Lenny Kravitz Curly Hairstyles

Lenny kravitz afro hair.

Lenny Kravitz is an American retro rocker. He is a popular icon who is not only good in singing & acting but can also play musical instruments such as guitar, drums, bass guitar and keyboard.

He has won several awards and honors for his unique performances and talents and has played roles in some of the greatest movies of all time which have received a lot of applause from viewers. There are a lot of reasons why you should love Lenny Kravitz but one thing that will surely make you admire him more is his spectacular haircuts.


Various Lenny Kravitz Hair Styles

He is half Jewish, half black, and half white with most black men’s hair texture. His hair has surely made him look the best in his performances. This reading will, without a doubt, give you a lot of information regarding how to get those Lenny Kravitz haircuts in a very simple way.

1. Afro hairstyle

Photo Lenny Kravitz afro hair.

Since Lenny’s hair is naturally kinky, he doesn’t have any problems in getting the Afro hairstyle. You can also have this hairstyle easily if your hair is curly or kinky. However, if it is straight, it will not be that easy. First, the curly or kinky hair is cut in the same length.

You can either do this by yourself or go to a hairstylist. After cutting, the hair will naturally look fluffy, forming its afro-shape. The best thing about this hairstyle is it does not require frequent trimming.


2. Well-Coiffed Afro

Photo of Lenny Kravitz well-coiffed afro hairstyle.

The main difference between the usual afro and the well-coiffed afro is the length. Well-coiffed afro maintains a length of 1-2 inches. It is the medium-length version of afro which is considered as the contemporary afro style. This is one of the haircuts that have become popular because of Lenny Kravitz.


3. Buzz Cut


The buzz cut looks very good on him. Since maintaining long course hair can be difficult, cutting your hair short can be better. With buzz cut, your hair will be cut short and your face will be emphasized.


4. Short curls

Image of Lenny Kravitz short curly haircut.

Short curls are a bit longer than the buzz cut but definitely shorter than well-coiffed afro. The hairs are cut in equal length as well as in all sides of the head. This haircut requires maintenance through frequent trimming.


5. Dreadlocks

Lenny Kravitz dreadlocks cut.

Dreadlocks are another haircut that you will enjoy most if you have curly or kinky hair. You just have to grow your hair longer for greater emphasis. There are various ways to make dreadlocks, one of them is by palm-rolling hair.

To do it, you will have to take hold of a portion of your hair and roll it on your palms from the base. After rolling the hairs from the base to the tip, apply a metal clipper and make sure it is tight. Perform the procedure to the rest of your hair then expose them to air for drying. This is best for almost all shapes of faces.


Lenny Kravitz’s Shakout Hair Care Method

Lenny Kravitz uses the aloe vera gel (AVG) widely for his hair. The gel is extremely beneficial, especially for curly hair since it acts as a moisturizer. The curly hairs are generally dry and hence AVG works wonderfully on these dry and damaged qualities of hair.

Curly hair often gets tangled which is conditioned and made tangled free by its use. Lenny Kravitz hair is widely loved especially for the high quality, luster, and shine. Boys have taken Lenny Kravitz’s hair as an inspiration since the wonderful curls of his are widely loved and rated with positive remarks.

Lenny dips the gel of aloe vera onto his hair. Then, he uses his shaking-out method by vigorously shaking his head. The shaking thus helps the excess of the gel to get shed off and hence well conditioned shiny hair remains.

The video above is widely followed, especially by boys with curly hair. One gets to walk around in confidence just by having good quality hair. Organic AVG helps in better hair conditions, especially for curly hair, as suggested by Lenny Kravitz. Now, getting AVG is very easy. There are some products that provide 100% gel. The best one is Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel.

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  1. I’m just wondering how Lenny Kravitz can be half jewish, half black and half white because there’s one more ‘half’ there than fits! lol

  2. Lenny Kravitz’s mother was black, his father was jewish, maybe that is what the owner of the blog meant with all of the halves.

    What’s a black man’s hair texture? I wasn’t aware that a certain texture was exclusive to Black men. For the record, not all Black people have coarse, tightly coiled hair. And that is certainly not the reason why they opt to wear shorter hairstyles. What kind of ignorance is that?

  3. it’s not ignorance, merely a generalisation, as it is common for african americans to have a coarser or rougher hair texture as opposed to many other races such as anglo-caucasians or those of Spanish decent. It is a genetic fact, i can’t be bothered looking up the facts but im sure you can find them, i recall watching it in a documentary. I don’t think its fair on anyone nor do i think it promotes equality (which is ultimately what the majority of Human-kind is striving for [i believe]) when people cry sexist or racist at even the most fickle of evidence. A fear of being penalised for expressing a view is deconstructive to what fantastic equal rights activists like Martin L. K have fought for. I believe the forums for debate which were established to provide equal discussion and debate are the best ways of influencing someone into sense, Im sure some people live with an inherent racism that comes from growing up or experiences in life, but rather than calling them a racist or a sexist and immediately thinking they’re below you, as they think of others, trying to educate them is the way!

    • All ill speak of is the equality part. Equality ? When was America ever a place with geniune equality lol. Don’t make me laugh, anyways the way a person is born, whatever the race, culture, etc.. You are what you are, wether they think its coarse or soft or hard as a dick pointing at you! Who the cares ?! Does it make the world a better place going two shit about race, culture bla bla bla ! Umm that’s a definitely hell no ! Okay I’m done

  4. Martin Luther King was a racist, and what is the white race? I’ve never understood the white race. We have the Spanish, (white) the Asians, (white) the Jewish, (white) the Cubans, (white) Hawaiian (white) etc. And then we have the blacks and the whites.

    Anyway, I believe what he meant to say is that he has half afro hair and half non-afro hair.

    • Asians aren’t white Spaniards yes are right. but majority of Spanish people from Latin america are NOT white. WTF how are Hawaiians white and some Cubans are mixed or black. there is also Asian Hispanics and black Hispanics but most Hispanics are mestizos like George Lopez. SKIN COLOR DOESN’T DETERMINE RACE

      • Everyone get your history right ! Then you guys would know all this talk is bullshit! No one a pure breed, regardless of your color! I’m black but grandfather white Italian as this page I’m writing on ! But guess what I look black, and That’s all it is. Base on the dominant trait and recessive traits. It depends on what part of the family who carries the dominant trait. Determines on how you’ll really look

  5. since when is “black” a religion?? The person should have said half-Jewish and half whatever else he is not black. it’s very rude and offensive to many people!

  6. being half black, half white, and half jew is possible. If you have white jewish parent and a black parent, you fit the description.

  7. We don’t actually call Jews “white”. compared to blacks, yeah, they have fairer skin, but we don’t call them that. “White” usually means European. We call Spanish people “Hispanic”. some people call Indians “brown” but some call them “black” too. And Asians are also white, but some ppl call them “yellow” but i believe that’s considered offensive. So actually there’s a lot of colors for different races. and by the way, there is nothing racist about saying african/ african americans have tight, coarse curls. that’s like saying asians have straight, black hair, or that the irish have more red-haired ppl than most races. it’s just true! if a black man doesn’t have coarse, curly hair, it’s because he had a big genetic influence of another race in his lineage.

    • Wrong. It is true that not all black people have tight coarse hair. Being mix has nothing to do with it. there are africans that have straight hair, wavy hair, and kinky hair. our hair isn’t all the same and to say so is lack of education. Hell we all originated from africa, don’t forget. We’re those my diverse ethnicity around.

      • There are NO! africans with straight or wavy hair. maybe you’re confusing australian aborigines with africans. they are not africans. Blacks have course tight nappy hair. mixed people do not count as blacks. we are talking about black people. you take a hand full of blacks and i doubt you will magicly find a super loose curly headed black person or a black person with straight hair. stop reaching for things that are not there.Be realistic man.

        • Please tell Egyptians or Ethiopians that there are no Africans with straight or wavy hair, then get back to me…or do they not count, because they don’t fit into what YOUR idea of an African is?

        • You are completely wrong. There are black people with blue eyes, and straight blonde hair. As there are whites with nappy curly black hair. Maybe not much in the USA but in the world, yes. Do the research bud.

  8. Why turn everything to race, racism or racist, I believe the blog is to discuss different hairstyles for black men not African Americans. Which unfortunately hasn’t help me much at all. You Bloody Racist.lol


  10. The poster was trying to say that one parent is black, the other is a Caucasian Jew.

    Also, the Spanish are also referred to as Caucasian. Hispanic actually refers to Latin Americans.

  11. You people need to get a life. I was just on here browsing hair styles and was almost immediately disrupted by a novel-long race discussion of a celebrity.

    How about we all care more about ourselves and not make such a big deal of someone else.. or argue with the pedestrian comments and the ignorant idiocy spewing from the mouths of the horders of uneducated internet surfers.

    That is all.

  12. Well, fxxk me if I’m wrong but I think that the author of this blog meant to say that Lenny is half Black half Jew, which he is (that’s an awesome mix BTW). And to the person who said not all black people have tightly coiled hair: True. But enough of us do to generalize. And yes because of the hair texture most blacks wear their hair short so that it is easier to manage. If my hair were tightly coiled I’d wear my hair short or in dreads so that I wouldn’t have to spend hours styling my hair every morning. Gosh why cause an argument over something so stupid when you know damn well it’s true? Sheesh. I tell you about people who have nothing better to do but throw the race card all day. And who said hispanic and Asian were white? Whoever did is a moron. I think you need to complete junior high before you post about this subject again. Anyway, Lenny Kravitz has/had really cool hair (I think now he still has it cut super short which looks a mess) and is smoking hot. Almost as hot as Travis Mccoy and Billie Joe. Man I love rockers!!!

  13. I am Half black and half white and iam as white as jason kidd but my hair less curly and less kinky but i can wear it in a afro? People please tell me what i shuld do wit my hair!

  14. I luv dredz
    I luv Lenny
    I luv rainbow babies

    I disLike overSensitivity
    I disLike inSensitivity
    I disLike debating from extremes

    I want whiteBoy dredz!

  15. BeautifulSoul:

    I have “tightly coiled hair” and I wear a huge afro. All long hair is a bitch to deal with I dont care if its tightly coiled, loosely curly or straight .

    Also spanish people are not white. Thats why there are called hispanic or latino. There enough of them that arent white that they have there own label.

  16. Can anybody tell me how to grow that afro on Kravitz. Where it’s not Richard Pryorish but all soft and wavy and stuff? Like Will Smith’s sons?

  17. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is sinful.
    If we equated ignorance with sinfulness, we would be more inclined to conduct independent research into the origins of our current beliefs and practises.
    No wonder this country is in such a mess, too much greed and the need for self satisfaction, all based on the lack of knowledge and understanding.
    Boy, I wish that we just cared a little more!!!

  18. omg ur all dumb those that said how can he be 3 halfs the guy meant half black half jewish white …. and a lot of you are arguing over such dumb things grow up jesus i bet most of u ppl starting the arguments are white gosh!!!

  19. Since some people have nothing better to do…let's set the story straight. Mr. Kravitz is 1/2 black & 1/2 white (Jewish is a religious preference). BUT WHO REALLY CARES?!?! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE HAIR!! I have locs and wanted to know if anyone has seen some styles for them. Normally I wear them straight down, tied back, or in a ponytail, BUT I like to have a little flair for the Holidays. Please post any suggestions you may have…..IT'S ABOUT THE HAIR, REMEMBER?? Peace & Blessings, DeeDee

  20. Hairstyle: You can wear them (locs) cornrowed, halfway or all the way to the back. I’ve seen some men and women wear a couple rows in their hair. Some men with locs also fade the sides and front and wear the rest back in a pony tail or out. This is best if you have a good thick hairline to show the edged effect of your hair. here is a website that may be of help.https://www.naturalbrotha.com/Home_Page.html

  21. First off to the person who said that they can tell that he is half black and half white just because he is light-skinned is stupid and needs to stfu. I hate to hear/read such ignorance like that. Both of my parents are African-American and may I add neither one is light-skinned and guess what, I’m light-skinned (yellow is what the black community calls it). Not all light-skinned blacks ar directly mixed you moron. Most of us are not. And more bi-racial people come out darker brown than alot of us also. Another thing, yes the hell we do have coarse hair. Its a known fact you idiots. Everyone knows us Africsn American have a different hair texture than whites, hispanics, asians, indians, etc. Get over it! Hence the fact that we can braid out hair and lock it without it unraveling like you wannabe’s etc. Get your minds off racial shit and grow up. Just like Asians have black straight hair, we have coarse, tightly curled, kinky, however you wanna put it, hair! I didnt say all but most of us do to generalize it. You dumbasses!

  22. Oh my god, is this all you guys do is sit at home judging celebrities hairstyles, i cant even look at descent hairstyles without a page long blog on this and that! Get a life!!!!!!!! And to all you people who are just doing what i did and saw this page and said something similiar, great job on accomplishing the goal of life!!!!

  23. how the hell u no black people like short hair mo then longer hair. maybe cause we don feel like keepin up wit longer hair. Sh*t since im black my favorite hairstyle is short. come on man thats racist as hell

  24. I feel like as a African-american that its hard for us to have long hair and be expected in corp. america…also think about this why did GOD give everyone the same hair(whites,asians,spanish.ect) then when it comes to black ppl we have different then those races stated and why when we mix with any other race are Traits are more dominate??…

  25. Some people posting on this blog are very stupid. The point is that many different ethnicities have different hair types. Asians and tend to have straight very straight hair. People of European descent do as well, but there are exceptions. “Spanish” which refers to Latinos are an ethnic category and not a race. Latinos can be black, white, Asian, native or a mixture of anything. Not all people of African descent have tightly coiled hair, but the majority of us do. There are also white people, and Latinos with tight, kinky, curly hair. People need to think before they make stupid ass comments.

  26. Ok first off I love all of Lenny's hairstyles!

    -ALL long hair is a fuss. Tightly Coiled or not.
    -Tightly coiled is not an insult. Nor is coarse. (Althought for some people that part could have been left out, because it can be deemed offensive) It's true and we should embrace it. My hair is tightly coiled and coarse. I take care of it though and it's long and HEALTHY coarse or not. But it feels nice to the touch.
    -Spanish people from Spain are light skinned but not white. When talking about race most people will say white black and brown. Brown for hispanics and basically everyone that isn't white or black.
    -Generalizations suck. We're all different.

    I still LOVE lenny!


  28. Again, why does a certain hairstyle promote a race? It's the same with the idiotic idea of a certain sexual orientation being promoted from a certain hairstyle. It's getting tabooed now.

  29. It's amazing how an article about Lenny Kravitz's hair turns into a racial debate.

    Suwarnaadi simply stated that black men [B]usually[/B], not all, have coarse, tightly curled hair and keep our hair short. Both statements are true.

  30. dudes who want to be judging lenny like this should listen to that song by deathklok


    that song is totally mostly all of you!
    stfu go get a job and get off ur COUCH JUDGING Celebs!

  31. im african american/village.
    i have a 2009 african american mohawk
    with waves on the side of my hair

    im going to be making my hair curly…how can i make it like lenny's 2nd pic and what kind of relaxer can i use yet affordable?

  32. well has probably the most interesting personality of a singer. if you put all things next to each other. thats cool! black-jewish-white. that makes a cool whole.

  33. being a african american…fudge it a black guy… welll jamaican..well whatever. i find it silly that people are getting heated up over the coarse hair thing.. black people have coarse curly hair.. you finding that vulgar means you have some interior stereotype thats conflicting you.. next up… theres absolutely nothing wrong with saying lenny kravitz is a black jew..because being jewish doesnt imply a religion really its just commonly accepted as being hebrew..so yup hes a black jew with ruff hair

  34. Wow… I swear I can't go on a site with dreadlock styles and ideas without abunch of idiots argueing about races.. you all need to grow up, and set your differences aside and get along. no matter you are black or white, you’re no diffrent.. I'm white and I have dreadlocks, and i dont give a talk if someone tells me its black people hair, because its not you cant own a hair style alright? and this is coming from a 15 year old.. sad.

  35. I believe it is extremely stupid that people are still arguing till this day about this man's race. So he's mixed??? Who the hell in America isn't?? People took everyone else's comments way too seriously. Comments that are well over a year old. If someone decides to add their two cents after me then they need to get a life. Anyway his dreads are HOT!! And his hair texture clearly comes from the Jewish and African influenced decent. GO LENNY! With his fine a**.

  36. Scientists say that there are 3 races:
    1.Negroid(Africans and Australian Aborygeens)
    2.Euroid( Caucasians, Semites{Jews,Arabs,}, Meditereans{Italians,Spaniards,Greeks}Indians{Hindu}
    3.Mongoloid(Asians, Native Americans,Siberians)

    Kravitz is half Negroid, half Euroid(Jewish).And yes, curly, tight coiled hair are exclusive to African genes, some Euroids have also curly hair, but much diferent.

    Also Kravitz is totally hot due to being a racial mixture(when you mix different races, phisical traits are averaged to Aristotelean Golden Harmony of Beauty).

  37. .
    QUOTE …
    "It is often a surprise for people to learn that,
    in reality, there is actually No Such Thing
    As a "Light Skinned Black" person.

    The term "Light Skinned Black" is really nothing more
    than a racist oxymoron that was created by racial
    Supremacists in an effort to forcibly deny those
    Mixed-Race individuals, who are of what is referred
    to as being a Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed
    (MGM-Mixed) Lineage, the right to fully embrace and
    to also receive public support in choosing to acknowledge
    the truth regarding their complete ancestral heritage.

    The people who have been slapped with the false label and
    oxymoronic misnomer of "Light Skinned Black" person are
    simply Mixed-Race individuals — who are from families
    which have became and have remained continually
    Mixed-Race throughout their multiple generations.

    It should also be noted that no one is saying that having
    a light skin complexion is the 'only' or even a 'required'
    proof of being of a continuously Mixed-Race lineage.

    What is simply being said here is that it is just one
    of the clearly-visible and openly undeniable forms
    of proof that a person is of a Mixed-Race lineage.

    [[[ Also — contrary to popular mixconception, the term of
    'African-American' (AA) does NOT mean (racially) Black.

    It is simply a reference to the Ethnic grouping of people
    (as opposed to a 'racial' grouping of people) who are:
    "the descendants-of-the-survivors of the chattel slavery
    system that took place on the continental United States
    during the antebellum period of the nation's history."

    The Ethnic group known as the 'African-Americans' (AA)
    are found to have a wide variety and range of skin tones,
    hair textures, facial features and body sizes and types —
    which are a result of the fact that more than 70% of the
    people born to two (2) AA parents are of an ancestral
    lineage includes +20-30 European & +25% Amerindian.

    Again, the group known as 'African-American' (AA) is not
    a 'Racial' grouping of people and it is also not the same
    group of people that is referred to as 'Black American' (BA).

    While the AAs are a largely Mixed-Race ETHNIC grouping
    and are composed of "the descendants of the survivors"
    — and the BAs on the other hand, are a Black RACE
    grouping that is composed of 'volitional immigrants'.]]

    — AP ([email protected])"




  38. LOL, this is ridiculous. Only the first handful of comments are about hair the rest has degenerated to a racial debate. Clearly the world hasn't gotten past race.

  39. Umm My dad’s skin color is white, but he is also jewish, and my mom is black. I say i am half black and half jewish. My two sense. Just saying, but if I break it down i say african american, german, and russian, or simply multicultural

  40. It would be rather erroneous to confuse race with culture and culture with nationality. There is a black culture, there is a black color, but there is no black race. There may be a black man that is Russian (alexander Pushkin for ex.) he was biracial (perceived as black) but he was Russian. As far as the “how can a person be half-jew” comment: Jew refers, in this case, to his heritage. The Jews being decendents to Hebrews or Israelites. Not to be confused with Judaism which is the religious beliefs of many Jews (people). To the author of this post, to make the supposition that black men opt for shorter hair because of their texture is like saying that white men opt for longer hair because of their texture. Its just not true. We should all work harder to see past stereo types (good point @ AJ Ethiopians, Agyptians, Eretrians, Guyanians all have varying textures of hair, being from Africa… as for African Americans (aka Blacks) our texture is as varied as any other human being, because you know… that is what we are.

  41. Wtf why are you guys still ranting on about this bullshit. It’s 2012 go find out which celeb is gay or something or go read a Twilight book.

  42. All,

    As a biracial male, I like my hair longer. It helps me be proud of my blackness, and I am most comfortable with it at all times, man.




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