Tommy Shaw Long Wavy Hairstyle

Hairstyles can sometimes actually create magic and the same happened with the hairstyle of Tommy Shaw. The American Guitarist, singer and a member of the rock band, Styx is one of the most popular celebrities whose long wavy hairstyle became the trend of the town and is still followed by many.

The hairstyle picked up on the popularity level in the recent times. More and more men are experimenting with their looks and ditching their short hair styles.

Photo of Tommy Shaw hairstyle.
Tommy Shaw hairstyle.

So is it really difficult to sport a Tommy Shaw hairstyle? Well, certainly no. Anybody can go in for it. The hairstyle is not so much difficult to maintain as it actually looks initially. A person with natural wavy hairs with a medium to fine texture of the hairs can easily experiment with this. The hairstyle is best suited for men with a round, oval, square or a heart shaped face. It is better not to experiment with the look if you cannot carry it well.

In order to get the actual Tommy Shaw hairstyle you should first properly shampoo your hair and then condition it with a good conditioner. Normally it is recommended to leave on the conditioner for some times before washing so that it does its trick.

Also applying a hair mousse that will add to the hair’s volume will add wonders. Now simply part your hairs into various one inch sections with the help of a comb. Then apply a holding gel and swiftly move your fingers on the hair to form a circle.

Blows dry each part of the circled hair using the fingers to diffuse it. Then use a curling iron over the curled strands to give them a concrete curly and wavy look and then spray gloss over it and you are done!

It is not at all difficult to get the perfect Tommy Shaw hairstyle. Remember to trim your hair once in a while and enjoy the new look this season.

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