How To Get A Thor Hairstyle

The Marvel character Thor, portrayed by actor Chris Hemsworth, represents the ultimate masculinity. The Thor hairstyle received considerable attention as a result of its fuller appearance and versatility. The style portrayed by the Nordic god has been rated as one of the best haircuts for men.

Picture of Thor medium length hairstyle for men.
Thor hairstyle.

This particular style is a great option for men with thicker medium length locks. Although the masculine actor has been reported to have worn extensions to achieve his fuller, golden crown, the look may be achieved with the use of specific styling products and cuts. This particular haircut may be worn from business to a night out and is favored as a result of its versatility.

For very thick hair, it is best to have tresses layered along the ends in order to reduce much of the weight while adding texture for a fuller appearance. The style requires straighter hair and therefore one should first wash hair with straightening products and if desired make use of straightening irons in order to achieve a sleek, straight look.

Once the hair has been straightened, it is important to make use of a wax or gel that is designed for use with a specific hair type.

Thor hairstyle

Place a small amount of styling product into the palms and run from the top through to the back and sides of hair making a sharp, clean part. Use a comb to part the top hair slightly to the side and push forward gently in order to provide the necessary height. Smooth down the back and sides to complete the look.

Photo of Thor long hairstyle in The Avengers
Thor longer hairstyle in the movie The Avengers

It is important to apply quality products to the hair which will not weigh locks down and create a unique style by combing tresses to the side for a casual and laid back appearance. The Thor hairstyle is one that represents masculinity and versatility. This look may be achieved by men with medium to long length hair and requires the use of styling product to maintain the hairstyle of the gods.

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