Keith Urban Hairstyle

Keith Urban hairstyle.

Keith Urban
(was born on October 26, 1967 in New Zealand) is a country music singer. In 1991, his solo album charted four No. 1 country hits in Australia. Then, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, USA. In 2001, the Academy of Country Music named him Top New Male Vocalist.

Keith Urban layered hairstyle
Keith Urban layered hairstyle.

Keith has chosen a long layered style which suits his image perfectly. His hair length has been kept at shoulder level and has been razor cut at the ends to create textured edges & wispy look. His layered style softens his wide jaw line.

The bangs work well to add volume above the ears and widen narrow forehead. If you have a triangular face shape, this style can be one of the best choices. The style works best with straight hair type.

13 thoughts on “Keith Urban Hairstyle”

  1. i have a kind of light beard that goes round my mouth, the hairdressers downstairs now, im off to have this style. i hope it looks alright. i play the guitar and i need something awesome for a gig.

  2. hey i bet he's impressive…by the way
    I am a beautiful lock on Hrithik’s head full of gorgeous hair! As I have observed, from my vantage point (of being on top of Hrithik’s head, duh!), a lot of you want glamourous locks…but (sigh, sigh) very few of you manage to look like me. So, I will try to be at my swishiest best and using my enviable position to best advantage, I’ll tell you the secrets of my beauty and of course, I’ll give you a glimpse of what goes on in Hrithik’s world. Follow me at… See you there!

  3. To get this hairstyle print off these pics, I suggest you also inculde the little paragraph about the razor cut etc. and just take it to any hairdresser. They all go through pretty much the same training, or they should have specialists for certain styles so pretty much any should be able to cut it for you 🙂 Hope this helps I'ma go get this now 😛

    • Good luck with that. Hairdressers normally send you out the door looking like everyone else, and this is why celebrities, rich and famous people pay a fortune for their haircuts. Keith Urban does not pay 12-20 $ for this haircut. Normal “hairdressers” will get out the buzz clippers and/or blunt cut your hair and make you look like a choir boy. They have no element of style and have no clue of how to make a celebrity or stylish haircut. lol, I have been trying for years to find a good hair stylist, and there is not one around here and I can tell you that much.

  4. Hey people back off he is already taken by me Nicole Kidman if you don’t think I’m real go to google and type in nicole kidman and Keith Urban and you will see because I’m a famous movie star and I also have a little three year old daughter named Sunday Rose.So boosh or how ever you guys say it but still.


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