Top 15 Most Memorable Mens Hairstyles In Movies

Over the years, mens hairstyles have changed drastically. During the century plus since well known actors have been appearing in moving pictures, the styles worn are sometimes leading the fashionable list and at other times, they are reflective of an age or era from the past. Here is the list of the top 15 most memorable mens hairstyles in movies:


1. Elvis Presley Hairstyle in “Jailhouse Rock”

Photo of Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock.

Vince Everett is the name of the character who sported this style, known as rockabilly, after the music genre that has the same name. The song from the movie features Elvis with his signature moves and the hairstyle that he made famous.

Like other styles from the 1950s, the top hair is long and the sides are short. In back, the style is also known as the duck butt, or duck tail, because it featured the same upswept back as is seen on a duck’s back end. The hair above the forehead is high and does not feature a part. There is a suggestion of a widow’s peak. Sideburns are neatly squared off at about mid ear level.


2. Robert Pattinson Hairstyle in “Twilight”

Photo of Robert Pattinson in Twilight.

The character’s name is Edward Cullen. This movie is a dark fantasy that is based on a series of novels written by Stephanie Meyer. This is a hair style that is not suitable for all types of hair. To hold the style attractively, hair should be of medium thickness.

The style requires a little texture and a small amount of strong-hold hairspray in order to hold the look without going limp. His hair length in front and on the top of his head would reach eye level or slightly below if not for the shaping.

Over the ears, the hair reaches the lower edge of his ears, but is swept to the rear. The tops of his ears cannot be seen. The back of the style is cut to just below the jaw bone line. Layering up the back of the head with longer hair toward the top of the head finishes off the look.


3. Brad Pitt Hairstyle in “Fight Club”

Image of Tyler Durden spiky Hairstyle in Fight Club movie.

The leading character played by Pitt is Tyler Durden. The look is definitely spiky. The look has a medium pompadour look, but the spikes offer that fresh from the gym look. The hair in back is not tapered as is the case with other pompadour styles. Back hair is longer than is often seen with this hairstyle. The sideburns are quite long, ending below the earlobe.


4. Sean Connery Hairstyle in James Bond Movies

Photo of James Bond hairstyle.

The leading character is, of course James Bond. Connery was the ultimate James Bond for several years. He starred in the spy-flick productions in the years from 1962 through 1967 and returned for a 1971 spy thriller. In 1983, he made an additional Bond film, “Never Say Never Again”.

A total of six official Bond movies starred Connery in the title role. Connery’s short hairstyle in the early years of Bond was a classic short men’s style. It would be considered a pompadour, had the top been longer. Over the years, the signs of a receding hairline have been incorporated into the unique style that Connery wears so elegantly.


5. Robert De Niro Hairstyle in “Taxi Driver”

Picture of Travis Bickle hairstyle.

The character of Travis Bickle sported a mohawk style. The movie is a 1976 classic about a tough guy with a mohawk style who tries to save a young prostitute. The hairstyle is very short in back and is longer as the strip reaches about a two-inch length above the forehead. The sides of the head are completely shaved. Wax is used to make the top hair stand up.


6. Johnny Depp Hairstyle in “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Picture of Jack Sparrow hairstyle.

The character is Jack Sparrow and the style is dreadlocks hair in this movie and its sequels. This style is not Depp’s own, but is a wig with extensions and extra fullness. The care of the style, were it real, would be more than most men would want to expend. The dreadlocks, covered in part by a bandana is uniquely Captain Jack.


7. Christopher Reeve Hairstyle in “Superman”

Photo of Christopher Reeve hairstyle.

The character is Superman and the look appeared in several movies. The look is pure 70s. Longish hair parted on the left as Superman and on the right as Clark Kent. The sides of the hair are swept to the back. As the Superman character, there is a lock of hair that falls forward onto the forehead. The sideburns end at a slight upward angle at mid-ear level.


8. Bela Lugosi played “Dracula”

Image of dracula hairstyle.

This character has had several resurrections with a different hairstyle in each. Lugosi’s version is one of the earliest. The character wears his hair slicked back with a head-hugging style. The sideburns are short, and shaped to a vee.


9. James Dean Hairstyle in “Rebel Without A Cause”

Picture of Jim Stark hairstyle.

James Dean played Jim Stark and made the pompadour style famous with his portrayal. The long hair is barely controlled. There is the appearance of a receding hairline, but the slight widow’s peak is the beginning of the high pompadour that takes more management in part due to its unkempt look. The side hair is brushed to the back. It is also long and quite full.


10. Johnny Depp as “Edward Scissorhands”

Picture of Edward Scissorhands hairstyle.

The name of the character played by Depp is the title of the movie. Images of the character in full hairstyle are not a recommendation for anyone wanting to start a fashion trend. The hair is long, with curls and swirls in all directions. The hair is not close to the head in any part of the style.


11. Russell Crowe Hairstyle in “Gladiator”

Image of Maximus hairstyle.

The character is Maximus, who sported a style reminiscent of Caesar. The Caesarian look has short bangs across the forehead. The side hair is short and is shaped down smoothly into sideburns which continue on into short facial hair. There are no parts. The hair is quite short all over the head.


12. John Travolta Hairstyle in the movie “Grease”

Photo of Danny Zuko grease hairstyle.

The character played by Travolta is Danny Zuko. The hairstyle sported by this character is long on the top and sides, another pompadour. The sideburns are earlobe length with a wide blunt shape. Although the overall direction of the hair is away from the face, the sides almost appear to come forward at the temple before being swept to the back of the head.


13. Marlon Brando Hairstyle in “The Godfather”

Picture of Marlon Brando hairstyle in The Godfather.

The leading character in this movie was Vito Corleone, played by Brando to perfection. As Vito Corleone, the signs of a receding hairline appeared, the hair was combed back from a very high forehead.

His sideburns are thin, but the hair is also combed to the back. They just brush the top of his ears. Brando’s hair was always kept short, but it varied from smooth to rough depending upon the movie role he played.


14. Bruce Lee Hairstyle in the movie “Enter the Dragon”

Photo of Bruce Lee hairstyle.

With the character in this first and only American movie featuring the martial arts star, Lee is showcased. His hairstyle is a simple brushed bowl. The Asian style is longer in back, but is smooth from the crown to side-brushed bangs in front. The side hair covers the ears and the sideburns are very full, coming down from the bangs.


15. Sylvester Stallone known for “First Blood”

Photo of Rambo hairstyle.

The character in this and subsequent movies was Rambo. The hair is long in the back, reaching the shoulders, The front hair reaches mid forehead, even his eyebrows and is also somewhat curly. The style is not one that would be seen on anyone but an action movie character. The headband is an integral part of the style.

The advantage of choosing these looks for your own styling options is that you can add your own touches to the look to customize and personalize the style. None of the above cuts and styles has to appear dated when they are translated into today’s look on trendsetters of the 21st century.

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