How to Style Long Hair

Although long hair is more common for women, long hair can still be attractive and stylish on men. Most people consider hair below the ear to be long for a man, but many men wear their hair longer than this.

Women have more choices when it comes to styling long hair but there are still many for men to choose from that will give them a stylish look. If you are wondering how to style long hair, here are some common ways to get stylish looks.

A ponytail is one stylish way for men with long hair to style their hair. Ponytails are easy to do and create a more sophisticated look for men with long hair. Women’s ponytails can be worn both at the nape of the neck and higher in the middle of the head. Men however usually look best with a ponytail at the nape of the neck.

David Beckham's ponytail
David Beckham‘s ponytail

Single braids can also be an attractive style for men and a good way to style long hair. Hair can be gathered at the nape of the neck and braided. This style is also sophisticated and easy to do with some practice.

Sometimes the best looking style for long hair is just to let it hang freely. Smooth combed hair can be very stylish and attractive on men. Sometimes a little gel or other type of styling product should be used to keep hair from being frizzy but be sure not to apply too much product or your hair will look greasy.

Other types of styles for long hair include dreadlocks or cornrows. These types of styles are most common for men of African decent who have very curly hair but Caucasian men can sometimes wear dreads and cornrows if their hair is the right texture. Dreadlocks and cornrows require a visit to the salon or at least assistance from someone who knows how to style hair in that manner.

John Butler Dreadlocks
John Butler dreadlocks hairstyle

Choosing to have long hair is a personal decision and many men choose to wear their hair long for personal, religions, and style reasons. Trying to figure out how to style long hair is a bit more complicated for men because of their limited choices but with a little experimentation a great style is easy to find.

It is also important to remember that long hair is prone to split ends and breakage so it is important to use conditioner and get frequent trims to keep hair looking its best.

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