sometimes there are those who would insist that they’d like to emulate not his musical style, but his hairstyle. Kenny G long curly hairstyle is very popular with men going for a more laid-back look.

If you’re lucky enough to have been blessed with curlier locks than most men, then this look should come easy to you. To achieve it simply, just wash your hair or get it otherwise thoroughly wet. When this is done, don’t comb the wet locks out, as this will disrupt your shafts from curling as they dry naturally.

As they’re halfway dry, work your fingers through the roots and apply a bit of holding gel. This will set the curls in place and provide natural protection. When you’ve finished this step, place your fingers on both side of you scalp and push upwards, as if you’re setting a hat into place. This is called “scrunching.” It will come out better this way.

As most stylists will tell you, every “do” is suited for a different face shape. Faces generally fall into the categories of being square, oval, round or heart-shaped. This style is compatible with all shapes. Remember that to achieve this look your length should right above your shoulders, long enough to work with but short enough to give the wind-blown fashion.

If you don’t have naturally curled locks, then you’ll have to work a little bit harder. When your hair is wet, apply a conditioning serum to your shafts. It’s extremely important that you do not use a comb or brush.

As previously mentioned, use your fingers to induce scrunching. Also, use a dry towel to muss up your locks at the roots as they dry. This will create volume. When dry, spritz some hairspray and try and comb to the right or left, creating a swept-over part.

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