25 Effective Tricks: How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Most of you are trying to grow hair faster. But, the reality is hair doesn’t grow overnight. One must allow the hair to grow naturally. You must be wondering how to make hair grow faster for men.  All you can do is to stimulate the hair growth by applying some products, eating a balanced diet, taking medicine and changing lifestyle. All these things work jointly to promote hair growth a lot faster.


25 Proven Tips that Promote Hair Growth

Some changes in our daily routine can help the hair grow faster. Sometimes, its external force like that of applying oil treatment, brushing, washing, cutting the hair. And, sometimes, hair growth is promoted internally that is eating good food or taking medicine that changes stimulate the body to make it perfect for smooth hair growth. Here are some fantastic tips for making your hair grow faster:


#1. Choose the Right Products

When using shampoos and conditioners use those that fit your hair type. Do not go for a shampoo and conditioner just because it is cheap. Example: 1) If you have thick hair, use a shampoo specifically for your hair and a detangling conditioner. 2) If you have dry hair, find a shampoo that will replenish your hair, not a shampoo on sale for oily hair.


#2. Brush the Hair When It’s Dry

Only brush your hair when it is dry. Do not brush your hair when you get out of the shower as your hair can break easily when wet. You may use a wide-toothed comb or your fingertips if your hair is wet to detangle your hair. Your best bet is to brush your hair before shampooing and conditioning your hair. This will also loosen up your hair that is about to fall out and save you from having a clogged shower drain.


#3. Trim the Split Ends

Get a haircut if your ends are damaged and split. Your hair will only continue to break off if it is already damaged. Your hair will look and feel healthy instead of out of control and scraggly. Ask your hairdresser to trim your hair to get all of the damage off.


#4. Eat a Balanced Diet

Eat well. Protein is the key ingredient that forms better hair. Hair grows better and healthier when you take care of yourself. Eat foods from all of the basic food groups. So eating a balanced diet is a must.


#5. Take External Vitamins

Take a multivitamin for maximum health to you and your hair. Biotin, Vitamin E etc. are very effective for hair growth. If the food you take can’t provide you with the necessary vitamins, you can take help from the external sources.


#6. Scalp Exercise

Your hair will grow faster if your scalp is stimulated. You can achieve this by rubbing your fingertips gently on your scalp for five minutes per day. Or you may keep up with your cardio exercises to help the growth of your hair.


#7. Avoid Frequent Washing

To make your hair grow faster limit your hair washings. The essential oils in your scalp keep your hair healthy. Dry hair washes one to two times a week; normal hair two to four times per week; curly hair and wavy dry hair once per week or once per two weeks; and oily hair it may be necessary to wash every day. Use your own judgment on your oily hair if you think it has to be washed every day.


#8. Apply Oil/Conditioners

Hot oil treatments and conditioners you leave in are beneficial to your hair growth. Natural oils are the most effective and side-effect free. So, try to use natural oils instead of complex chemicals.


#9. Use Bands that Are Made for Hair

If you are a man with long hair and wear ponytails, only use bands made for hair. Do not use rubber bands as they come off of your hair rough and tend to break off your hair.


#10. Watch out The Pillow Cases

Do not use flannel pillowcases. Flannel tends to suck the oils out of your scalp and hair causing it to become drier, especially in winter months. You can try pillowcases which are made of silk or satin.


#11. Prefer Diffusers to Blow Dryer

It is better to use a diffuser versus a blow dryer for the health of your hair. Blow dryer damage the hair strands to a great degree. Avoid blow dryer as much as possible.


#12. Use a Hair Mask

A hair mask can help you get the expected growth very easily. Check this video of hair mask where a mask has been made using egg, coconut oil, and olive oil.


#13. Apply Onion Juice

Onion juice is one of the greatest hair remedies for a fast hair growth. But, the smell is super bad. That’s why many experts don’t suggest this juice.


#14. Manage the Hair Well Before Sleeping

Don’t put your hair randomly anywhere on the bed when you are sleeping. Tie and place the hair carefully so that you are not creating any damage to the hair when you are sleeping.


#15. Castor Oil Can Help the Hair Grow

Using castor oil to increase hair growth is an old custom. You can also get the magical castor oil into action.


#16. Protect Your Hair from Heat

Heat makes the hair become frayed. Protect the hair strands from heat to get better hair.


#17. Don’t Secure It Too Tight

Some people have a tendency to tie the hair as tight as possible. Never ever do that. Tie them gently and loosely.


#18. Rinse the Hair with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective way to clean the dirt of hair and promote the hair growth.


#19. Apply Egg White & Aloe vera

Egg white and aloe vera are the best natural pair that can make the hair grow super fast.


#20. Take Supplements If Needed

If the food is not enough to get necessary nutrients, try taking some supplements.


#21. Use Cold Water on Hair

Hot water is bad for hair, that’s why using cold water is good for hair.



#22. Drink Lots of Water

Hydration is the secret to good health. Drink adequate water. That will help you in every aspect of health.


#23. Don’t Shampoo Regularly

Applying harsh chemical on the hair is bad for its health. So, regular shampoo will harm the hair strands. Don’t shampoo the hair everytime you take a shower. Give a break.


#24. Use Conditioner Everytime You Shampoo

The chemicals in shampoo are rough. That’s why after applying a shampoo, conditioner is a common thing to get applied. Choose good quality products, of course.


#25. Don’t Wrap the Hair Tightly in the Towel

You have to wash the hair after a shower. But, don’t use a giant towel wrapping around your head. Let the hair breath. Use the towel for a short time and never wrap it too tightly.


FAQs And Their Answers:

How often should I wash my hair?

That depends on your need actually. If your lifestyle demands you to get dirt on the hair, you should wash it regularly. But, If you have normal hair, wash it after every two days.

How can I get rid of dandruff?

There are a lot of anti-dandruff shampoo and hair therapy. Try them and keep your environment neat and clean.

What type of shampoo is good?

The ones having less sulfate. Choose a shampoo that works gently on the hair along with a silicone free conditioner.

I can’t eat vegetables because I feel sick. What should I do?

Maybe you are alleergic ti some vegetables. Avoid these only and eat the rest.

What is the best hair mask?

Undoubtedly the one made of aloe vera and egg.

Can I leave my hair wet before sleeping?

It’s almost that same like airdrying. But, don’t repeat this. Once in a while will be ok.


By taking care of your overall health and using the above as habits your hair will grow faster in no time at all. Please have patience as one’s hair grows on average about 1/2 inch per month.


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