The Evolution of Tom Kaulitz Long Dreads Hairstyles

Tom Kaulitz, a prominent figure in the international music scene, has not only made waves with his guitar skills but also with his long dread style. The rocker has been sporting dreads hair since he was 9 years old. With tom kaulitz dreads now measuring an amazing three feet long, it may take a while to catch up.

However, if you want to be part of a returning fashion craze for hair, get your locks in dreads and you will be riding high on the fashion wave.

Born in 1989 in Leipzig, Germany, Kaulitz showed an early affinity for music, forming Tokio Hotel with his twin brother Bill at a tender age of 12. As they grew, so did their fame, and Tom’s style evolved dramatically, with his long dreadlocks becoming a significant part of his public image.


Tom Kaulitz mens dreadlocks hairstyle image.
Tom Kaulitz dreads hairstyle.
Dreads are not as simple as you may think. Many people think that all they have to do is stop washing their mane and they will miraculously have dreads. Not so. In order to get this stylish look, you will need the assistance of a good stylist who has experience with creating dreadlocked looks.

Whether you use back combing methods, dread perm solutions or simply maintain your dreadlocks with the easiest of methods with occasional salon help, you will enjoy a place in the crowd where you can stand out and get noticed when you wear the same style as this Tokio Hotel musician.

The Inspiration Behind Kaulitz’s Long Dreads

Tom Kaulitz dreadlocks picture
Tom Kaulitz dreadlocks hairstyle

While Kaulitz has been private about his personal motivations behind the dreadlocks, it’s clear they are a form of self-expression, aligning with his rebellious spirit and avant-garde aesthetic.

His style has always been intertwined with his music. Much like his music, his dreadlocks are unconventional, daring, and brimming with personality, hinting at the deep connection between his musical and personal style.

Kaulitz’s dreadlocks are not just hair; they are a statement. His long, dark dreads often fall past his shoulders, providing a stark contrast to his band’s otherwise clean-cut aesthetic. Kaulitz has experimented with various styles, from half-tied dreads to fully let down, further solidifying his status as a dreadlock icon.

Tom Kaulitz Long Dreads Hairstyles

Current Style

Today, Kaulitz’s dreadlocks are as iconic as ever. Despite minor alterations, they’ve remained an integral part of his image, continuously setting trends in the music and fashion world.

If you’re inspired by Kaulitz’s dreadlocks and wish to adopt the style, it’s crucial to research and understand the process. Find a professional who specializes in dreadlocks, and doesn’t forget patience is key in this journey.

Once your dreadlocks are in place, proper maintenance is crucial. Regular washing, drying, and tightening will help keep your dreads healthy and stylish, much like Kaulitz’s.



Photo of Tom Kaulitz dreads hair
Tom Kaulitz dreads hairstyle

Tom Kaulitz hair photo
Tom Kaulitz hairstyle
Tom Kaulitz is a guitarist from the German Democratic Republic and one of the founding members of the band, Tokio Hotel. His identical twin brother, Bill Kaulitz, is the singer for the group. Kaulitz was born September 1, 1989 in Leipzig. He is an avid fan of hip hop music and enjoys watching ‘Scrubs’ on the television. He speaks three languages, German, French, and English.


Tom Kaulitz
Tom Kaulitz hairstyle
Tom Kaulitz cornrow braids hairstyles
Tom Kaulitz cornrow braids hairstyle.
Tom Kaulitz braids hairstyle
Tom Kaulitz cornrow hairstyle.

Here, his hair is dyed black and is styled in cornrow braids that hang to the middle of his back. This hairstyle looks good on him and is easy to maintain.

The process of making the cornrows probably took quite a bit of time, given the length of his hair and the number of braids he wears.

Tom Kaulitz cornrow hairstyle
Tom Kaulitz cornrow braids hairstyle

In order to achieve this look, one must first have very long hair. The hair needs to be wet or damp to style the braids. A little bit of hair oil can be useful as well, to make the hair easier to handle.

Starting in the center of the forehead, one should part the hair leaving a half inch strip at the very top. Braid this strip a couple of times in front, then pull a small amount more hair from the strip into the braid and continue. Then work down each side in the same manner, keeping the same number of braids on each side of the head.

How to Achieve a Dreadlock Like Tom Kaulitz

Getting dreadlocks like Tom Kaulitz involves a few essential steps:

  • Dreadlocks work best on hair that is at least 3-5 inches long. The longer your hair, the longer your dreads will be initially.
  • For best results, seek help from a professional who specializes in dreadlocks. They can help guide you on the best method for your hair type.
  • There are various methods to start dreadlocks, like backcombing, twist and rip, and neglect method. Your professional can recommend the best one for your hair type.
  • Once your dreadlocks are in place, they need consistent care to stay healthy. This involves regular washing, drying, and tightening.
  • Remember, dreadlocks take time to mature. Don’t get disheartened if they don’t look perfect right away. With proper care and patience, you’ll get the desired look.

Tom Kaulitz’s dreads seem to be increasing in popularity more and more these days. Tom recently dyed his locks and if you want to look like Tom, ask your stylist to keep you up to date on his looks.

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