Sebastian Bach Long Hairstyle

Photo of Sebastian Bach hairstyle.
Sebastian Bach hairstyle.
Sebastian Bach is a 42 year old Canadian hard rock musician. He is best known for his stint as the lead singer and front man for the band Skid Row. Bach was actually born in Freeport, Bahamas, but grew up in Ontario, Canada.

He has been an active singer/songwriter in the field of heavy metal/hard rock since 1985. The Sebastian Bach hairstyle is long, wavy tresses that any woman would be proud to have.

Picture of Sebastian Bach long hairstyle.
Sebastian Bach long hairstyle.
Not all men can pull off this long hairstyle and still look masculine. Bach is one of the few who can do it. He has allowed his hair to grow to halfway down his back. Styling is not an essential part of this hairstyle. This is because the weight of the hair pulls the hair until it is mostly straight.

If a man has long hair and wishes to emulate this hairstyle, very little maintenance will be needed. One thing that may be essential, especially if the man has straight hair is a crimping iron to put the waves into the hair. Beyond this, it is simply parted in the middle and allowed to fall more or less where it will.

Brushing is the primary key to maintaining this style. It can be quite time consuming, but is necessary to keep the hair from knotting and forming dreadlocks. When the hair is allowed to grow this long, it takes time to wash it and brush it out. A good quality conditioner is also helpful in preventing major tangles.

Image of Sebastian Bach straight hairstyle.
Sebastian Bach straight hairstyle

The Sebastian Bach hairstyle is one that is not for every man. Truthfully, musicians are about the only group that can wear their hair this long without being told by their boss that they need a haircut. However, for those can wear it and choose to do so, it is actually a lower maintenance hairstyle than many of the more mainstream styles available.

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  1. damn ! he’s my favorite rocker with AWSOME voice ever ! WE AE THE YOUTH GONE WILD ! YEAH !!!!!!!!!

  2. bro, this is i call beautyfull long hair in men. straight, clean, care, resuming i admire he and your hair.,my hair is long, straight, like sebastian,but my hair is dark.

  3. My bf hair is long and very curly, its the same style and for the most part he keeps it pulled back. I also have my hair cut in the same style so its a good style for both men and women. I love Sebastians hair.

  4. I always loved Sebastian’s hair. I want that hairstyle myself and also thought the guys in Skid Row back in 1989 to the 90’s had the coolest hair.


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