Harajuku Male Fashion & Hair Styles

Harajuku hairstyle photo.
Harajuku hairstyle.

“With your underground malls in the world of Harajuku
Putting on a show, when you dress up in your clothes
Wild hair color and cell phones
Your accessories are dead on”

That’s the lyric from Gwen Stefani song entitled Harajuku Girls. The song expresses her admiration on Harajuku style. Harajuku is an area around Tokyo’s Harajuku Station. This area is the center of boys and girls fashion style and internationally well known for its cultures.

They usually wear fashionably unique clothes. Ranging from gothic style, hip-hop, punk, to the style of anime character. The specialty of Harajuku style lies on its glamorous beads, harmonizing dark and bright theme, and melting the feminine and masculine element, both from its style as well as the function.

The style is actually divided into various styles such as Lolita, Kogal, Gongaru, Cosplay (costume play), Yamanba, and many more.

The extreme costume from Harajuku is also supported by the extreme of makeup and hairstyle. The Harajuku hairstyle is actually extreme, glamorous, and eye-catching. To apply Harajuku hair, you should razor your hair, make it wild, let the hair down, & dye your hair (usually with a bright color) like the pictures below.

Aiji red harajuku hairstyle.
Red highlighted hair.

Harajuku razored hairstyle. Haircut picture by manganite.


A Look At Harajuku Male Fashion

Fashions seen in Harajuku area have become a somewhat eclectic blend of different styles from around the world. There are many variations on the punk style. There are also several styles of gothic fashion that are quite popular.

One of the most popular, among males, is known as Gothic. The boys wear dresses and makeup but strongly deny any suggestion that they are transvestites. There is also a fairly large number that chooses to wear fashions modeled on the styles worn by members of the hip-hop culture and street skaters.

It is also not uncommon to see boys and girls both dressed up to look like their favorite characters from different anime series. Many people choose to blend the styles of 80s heavy metal, rock, and techno music bands. These outfits are often brightly colored. People have named this style, Visual Kei, and is usually worn by members of bands who put on visual as well as musical shows. This practice has come to be known as cosplay, or costume play.

Harajuku cosplay.

Hair fashions are somewhat wild in this area. Guys often razor cut their hair so that it uneven and ragged looking.

Harajuku boys.

Harajuku boys.

They also dye portions of their hair bright, neon colors or bleach it to blonde. It is also not uncommon to see men and boys wearing wild makeup and face paints.

Harajuku guy
Harajuku blonde hair guy.

Harajuku guy
Harajuku guy.

Harajuku male fashions are loosely based on popular fashions from around the world. They soften the lines between male and female in many ways, with boys wearing dresses in some cases. These styles are quite colorful and interesting.


Photos of Different Styles Of Men’s Harajuku Hair

Men’s Harajuku hair comes in many different styles. The one thing they all have in common is that they are brightly colored and very different from the run of the mill Japanese hairstyles. Many of these styles were created to match the clothing fashions that have become popular in this area.

Image of Harajuku cosplayers.
Harajuku cosplayers.

Many men dye their hair blonde. Others choose to dye the hair in bright, neon colors and/or highlights. They, then style the hair in an assortment of looks.

Harajuku bright colored hair.

More men choose to create a messy look with the hair razor cut to make it uneven and ragged. Many create spikes in the hair of different types. Some wear Liberty spikes while others go with a porcupine spike look.

Harajuku spiky hairstyle.

It is also not uncommon to see hairstyles that are inspired by anime characters. One might see several men wearing their hair in a spiky style that looks like that worn by Goku in the series, Dragonball Z. Often, when the hair is styled after an anime character, the clothing worn looks much like the costume worn by the character as well.

Dragon Ball cosplay picture.
Dragon Ball cosplay with Liberty spikes hairstyle.

It is not terribly uncommon to see retro hairstyles such as mullets, pompadour and other styles that were popular in the 1980s. This is because much of the fashion of the area is inspired by the musical groups that were popular in that era. It just seems natural to style the hair to match the costumes.

Boys with their retro styles were dancing at Harajuku.

Harajuku black shadow dancers photo.
Harajuku black shadow dancers with pompadour hairstyles.

Picture of Rockabilly dancers.
Rockabilly dancers in Yoyogi Park, located adjacent to Harajuku Station.

Men’s Harajuku hair comes in a wide range of styles and colors. It is a far cry from the short, straight black hair worn by most Japanese men. However, this area has come to be known as the fashion capital of Japan among young people. Therefore, it is expected that most will try to create a unique look that displays their personality and individuality.

Harajuku style.
Harajuku style.

Harajuku boys.

Harajuku couple.

Harajuku red gothic hair.
Red gothic hair.

Harajuku cosplay.

Harajuku boys.

Punk is not dead
Harajuku messy hairstyle.

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  1. I love the Harajuku style, i have a category of Harajuku photos at my gallery your welcome to browse and upload your own.

    • OH SHIIII- this was back in 2008?!?!
      No wonder everyone was so ridiculous in their comments XD

      All of these cuts are not so out of the ordinary in 2023…

      We need to all start evolving into the next phase of Human beings, and adapt our minds to stuff like this, because it keeps life entertaining and enjoyable.

  2. i agree bout these haircuts, horrible. if u need to hide ur face tho…. get one :p

    and whoeva said those 2 r stupid u posted on 14th may urself mate so r u calling youself stupid?

    • First off no one should think they have to hide their face. Second of all if you hate it so much why did you even come to this page anyway?

  3. 1> In a way the people who have posted those comments are in a way “stupid”. But just because they don’t like the hairstyle it doesn’t make them stupid. What makes them stupid is that they don’t realize that the people in the pictures are actually guys

    2> Just because you do not like the style it doesn’t make it the ugliest. Since you are probably following the typical style of today’s fashion you would probably think that these styles are totally not something you would find “attractive”.

    3> Have you ever seen the grudge? Just because the hairstyle is Japanese it doesn’t mean that it has to be connected to the grudge.

    4> People are entitled to their own opinions

    5> I am only posting out of pure amusement and because of the constant dissing of Japanese Hairstyles.

    6> Respect yourself and respect other people’s opinion.

  4. Oh my gosh people you’re so funny xD The second guy with the Red and black hair is Aiji from LM.C He’s famous with girls falling all over him and almost all of you are saying his hair is ugly? lol You need to check out some LM.C music videos, hair like that gets tons of movement when you’re rocking out on guitar like Aiji =)

    • True true i think he has the most amazing hair! And im not just saying this because he is one of my favorite j rockers but one day i want to be able to style my hair the way he does 🙂

  5. haha, everything I laughed at has been commented upon. stupid for not realizing those are guys indeed.
    but there’s nothing really to say about comments that come from uncultivated people other than, keep any negative opinions to yourself, especially in an environment that doesn’t support them.

  6. For those who don’t like this style: 1. keep it to urself
    2. don’t keep coming back to it if u hate it so much(duh!)
    3. this is actually tied for the most popular hair style in the world and has been there for many years(update your fashion, geesh)

    For everyone else: there are alot more really awesome cuts from this style that never make the internet pics, so if u try it feel free to experiment.

  7. wow. im glad i stumbled upon this site. after reading that long weird conversation spanned out over an exceptional amount of time, im not even surprised. people never cease to amaze me lately. there are really people out there like you guys who use the internet like they’re real live humans. hilarious… hilarious

  8. the first hairdo is not my style..reminds me more of those boys who listen to pop or johnnys ent.
    thou..it only suits the asian boys who have nice shaped face

    the last two are wild..i don t really like red hair, but the hairstyle itself is much bettr than the nowadays european eagle style..honestly..the last one is awesome !

  9. I think it’s a pretty cool hairstyle. I hate those ridicilous way-too-short hairstyles full of hairgel och shit that people are using nowadays. I mean come on..

  10. Thoses of that have said “ugly ‘girl'” need to learn how to read. This is the ‘mens’ hair style! DUH!!
    But, I would guess that you’re a lot younger than 18 sense your balls haven’t droped do to matureness in your posts.

    However the hair is very cool for manga or anime, this style would not look good on me.

  11. quote
    “and whoeva said those 2 r stupid u posted on 14th may urself mate so r u calling youself stupid?”

    haha you made yourself look even stupider lol he/she was commenting on the two dumbasses who said the person was a girl major fail and have no open ideas about hairstyles

    i think some of these visual Kei hairstyles are gr8 but some are a bit david bowie/goblin king-esque

  12. Those hair cuts are actually quite awesome. A little on the tame side though, compared to what else they have over at Harajuku. *laughs at people thinking those are girls*

    Sadly, if you’re not Japanese, or elsewise East Asian, it is not so easy to make the cuts look as good.

  13. No matter what you people say,
    I think it’s an awesome hairstyle for a guy, you almost only see girls with long hair, so why not guys? They both look good with it, Geez.

  14. Oooohh!! X3 They're soo cuute~! They need hugs!! I wish to give them hugs and a peck on the forehead. <:3 I love these styles so much! .///. But, it's mostly because these really adorable guys. <:3 I just want to hug them until they laugh at me…or hug back…or call the police. sigh~ <:3

  15. Awesome hair! Ive done alot of these myself and act biz pulling of the red and black! Playing with colour and hair is awesome, ive done about every colour and style like this out there and found a few new ones! 🙂

    To all the people who said its ugly…. wake up or die alone and boring someday! We are having the times of our lives!

    I like the asian hairstyles
    their are orinigal and they are so coool people njeed tio open their mind to try new things.

    oopen tyouru mind guys!!! ^^

  17. wow that haire style is so nice….i let my haires now in 3 or 4 monts i can make that style…i love it
    it s so stylish!!!

    and…4 all people that dont like it..

    stfu this is real FASHION!!!

  18. I really love the harajuku-styles. I have that kind of hair myself (it makes my nose itch because its longer at the middle :’3)

  19. Today, women have access to a whole new range of fashion clothing. Manufacturers are seeing a surge in demand for ladies clothing owing to increased fashion consciousness of women across the world.


  20. Dude, I wish I was Asian. They pull off some of the coolest styles and don’t look like complete tools. Im purebred Irish, with black curly hair, and those would fail so hard.

  21. Daniel C you are such a baby.
    And I like how everything someone doesn’t like automatically makes it ’emo’ seriously, get a life cause apparently you need one.

  22. Nope. Marilyn Manson copied this style in the early 90’s from bands like X-Japan, Buck-tick, Malice Mizer , Luna Sea, etc.

    But it seems that only lately it has been touching the ocidental attention. Probably because we were not ready for it.

    And as you can see, there is still many who aren’t ready yet.

    Free your minds … fashion is about freedom.

  23. I do not know why hate these kind of hairstyles. Just because you hate it or do no know how to make your hair like these does not mean you need to flame.


  24. I really like the fifth picture down the dude on the right Rocks! apart from that there a bit strange but they are doing they’re own thing and thats cool

  25. I’m only falling into the category I’m criticizing but, the part you should concern yourself about lies above the comments. To leave a comment just means that there’s more interest in opinions than actual content. Your opinion is the only one that really matters. I’m a tool, I know.

  26. wowwww… it looks like very interesting, having harajuku style is thing that i do not like. but here, i give u appreciation someone who has invented harajuku syle. because many people do like what you have just done…congratulation.

  27. harajuku style is the best!
    people who said its ugly is just because u r jealous
    cant look as good as them.

  28. is aiji’s hair harajuku style ? sorry I do not know much about harajuku style I am more into jrock vk style . I know that harajuku can be considered a branch of vk but I did not consider aiji’s style to be a part of that particular style . To me there is something considerably different in his style compared to the others. sorry for my ignorance.btw Rock the LM.C

  29. Some of the hairstyles on this site are really good, and normally Harujuku looks really good, but seriously.

    These pictures?

    That's my opinion. The guys look greasy, the hair looks plastic. :c

  30. this style is kind of similar to emo. It looks real cool, but the thing i HATE about these styles is that it's very artificial and unnatural. Sometimes, the hair tends to cover the eyes and you're hiding your true beauty. ANd you spend too much time worrying about your hair! I mean,. what if you wanna go on a roller coaster? your hair is gonna messed up! your actions are limited. I mean, idk how to explain it but too much work into hair isn't that good. Maybe you wanna find a style that you can look good and still enjoy life without spending too much time on hair??

  31. THOSE ARE MEN??? even the one with the red hair and the razorblade eyelash thing popping out of his/her eye?!?!?!?!? i would rather shave myself bald than to have one of those cuts, woow, the japanese have ALOT of time on their hands if they can maintain those monstrosities… and to make themselves look like chicks… really really uggly chicks!

  32. well im girls so im ganna give my girl opion and i thnk it look really ko0l . they are dong there own thing .expresing there own fashion .everyone hads the right o look the way they wan to .everone had here own style .there the boring people ho follow what evryone alway where and there the more fun, outoing people who follow there hearts and wear want they want.the more artistec people like me =D
    I have many diffrent style i could be hip hop one day,next day im a had core rocker after that im girly girl wearing hello kitty(and i luv hello kitty lol) and pigtails i always follow my heart.thats what kind of girl i am =]

  33. People need to stop coming here just to bash on people like that. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. I think it's an interesting way to express themselves, and some of them are really awesome. I like the second, third, fifth, and last ones a lot. They're totally awesome. <3 <3

  34. Wowwwwww I didn't know the grudge was a real person!!! The Tan Guy In The Last Photo Is Hot Thoo! Not All Of These Styles Are Bad Just Somee lol

  35. i agree im into the kote kote kei ((aka visual kei and or harajuku)) and some of the hair cuts are kinda bad, but that's kote kei for you. sometimes they come out with bad ones but it makes you appreciate the realy good ones 🙂

    i love the guy that is cos-playing as reita from the gazette

    also everyone please ignore the trolls

  36. dude, you guys are little bit misunderstanding
    these white make-up face and disturbing color hair guys are "VK" inspired by J-rock artists as you know, and, some are just copying from anime character with costume play…these pictures are mixed and incorrect.

    the real harajuku style is seemed in the fifth photo.
    it is ordinally innovated from the host club in Kabukicho.
    hav fun!XD

  37. Wow. Extreme ignorance.
    Daniel C: What you believe is your own opinion, however that's all it is it cannot be applied to any one else, sorry to disappoint you. You don't have that sort of power. If you don't understand that by now then there's little hope for you.
    The person who said 'Actual trannys': You don't understand the concept that male and female image is a social construct, which differs from culture to culture. It's purely false and it changes. Women wear trousers now when it was unheard of relatively not long ago. Long hair on men in Asia has always been a norm. Don't comment on things you don't understand.

    If you think these hairstyles are ugly then you should consider how attractive many consider these people with such hairstyles. Sorry, they are well liked.

    The negative comments all share one common notion: they all lack forethought.

    Negative commenters should watch their words. Make the wrong generalisation and then people may think you have a problem with Japan as a whole which is a xenophobic generalisation.

    I do think these hairstyles are different, have a place in the world, and are expressive.

  38. HEY PEOPLE ALL AROUND THIS Beautiful world. ITS JUST PEOPLE BEING PEOPLE!!!! stop being so plucking rude and respect other people. It's great this world has some creativity. Enjoy it while you live. You probably won't see it when you are Dead in the soil…Peace. LOVE. Respect.

  39. Personally I think some of the harajuku girls I've seen look great, but the guys are just plain scary… cos they look like girls… like in Thailand. When did looking like a girl become a good look for guys… must have missed that one.

  40. Wow, American ignorance never ceases to amaze me. I agree some of these hairstyles are a bit extreme. But, that's what makes them unique. The Japanese are not afraid to stand out. Fashion has always been a HUGE thing over there. Be open minded, not close minded.

    Just because you're afraid of standing out in some way doesn't make it wrong for them to do the same. Keep your comments to yourself. It's people like you that help sread the problems of racism. And that's one thing I never understood, why breed more problems that we are never going to stop?

    Just because you don't understand it, and won't give it a chance of understanding, doesn't give you a right to voice your opinion. And whoever said that it looks "EMO", needs to do your research. Where do you think that fashion got the idea?? It was copied off the cosplay, Harajuku and gothic Lolita.

    Really? wanna bash something that you don't understand? Atleast do your homework.

    I think I'm going to get my hair cut like these guys. Who has a problem with that? Wait let me guess, I'm emo?


  41. 😀 They're all guys. 😛 XD and MOST of them are from band in the Japanese Rock a.k.a J-Rock. And some of the others are impersonating people from bands like the one with the bandanna over his nose is from the band the GazettE. great band btw. and Their hair styles are what makes this place in Tokyo famous. and the style. Look up Sex Pot Revenge. Its a clothing line with some pretty awesome unique clothes. like zippers on shirts and cuts on the arms and backs of the shirts. Its just their sense of style. Like in US we have a VERY boring sense of style its always the same thing over again while over on the Eastern countries they have a style that pops every second. Which I like.

  42. I’m a stylist and very open-minded as well…so I freaking love these styles. Yes they’re different and that’s what makes them unique. The colors and height the hair is taken to is beyond real and for the stylists that did them…I consider them masters at their craft…it’s art on a living being.Anyone that doesn’t like it shouldn’t look at it…plain and simple. It’s boring with everyone being the same or at least having the look.

  43. I lived in Japan for a about a year and a half and these styles, while not as common as most people think, do exist. Most japanese wear normal hair, ask anyone that works a normal job, has a family, etc. These hairstyles are only available to people’s alter egos on the weekends or if they are entertainers or musicians, maybe students. Most Universities in Japan won’t let the student body wear this kind of hair in the classroom. You have to have a lot of confidence wearing a hairstyle like this to pull it off.

    It is definitely avant garde and beautiful but its just not practical for most people to do. Also, these extreme styles are expensive to maintain and take a lot of setup time for the publicity they bring to an individual sporting one out in the city.

  44. haahah woah this is aweshum I do the whole harajuku thing and I’m black I keep my looks with my short hair all aweshum and ish they look really nice I’ll be going down o japan to see these types of styles in person

    (and all those who hated this style)Uhm get a clue and a life clearly you can’t appreciate they artistry and complexity of this style and they aren’t girls it’s a guys section, you guys are just sad

  45. I guess more of hairstyle shown here are from gazette, more on Reita’s. . . They are very cool! But not all of them, there are also weird. But JRock hairstyles are the best! 🙂

  46. love these hairstyle so much, I’ve tried some of the hairstyle myself, I even create my own style and I feel free and I feel so much different 😀 . I don’t care what people said about it, if I feel confident with it why should I hide it.


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