How To Care For Mens Long Hair

Long hair is not for everyone. Often, men do not have the time it takes to properly care for their hair when it gets longer. This is because a great deal more care is needed for longer tresses. Longer locks can be damaged far more easily and the only remedy is to cut the damaged hair off. This is why it is important to know how to care for mens long hair before growing it out.

  • The first step is to ensure that one will be able to schedule the extra time needed to properly take care of the hair into his day. This must be done every day in order to ensure the hair looks good and remains healthy.


  • It will also be necessary to acquire certain tools in order to ensure proper maintenance. One will need to get a wide toothed comb and a brush, preferably one made with natural bristles. If one expects he will be wearing his hair in a ponytail, he will need to get some bands that are covered in cloth. Bare rubber bands are likely to cause breakage and other damage to the hair.


  • One will need to take special care in choosing shampoo and conditioners. It is essential that one get these products in formulations that are designed for his hair type. This means that he must have formulas for oily hair if his is oily or they must contain extra moisturizers if he has dry hair.


  • Washing will be slightly more complicated with longer tresses. One will need to ensure that there are no tangles before beginning as the washing process can make them worse or create new ones. The best way to do this is to start at the ends of the strands and work gently back toward the scalp with the wide toothed comb pushing it toward the ends. Use warm water to wet the head and apply the shampoo, gently working from the roots to the tips. Avoid just piling the hair together as this will tangle it.


  • After rinsing the shampoo out, one should comb the hair again to remove any tangles that formed. Apply the conditioner from root to tip and allow to stand on the hair the recommended time. Some conditioners can be left in. These are recommended if one plans to swim in a chlorinated pool or otherwise expose the hair to chemicals. To remove chlorine after swimming, it is recommended to use UltraSwim Chlorine Removal Shampoo.


  • Drying will also be more difficult. One should avoid rubbing the hair with a towel as this will create tangles and have the potential to cause breakage. Instead, excess moisture should be wrung from the hair with the hands and the towel should be gently stroked over the strands from root to tip, moving always in the same direction. It is best to avoid blow drying as well as the heat will likely damage the strands and cause them to break or the ends to split.


  • One should not wear tight ponytails or hats that put the hair in a bind. This is because such practices can both damage the strands and force one to cut the hair to remove damaged sections and cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. The good news is that this type of loss is temporary.


  • Avoid overexposure to direct sunlight. The same rays that can damage the skin can damage the hair. It is also a good to take a good multivitamin and make sure one consumes a healthy diet and gets plenty of exercise. These points are keys to maintaining good overall health, as this is directly reflected in the appearance of the hair.


  • Despite all one’s best efforts, some damage will occur. The only way to repair it is to remove it. One of the most common problems is split ends. These can make the hair look frizzy. However, simply trimming the damaged sections off can improve the appearance of one’s locks in just a moment.


Knowing how to care for mens long hair is essential for those who choose to sport longer hairstyles. Without proper care, their hair will look bad, broken, frizzy, limp, or worse. However, with proper care and maintenance, longer hairstyles can look good on men just as they do on women.