How to Layer Men’s Hair: Top 20 Styles In 2024

Layering the hair is a clever and quick way to style your tresses that comes with a plethora of benefits hence knowing how to layer hair is a plus.

It can give the illusion of extra volume, ease the weight of thick hair, add movement to hyper straight locks and help frame the face.

how to layer your own hair

It basically involved chopping sections throughout the style. You can think of it as building steps into the hair. With the longest being at the bottom of the head and working up to shorter layers or vice versa. With the hair being longer on the top and shorter at the bottom this is also known as a stack or stacking.

If you want to try adding some layers to your own hairstyle it can be done without the intervention of a stylist – so read on!


How to Layer Men’s Hair – DIY

how to layer men's hair at home

Layering hair is the same idea as layering clothing when hunting or putting multiple coats of paint onto drywall. It can create the volume that may not have existed beforehand, lessen the weight of heavy hair, or flatter a face shape when it was thought impossible.

Basically, layering hair is building steps into the hair, either going up or going down. The bottom can be longest, gradually going shorter as it steps up, or the top can be longest, gradually going shorter as it goes down, which is also known as a stack.

Learning how to layer hair yourself isn’t as difficult as it may seem. If you have right tool you can be a pro! Having a mirror to see the back of your head may help but isn’t totally necessary.


Tools You Need:

  • A fine-toothed comb
  • A pair of good hairdressing scissors
  • Shears or razors
  • A spray bottle of water

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What to Do:

You can layer your own hair, and it can be easy when done correctly.

  1. Ensure your hair is clean and towel dried. Adding layers is easier done on damp hair so if you find your locks drying out too much as you cut then give it a spritz with some water. Having wetter hair also helps the tresses to sit as straight as possible so it’s easier to see what you are doing.
  2. Comb the hair thoroughly to dispense with any knots.
  3. Starting at the bottom of the head or where you want the longest parts to be, pull a section of hair out straight from root to tip and hold at a 90-degree angle to the head with two fingers, preferably your forefinger and middle finger as this is the easiest.
  4. Trim the hair at an angle to the scalp to the length you desire. Make sure you leave a little more length as the hair will retract when dry. You can always cut more if needs be.

By trimming at an angle rather than in a horizontal line as this will create softer more natural layers.


DIY Hair Layering Tips for Men 

crop layered hairstyle

In a hair-world dominated by women, it may be hard for men to feel comfortable showing a sincere concern about their own style. Concepts that have been associated with female haircuts for decades are now readily available to be used by males too! One of those concepts is essential when it comes to choosing a haircut: layering.

If the hair is curly it’s best to cut when thoroughly wet so that it can be as straight as possible when cutting. Use a brush or the fine tooth comb to remove all tangles from the hair.

Start by pull the hair straight through two fingers and cutting the bottom of the hair to the longest length that you wish it to be. If you prefer to have a clean neckline, don’t be afraid to take a razor to your neck and shave to the point you wish the hair to end; this gives a stopping point for shorter hair.

Depending on the thickness, or distance apart that you wish the layers to be, grasp the next layer of hair between two fingers and make clean cuts. Be sure to leave some extra length since your hair is wet and will dry a bit shorter. Also, remember that you can always cut more off, but you can’t put it back.

Repeat this process until you reach the top layer. Check the hair to make sure that it blends well. When using a powered set of shears, change your blade length for every half-inch or so that you move up through the hair, this will give a pretty good blended look.

If your hair is longer, layers usually work well with a face frame. This isn’t just for women! Take the front 1” section of hair, grasp between two fingers, and angle your hand outward. Using a razor to take this hair off gives a gradual, natural look.

If you have any type of bangs that need to be trimmed with your layering, grasp between your fingers and cut upward into the hair. It may not seem like this will accomplish much, but it gives a wispy, natural lay.

For touch-ups or a quick, messy layering look, take an inch thick section of hair and twist as tightly as desired, cut at an upward angle and untwist. Just remember, the tighter the twist, the stronger and shorter the layer will be.

Use a blow dryer on your hair when the layering is done if you have one. It will display stray or missed hairs in the average setting this way. Remember that hair does react to being cut. It tends to “freak out” for a few days until it has accustomed to the loss of length.

Styling products will enhance your handsome new do. Try to trim or touch up about every six weeks. If you can learn how to layer hair for yourself, helping out buddies with their hair will be a new, enviable talent.


How to Pick A Suitable Men’s Layered Hairstyle

layered hairstyle for men

Sometimes, it is best to figure out what type of hairstyle fits you the best, before you begin. You might think that all men’s hair is the same, and all of the haircuts for men basically look the same, but you are wrong.

With layered hairstyles, you can enjoy a great hairstyle that looks perfect on you – without having to worry that you look just like everyone else.

With the men’s layered hair, you can feel free to have that haircut that you really enjoy. Layered hairstyles might seem like they are brand new, but they have actually been around for quite some time. They are hairstyles that you can have done easily, and they do several things.

First of all, they promote fullness for the hair, and they make it look like you have more hair as well. With the right style, you can really appear like you have thicker and more luxurious hair than you ever thought you had before. However, there are two main things that layered hairstyles for men’s hair. They make it look thicker, and they give it more body.

The hairstyles make a man’s hair look thicker. They do this by having the layers on top of each other. The longer layers lay on the bottom, and the shorter ones are on the top. This allows the entire head to look like it is bigger, which makes the hair look thicker as well.

In the same way, men’s layered haircuts add body to the hair. The shorter layers are more apt to blow around in the breeze, which makes all of your hair look thicker and more full of a body than it really might be.


Layered Hairstyles for Men

If you fancy a change and want to add some layering to your hair, then why not take a look at these 20 men’s layered styles.

1. Short and Choppy

men layered hairstyle for short hair

Adding layers around the front and sides of the hair is the perfect way to frame the face and detract from any features that you would like to soften.

Ideal for: Oblong, Diamond, and triangle shaped faces.

How to Style: By adding texture to the men’s hair with layers you can frame the face, add movement and prevent the crop from looking so bulky. Chop layers across the crown of the head, leaving the bangs and sideburns slightly longer.

Dry with a hairdryer and mousse to add to that tousled effect. The messier the better!


2. Short Choppy Pixie Cut

short layered hair men

This layered hairstyle for men is a cute style that would suit most guys and hair types. Keeping the hair short means that those layers really do stand out.

Ideal for: Oval, oblong, triangle and round faces.

How to Style: By adding chunky layers through the hair but keeping some length around the nape, fringe, and sideburns it can really help add definition to otherwise very thin and straight locks. Tease into position with wax when styling to enhance those choppy layers.


3. Mid Length Layers

medium layered haircut for men

Layering mid-length hair for men is a good way to achieve volume and appeal to very straight and lifeless hair.

Ideal for: Framing long or oblong faces.

How to Style: They key to the layering here is around the jawline and the front of the hair, as this is where the face needs framing. By chopping in soft side bangs equal to the positioning of the ear and tapering the hair downwards to the shoulders it can soften an otherwise plain bob cut.


4. Mid Length Layers with Highlights

men layered hairstyle with highlights

Adding color is another top way to enhance the definition of a style, especially where layers are concerned. This is a trendy men’s layered hair look.

Ideal for: Great for framing heart, diamond, and oblong faces.

How to Style: Choppy blunt layers add movement to this very straight hair and helps frame that super strong jawline. By adding subtle and natural-looking highlights through the ends of the hair and around the sides of the face, it gives the illusion of thicker, richer and more choppy locks.


5. Long and Layered

long layered hairstyle for men

Heavy thick hair, especially when long, can really benefit from some soft layers, especially long layers through the lengths of the hair.

Ideal for: Long, thick and curly hair that needs softening.

How to Style: Layering men’s curly hair can be difficult to make sure that it is fully damp before attempting to cut layers. Run layers through the hair, at an angle to the scalp but keep them long to create a softer and more bountiful look.


6. Mullet Layered Hair

Mullet hairstyles are getting popular again after the touch of modern techniques such as keeping the sides and top shorter than the actual length of an out-dated mullet haircut.

Ideal for: Oblong, oval

How to Style: You can achieve this look by leaving bangs at the front, and style the side layers in an inverted direction for face-framing purpose. Keep the top a bit messy and spiky for contemporary aesthetics.


7. Blowout Layered Hairstyle

If you are getting worried about how to style your medium or long hair that fits on your facial features too, just ask your stylist to blow dry your hair after getting a layered haircut.

Ideal for: Long and straight hair

How to Style: All you need to achieve this look is blow dry. When the layers are swept back, it creates a ravishing feathery look which is the actual splendor of the entire look.


8. Fresh and Clean Look

Layers can give our bounty of styling ideas to choose from, Such as this particular uber-fresh and clean layered haircut that will give you matured and graceful appearance.

Ideal for: Medium length hair and almost any face shape

How to Style: The styling involves the use of good quality pomade or hair gel that gives fresh wet-finish look to the whole hairstyle.  You can choose between a slick back, push back and side part hairstyle depending upon your facial features.


9. Incredible Transformation

Looking for the best hairstyle to carry for summer and spring season? The above look will surely inspire you! The above guy has gone through an incredible transformation from winter dull look to spring fresh look.

Ideal for: Medium Length and thick hair

How to Style: A bit amount of gel would be enough to get your hairstyle done. Do not over-apply the gel to prevent the greasy texture. Shape the back into rounder shape and style the top with finger combing for an effortless look.


10. Layered Cut for Curly Hair

Layered Haircut for Curly Hair

Nothing is easier to carry and maintain natural curls than opting for layered hairstyles for men. These muddled layers will give you astound nonchalant finish look.

Ideal for: Curly and thick hair texture

How to Style: While having layers on curly hair, take a special consideration about the hair length. Do not cut too much as the curls will appear shorter after drying. Keep the layers free and style hair into a side part or mid part, whatever you like!


11. Layered Cut with Side Shaved Design

Having layers on long hair can sometimes look dull on sleek hair texture so, why not to add some vivacity to your look by doing some creativity for a delightful change.

Ideal for: Long and sleek hair

How to Style: Trim one side of the head and add several razor lines on this side to give more definition. Keep the remaining hair opened for a balanced look. You can go with an undercut as well to add more class to your look.


12. Layered Hair with Balayage

Balayage looks equally striking on men as it looks on women especially when it is combined with layered hair.

Ideal for: Textured hair

How to Style: keep the layers a bit tousled to define each layered strand. Go for any color hue that you want, but we will recommend you to try caramel hue for an up-to-date appearance.


13. Funky Rat Tail

Well, this one has its own distinctive features that can give you an elegant look from the front, but the back rat-tail will add a punk feature to your appearance.

Ideal for: Long, fine hair and any face shape

How to Style: Turn the top hair into side part hairstyle and turn the back hair into rat tail through twisting. It is a low maintenance style that gives you a blend of distinct and indistinct features.


14. Flowing Back Layer

layered hairstyles for men

If you have natural wavy texture then, styling it into flowing back layers can give you an amazing end result that looks totally effortless.

Ideal for: Wavy hair strands and medium length hair

How to Style:  Brush back the hair entirely to create a flawless ripple. Fix the wavy texture with a gel or hair spray.


15. Men’s Layers with Taper sides

Men's Layered Hairstyle with Taper sides

Rock your layered hair by accompanying it with taper haircut. If you want an edgy look, you can opt for medium fade and bald fade as well.

Ideal for: Round, oval, diamond

How to Style: keep the top relatively longer and then, turn the top into short layers. Taper the sides and back of the head to give prominence to the top layers.


16. Slicked Back Layered hair

Isn’t it a good idea to limit your independently flowing layers into an irresistibly glossy structure? Sure, it is!

Ideal for: Medium length and straight hair

How to Style: Apply a handsome amount of hair gel or pomade and sweep back the hair entirely. Consider blow drying before slicking back and applying the gel for a puffy look.


17.  Side Swept Layered Bangs

If you are looking for bad boy aesthetics, spice up your looks with funky bangs to get the desired stance.

Ideal for: oval, oblong, square

How to Style: Apply a good quality styling product and push forward the layers at the front. Sweep the bangs on the side in such a way that it covers the forehead stylishly.


18. Layered Hair and Allover Highlights

Sure, it is so suave and radiant! When you have this salient hair texture, it’s better to go with this look for a charismatic appearance.

Ideal for: Medium length hair

How to Style: Highlight the layers with ginger blonde hue and black undertone. Blow dry the hair to achieve the voluminous texture.


19. Choppy Medium-Length Hair

layered medium length hair

If you do not like edgy hairstyle including spikes, bald fade and undercut .e.t.c., you will probably love this look as it provides an ultra-sophisticated and modish outlook to guys.

Ideal for: Long and sleek hair

How to Style: The caramel streaks running through layers makes the layered hairstyle even more enchanting. You can style the hair into side bangs or push back the hair; there is no limit in styling.


20. Textured Layers and Beard

layered haircuts for men

Layers become more promising when styled in a messier, but a professional way. This bedhead look works well on casual and formal attire as well.

Ideal for: Medium and thick hair

How to Style: Sweep back the side at the back of the head. Keep the back tousled for feathery layered hair. Grow a full ginger beard for masculinity. Apply a matte hair product for a dry look.

There are lots of different types of men’s layered hairstyles, so you shouldn’t think that these styles are all that you are going to be using.

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