Hideo Kojima Hairstyle

Hideo Kojima is a popular name for those who live in the virtual world. The metal gear mastermind is not just famous for his video games but also his bouncy, silky hair.

Ken Watanabe Hairstyles

Ken Watanabe is a Japanese actor skilled in stage, screen, and television. He is best known to English speaking audiences for his roles in the movies, “Letters from Iwo Jima” and “The Last Samurai”.

Kim JunSu Hairstyles

He bags the title of best cute Asian male – well he is none other than Kim JunSu one of the members and the lead singer of the boy band named DBSK from Seoul, South Korea.

Andy Lau’s Short Asian Hairstyles

10 Best Actor Nominations, 9 Best Original Film Song Nominations, 2 Best Picture Nominations, 1 Best Supporting Actor Nomination, 1 Best New Performer Nomination the list seems endless.

Kim Jae Joong Hairstyles

Quite a famous face on the other side of the ocean, the chief vocalist and ‘Hero’ of the well-known Korean group TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Gi), a great cook – Kim Jae Joong seems to be a man of multiple talents.

Shirota Yuu Hairstyles

Shirota Yuu or ‘Yuu Shirota’ as he is called in Japan, is a talented and versatile actor and singer of Japanese-Spanish origin.

Lee Jun Ki Hairstyles

Lee Jun Ki with his new sharp hairstyle.
The young lad sizzled with his new sharp hair cut as he walked up the stage to collect the Popular Award.