Val Kilmer With Long Hair & A Beard

Photo of Val Kilmer long hairstyle.
Val Kilmer long hairstyle.

The difference can be stark in a man when he grows a beard or allows his hair to grow longer than usual. In fact, some men look like someone completely different when they grow facial hairs. One man that does look different in this way is famous for his parts in several popular movies. Check out how Val Kilmer with long hair & a beard has sparked new trends.

Kilmer, an American actor, has sported several hairstyle over the years that have been worn by men all around the globe. In the eighties, he wore a cut sporting the hairs standing up straight on top. This cool wind blown look was popular in no time with many men wearing their locks in the same way. This cut also allowed a certain look of freedom and wildness everyone could appreciate as well.

As this handsome actor began to reach his middle age years, his hairstyles did not. Despite his nearing forty years of age, he wore outstanding and younger cuts. However, these cuts worked well on him and began to for many other men as well. The time eventually came, however, that pictures began popping up online and in printed celebrity literature of him wearing longer locks and a beard.

After always seeing this young man as a clean cut and free spirit, the look of him wearing thick facial whiskers and long, unkempt locks can certainly take fans aback. While he does not look horribly bad, he also does not look himself. This style seemed to have caused his age to capture him.

Not many of the male fans of this actor began mimicking this style like they did with ones in the years past. A man can look different when he grows whiskers and long tresses, but when it comes to this actor, the difference is astounding and dramatic.

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