Constantine Maroulis Long Hairstyles

Constantine Maroulis is an American singer, writer, and actor. He is the former lead singer for hard rock band, Pray for the Soul of Betty. His actual rise to fame came when he finished in sixth place on American Idol’s fourth season. Here, are some facts about Constantine Maroulis long hairstyles.

Photo of Constantine Maroulis long hairstyle.
Constantine Maroulis long hairstyle.

As indicated by the topic, he keeps his hair long, at least reaching his shoulders. This seems in keeping with the image he chooses to project as a hard rocker. However, there is a lot more that goes into it than just the length of the hair.

Image of Constantine Maroulis straight hair.
Constantine Maroulis straight hair.

He has been known to straighten his hair in order to project a slightly more clean cut appearance. He parted the hair in the center and brushed it so that it hung straight down to either side of his face. A bit of hairspray was all that was needed to hold it in place.

He has also been seen with a permanent in the hair to provide a wavy texture to the sides. Still parted in the center of his head and brushed to either side, this gave him more of a bad boy look. He allowed his fringe to come in a bit more over his face, though not covering the eyes.

His best look is somewhat more natural. His hair has some curl to it naturally. He normally parts the hair in the center, but rather than brush it straight, he uses his hands to give it a slightly mussed up appearance. A bit of fringe comes in over his left eye, though not enough to cover it. Pomade provides a gentle hold that keeps this wild look in place.

Constantine Maroulis long haircuts can change somewhat based on the image he wishes to project at the time. However, most of these are relatively low maintenance in terms of how often he has to refresh them during the course of his day.

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