20 Masculine Burr Cut Styles for Men [2024]

People have always referred to burr cut as the ‘military haircut’ but now non-military personnel is getting this haircut too. This is very practical and low-maintenance so men around the world prefer it.

There is a little cropping of hair in this one, so people really do not have to keep worrying about how their hair looks. They stay the same all day long, no matter how many times you run your hands through your hair or how windy it has been.


What is a Burr Cut?

The Burr Cut is a type of military-inspired haircut that’s all about simplicity and ease. Think of it as a no-nonsense haircut. It’s extremely short, with hair evenly trimmed all around to less than an eighth of an inch, often with the use of clippers set to #1 or #2 guard. This cut gives your head a smooth and uniform look, with no blending or fading involved.

Burr Cut Vs. Buzz Cut

Let’s discuss how it stacks up against the Buzz Cut. The Buzz Cut is similar to the Burr Cut in that they’re both ultra-short and neat. However, there are some key differences.

Buzz Cuts can vary in length, and they may also involve some subtle grading or fading around the sides and back. This means there can be a slight variation in the length of hair, with it sometimes being a touch longer on the top compared to the sides.

The guards used on the clippers for a Buzz Cut could range from #1 to #4, allowing for a bit more flexibility in length.

So, to sum it up, while both the Burr Cut and the Buzz Cut are short and easy to maintain, the Burr Cut is typically shorter and more uniform, while the Buzz Cut may offer a bit more variation in length and style.

The choice between the two usually comes down to personal preference and how low-maintenance you want your haircut to be.

Burr Cut:

  • Extremely short, often less than 1/8 inch.
  • Uniform length all around the head.
  • Clippers typically set to #1 or #2 guard.
  • No grading or fading.
  • Gives a very smooth and even appearance.

Buzz Cut:

  • Slightly longer than a Burr Cut, though still quite short.
  • May have subtle variations in length.
  • Clippers can be set anywhere from #1 to #4 guard.
  • Can involve some grading or fading, especially around the sides and back.
  • Offers a bit more flexibility in style compared to the Burr Cut.

Why Do People Prefer Burr Cut?

burr cut for men

People prefer burr cuts due to many reasons. The chief one is that it makes men look very masculine without them seeming too towering or intimidating.

These cuts leave hair very short so there is no need for gel or other hair products. This makes it easy to go with this hairstyle.


Best Burr Cut Styles in This Season

Try out these 20 best Burr cut styles to get a macho look.

1. Classic Induction Cut

induction cut for men

The people in the military have used the classic induction cut for most of this past century. This is sleek, stylish and gives off a natural effortless charm.

The simple and practical style is particularly a favorite of the new recruits, so they are very passionate about it. Those who support the army by having a military-like appearance love this cut a lot.


2. Burr Cut with Fade

Burr Cut with Fade

This is a classic and all-time favorite burr cut that men in media sport occasionally. Those of you who do not want to shave their heads right away can go for this haircut.

It’s one step closer to this, also there is a fade to accentuate the short hair more. This is quite a fashionable and stylish haircut for men.


3. A Complete Fade

burr cut with complete fade look

Fades are classy and simple with not a complete shaving off of hair. They let you retain some of your hair and still look cool and masculine. This is not a traditional burr hairstyle, but it can be a nice way, to begin with.

You can experiment with it for some time to see if your scalp is too sensitive or it can have a classic burr cut.


4. Burr with Sideburns

burr cut with sideburns

This nice burr cut style goes well with the sideburns complimenting it. You can sport it at all formal and informal gatherings while looking cool and polished.

Grow the sideburns and then cut them to the same size as the rest of your hair if you do not like it. All kinds of facial cuts and features go well with this amazing haircut.


5. Burr with Clean Lines

burr cut with clean lines

This is one of those burr cuts which have slightly longer hair than the traditional burr cuts. There is a light fade at sides and a bold front to highlight the burr.

The angles and sharp edges in this haircut make it quite fashionable and trendy. So you should go for it if you want to have short hair but you want to look dope too.

6. Burr Cut with a Beard

Rocking a beard? Why not pair it with a burr cut? This combo is for those who want to keep things edgy and manly. The super-short hair on top balances perfectly with the ruggedness of a beard.

7. Burr Cut for Curly Hair

Now, if you’ve got curly hair, don’t fret. Burr cuts aren’t just for straight-haired folks. With this cut, your curls will be cropped short but still have enough texture to show off their natural charm. It’s a fresh and neat way to tame those curls.

8. Textured Burr Cut

Add a bit of spice with a textured burr cut. It’s still super short, but by adding some texture on top, it gives a bit more dimension and style. It’s perfect for those who like keeping things low-maintenance but still want that dash of flair.

9. Burr Cut with a Hard Part

Why not throw in a hard part to the mix? This cut is your classic burr cut with the addition of a distinct parting line shaved into one side. It’s subtle but adds a cool twist to the traditional look.

10. Spiky Burr Cut

Feeling adventurous? Go for a spiky burr cut. It’s essentially a burr cut, but with the hair styled in tiny spikes. It’s fun, it’s edgy, and it’s sure to turn heads.

11. High and Tight Burr Cut

The High and Tight is a classic among burr cuts. The sides and back are trimmed very short, while the top is slightly longer. It’s sharp, clean, and screams ‘discipline’.

12. Burr Cut with a Surgical Line

This burr cut hairstyle adds a creative touch with a surgical line or designs shaved into the sides. It’s a bold choice for the fashion-forward who likes to make a statement.

13. Burr Cut for Thin Hair

Got thin hair? No problem! A burr cut is a smart choice for thinning hair as it makes the hair look fuller. It takes the focus away from the thinness and puts it on your style.

14. Burr Cut with a Slight Fade

This one combines the classic burr cut with a slight fade on the sides. It’s a little softer around the edges but maintains that clean, sharp look that burr haircuts are known for.

15. Mature Burr Cut

For mature guys, burr cut is a timeless option. It’s unique, elegant, low-maintenance, and sophisticated. Whether you’re graying or not, it’s a solid choice.

16. Tapered Burr Cut

This tapered burr cut is screaming sophistication! If you’re looking to rock the boardroom or just plain dazzle during night outs, this one’s your soulmate.

It’s got this suave tapering going on that’s basically the hair equivalent of a perfectly tailored suit.17. Burr Cut with Defined Hairline

You need a look that says, “I’ve got 99 problems but my hair ain’t one?” Here it is. It’s clean, it’s sharp, and your hairline is going to be so defined, it could practically cut glass.

18. Burr Cut with Subtle Mohawk

This short haircut is bringing the mohawk back in style, without going full punk. We’re talking modern, streamlined, and edgy.

The Burr Cut with Subtle Mohawk is the perfect ‘do for the guy who’s not afraid to let his hair do the talking. It’s stylish, it’s bold, and it’s guaranteed to turn heads.

19. Classic Burr Cut with Stubble Beard

This classic birr haircut with a stubble beard is for all the James Bond wannabes out there. It’s sophisticated but rugged, elegant but manly.

The short stubble is the Robin to the burr cut’s Batman, and together, they’re saving the world one good hair day at a time. Perfect for nailing that first impression!

20. Burr Cut with Side Swept Fringe

The burr cut with side swept fringe both are trendy in 2024. Imagine having the best of both worlds: the neatness of the burr cut with a splash of drama from the fringe. This cut is a masterpiece, and you’re the canvas.

So, Try out these amazing burr cuts and hairstyles for a completely new and different look.