Nikki Sixx Big Hairstyle

Mens hairstyle from Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx’s hairstyle.

With locks as heavy and lush as his bass, Nikki Sixx, at 49, can even give the young ‘mtv playing and an icons’ a run for their money. The wayward life, strings of high-profile affairs, aggressive bass-equally melodious voice has set him apart from the rest of the contemporary ‘metalheads’. A carefree rock star Nikki Sixx is a trend setter in the truest sense.

Nikki Sixx has been a mini-revolutionary all through. Behind the glitz and the glamour of this rock star, there is many a dark tale to tell. Born on December 11, 1958, in San Jose, CA. life was not at all beautiful for Nikki. Deserted by his father at a young age, he was raised by his mother, Deana. After spending most of his childhood and youth in hardship, heaven finally smiled upon him. It was only after meeting with Don Zimmerman did his life take a turn. Motley Crue, the band formed in 1980 saw the birth of a star – Nikki Sixx.

Nikki Six Layered Hairstyle

We love him for his songs. We love him for his style too. We looked up to him during the ‘hair metal’ movement. Eclectic, a blend of glamour and punk rock, all the adjectives hold true to describe Nikki’s style. No matter with which bands he connects himself, be it Mötley Crüe or Sixx: A.M., Nikki Sixx is undoubtedly a fashion icon. From the crew cut in his early days to the mop-top hairdo at his youth to the recent punk, frizzy hairstyle, this man has been through it all, and with great élan. The shoulder length hair with layers on the top to create volume gives an edgy look to the haircut.

Nikki Six's Motley Hairstyle

The ‘Motley’ hairstyle has been ruling the fashion circuit since 1980. The long voluminous hair usually teased or permed has hit the right chords – among both genders. Presently Nikki is sporting a blood-red streak to one side and plans to add a few more fetching hues. As quoted by the man himself on the fan – website (, “First you got to cut it real jaggedly. Then you need this stuff,” a vicious-looking pump spray. “You can’t use aerosol. Then you’ve got to dry your hair upside-down and pull it out while you do it. And of course,” of I course! “You’ve got to sleep upside-down. You sleep on your forehead. When you wake up in the morning, your hair is all messed up. And you look at yourself and you say ‘I look fine.'”

The unconventional hairdo makes him stand apart from the conventional heavy metal rockers on stage. The ‘heavy at the top’ followed by ‘long traces’ is the most happening style that has caught on with the youth of today! Imagine a rock star nearing 50 years of age sporting the hair-style of the raw youth!

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    • Well, he’s Italian and Italians are known to have thick lush hair even at an older age. Mia Nonno is 75 and still has a set of thick black/grey hair.


      • Yes!!!! He had enough hair at 25 for four people. His hair HAS thinned. He just had a ton to begin with!

  1. woah, nikki sixx has the best hair EVER(i have to use SO much hairspray and my hair is dark brown)…………oh yeah and he is the sexxiest guy EVER!!!!

  2. nikki, would you be willing to give me a million dollars to change my life? I cannot imagine living my own life any longer. If so, I would love to party with you and give you props.
    Derk B.

  3. What do you say? I am 36 and ready to enjoy some shit. Nothing else seems to be working.


    . PERIOD. ’nuff said.

    CHRISTY CRUE in Atlanta, GA

  5. dont be dissin this icon. he is a hero among others. youre just jealous cause you havent had 1/5 of the poon-tang he's got. he's been through it all. and above all, his ahir was lookin fly the whole time 😛

  6. If it wasn’t for Nikki Sixx, Motley Crue would NOT exist – that said, most bands now-a-days would not exist. Motley Crue changed the face of heavy rock and the style that comes with it.

    Haters go ahead and hate….jealousy is the most form of flattery….also, any jackass can sit in front of a computer monitor and talk junk. Would you have the balls to say it to Nikki’s face or anyone else that is bashed over the net? Probably not. What have you accomplished in your life? Probably not much, hence the reason you sit and troll on sites b/c you have nothing better to do than bitch about other people. Get a life.


  7. ps nikki sixx esta lindo mas en sus tiempos era un galan y cn lo q me gustan los rockeros x q yo tambien soy rockera y de corazon

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