Steven Tyler Long Hairstyles

Steven Tyler is one of America’s most iconic rock singers. He is also a songwriter, multi-talented instrumentalist, and one of the newest judges on the television talent search, American Idol. Tyler has been the lead vocalist for the band Aerosmith since 1964 and still records and performs concerts with the band.

Picture of Steven Tyler long rock hairstyle.
Steven Tyler long hairstyle.

Tyler has worn his hair at about shoulder length for most of his career. He chooses to style it so that it looks a bit messy, as if he had done nothing with it. The truth is far different. This style is relatively maintenance.

He parts it more or less in the middle. Then he applies pomade with his hands to provide hold. Then, he uses his hands to scrunch the hair all over to create random directions within the style.

Steven Tyler hairstyle with gray streaks photo.
Steven Tyler hairstyle with gray streaks.

He has a couple of gray streaks running through his bangs (fringe). These are likely to be natural given his age. However, he also has a section on the left side that alternates gray and brown so that it resembles the tail of a raccoon. Beads are worn in the other side at this point.

Image of Steven Tyler hairstyle.
Steven Tyler hairstyle.

Steven keeps himself clean shaven. This works well for him with his long hair to keep him looking younger than his 63 years.

The Steven Tyler long hairstyle is not really unique. However, the use of color and beads lend a uniqueness that makes this style identifiable as completely his. It takes a good bit of maintenance, having to be refreshed periodically.

However, he deliberately makes it look as if he has done nothing with it. In this way, he is able to maintain his appearance of being one of rock and roll’s baddest bad boys of all time and look good while doing it.

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