25 Smartest Spiky Hairstyles for Guys [2024]

When it comes to style for men, their hairstyles are usually left behind. It is usually all about the clothes, all about the accessories and certainly about the shoes. That is why spiky hairstyles for men have become so popular because they are super easy to achieve. If you are a guy, you have at one point in your life, spiked up your hair a little bit just so you could keep it out of your eyes.

Tyler Durden spikey hairstyle.

One of the greatest things about spiky hair is the fact that it looks wild and dangerous. This is what a lot of women really like about this particular hairstyle. While it may be easy to achieve most of the time for a guy, it can be difficult for some guys who simply have no idea how to spike up their hair.

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Different Types Of Spiky Hair

There are literally hundreds of different hairstyles worn by men around the world. Some of the styles that are gaining in popularity are spikey styles where part or all of the hair stands out from the head. Even in this category, there are many different options.


Jared Leto mohawk hairstyle.

One of the first hairstyles to include spikes was the Mohawk. This style consists of the sides of the head being shaved, leaving only a one or two-inch strip of hair down the center of the head. There are a few variations on this that include more than one strip, but most people see the single strip when they hear the word, Mohawk. This style may be spiked in a fan where the hair stands up evenly or it can be separated into separate spikes known as Liberty spikes.



Blake Lewis faux-hawk hairstyle

The faux-hawk is a similar style with the difference being that the hair on the sides of the head is not completely shaved. Instead, the hair is cut shorter on the sides and left longer in the center stripe. This stripe can then be spiked in a fan pattern or Liberty spikes much like the Mohawk. These disconnected undercuts are also popular among young guys.


Emo Hair

Image of spiky emo hairstyle.
Emo hairstyle.

Emo hair is normally cut unevenly with a razor, leaving a fringe in front that hangs down to cover one eye. However, there are no real rules governing these hairstyles. Therefore, many emo kids choose to put spikes into their hair in different patterns. Some spike all the hair, while others create a row of spikes at the crown that resembles the Statue of Liberty.


Punk Hair

Picture of Punk men with punk hairstyles.
Punk hairstyles.

Punk hair comes in all sorts of styles. The Mohawk is one of the original punk styles. However, individuals can also twist their hair into spikes or simply pull it up into a collection of messy spikes and still have a punk hairstyle. One of the keys to defines the punk style is the presence of spikes in the hair.


Porcupine Hairstyle

Billy Idol spikey porcupine hairstyle photo.
Billy Idol porcupine hairstyle.

Porcupine spikes are named thus because they stand up all over the head like the quills on a porcupine. These are smaller at the base than Liberty spikes and there are many more of them on the head. The hair is styled into random spikes that stand up all over the head.


Flat Top

Dolph Lundgren flat-top hairstyle photo.
Dolph Lundgren flat top hairstyle.

One style that many do not think about as a spiky hairstyle is the flat top. This is a short hairstyle that is based on the crew cut. The sides and back are cut extremely short and the top is left a little longer with the sides and front being tapered so that the entire top is uniform in appearance. The hair is short enough that it stands up in spikes all over the top of the head.


Smart & Trendy Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have the right hairstyle & the right length for it. Most of the time, it is either too short or too long. This is something that you should be discussing with your hair stylist, as they are the people that should be cutting your hair. And, the styling not only depends on your choice but also the shape of your face and the length and thickness of the hair play a big role here. We are here to lead you to a state of mind where you’ll be able to choose the right spiky hairstyles for you. Check the below list.


#1. Messy Spikes

Messy hair is the new trend out there. Add beauty fo this hairstyle with the association of spiky hairs.


#2. High Contrast

Very often, guys are having undercut hairstyle. This is an obvious and high contrasting undercut hairstyle. And, the top hair is natural spiky.


#3. Short & Spiky

You can don a spiky hairstyle even if the hair is short. Apply hair gel in this regard.


#4. Tapered & Spiky Hair

All the hair doesn’t have the same length. In most cases, the hair is tapered from shorter to longer hair. Try some spikes on such tapered hair.


#5. Adam Levine

Adam Levine is equally popular for his songs and styles. He also wears mild spikes on the top of the hair.


#6. Spikes with Heavy Stubble

Both beard and hair are the sign of masculinity. Don both of them together to get a luxe look to impress all the people around with this spiky hairstyle.


#7. Spikes All Around

One can apply spiky hairstyle on the back side of the head too. This is a style where the hair on the front and backs sides have wonderful spikes all around.


#8. High Top Haircut

A high top haircut is something very unique for the hairstyle enthusiasts. It needs a lot of maintenance activities. One can implement spiky hairstyles together with this impressive hairstyle.


#9. Natural Spikes

Some people have hair that is naturally spike prone. If you are one of them, you may look like this.


#10. Striping Hairstyles

A new trend has captured the floor of hairstyles. That is having stripes at the side hair. You can apply that while having spiky hairstyles too.


#11. Cool Men’s Spiky Hair

This hairstyle looks soo cool. Such hairstyle looks more beautiful with the help of other accessories and attire.


#12. Straggling Beauty

Sometimes, the unkempt things become more beautiful. Try this hairstyle which looks like straggling hair. Some spikes on the top will increase the beauty to a great extent.


#13. Leonardo De Caprio

Leonardo is a global star. He had this spiky look in several movies. If you are a fan of him, try this on at least for once.


#14. Fade Haircut

Faded haircut looks stunning with top spikes. And a compatible beard style works like the cherry on the top.


#15. Glimpse of Sexiness

This hairstyle will work as the ultimate sign of sexiness. The spiky hairstyle along with the full stubble beard look absolutely gorgeous and sexy.


#16. Well Laid Out Spikes

This is a display of perfect spiky hairstyles. The spikes are so well laid out that they will look amazing on anyone who wears them.


#17. Combed Sideways

Comb the hair sideways to get this spiky hairstyle for men. Hair from both sides will meet at the midpoint making a greater spike together.


#18. Let’s Look Chic

It’s not about hairstyle only. You’ll look chic with the help of overall styling including attitude and attires.


#19. Slicked at One Side

In most cases, the hair is typically slicked back. But it is slicked at one side here resembling spikes at the top.


#20. The Ultimate Styler

David Beckham is worldwide followed for his distinctive hairstyles. You can be inspired by the spikes of this ultimate hair styler.


#21. Spike As a Whole

This design is very interesting. The whole bunch of hair has been considered as a whole spike. This hairstyle is very noticeable and you will stand out having it.


#22. Anime Hairstyle

The fans of anime cartoons and movies are increasing in number. One can try these spiky anime hairstyles in their real life very easily as depicted in the picture.


#23. Random Spikes

Random things also look beautiful in many cases. These random spikes have enhanced the beauty of this hairstyle.


#24. Wet And Strong

A hairstyle looks the most well kept if it turns out to be shiny and wet. You can apply hair gel to get wet hair and spikes that have a strong hold.


#25. Modern Mohawk

Though Mohawk is an old and traditional hairstyle, one can blend it with a variant of spiky hairstyles too. This two in one design will create a modern Mohawk hairstyle for men.


Hair Styling Products to Spike Your Hair

As soon as you decide on the length, the next step is going to be the product. This can be painful, as there are tons upon tons of products out there that all claim that they can spike your hair up with the best of them. Wax, pomade, hairspray, and gel are all different products that should be used in different ways and to achieve different looks.



If you want to go with wax, then you want to make sure that you want your short hair to stick straight up for a good long time. Hair wax can be used to provide a softer hold that is more touchable. It does not dry and leaves the hair with a texture that resembles plastic the way gel does.

Nowadays, there is even hair glue to ensure that your hair does stand straight up and that you never have to worry about it falling down. Wax and glue are for those types of spiky hairstyles.


Pomade & Hair Gel

If you want your spike to be subtle, there is another way and that is by a little bit of gel and some pomade. Pomade is by far the best thing to use if you are not going completely spiky but you want your hair to stand up a little bit. Adding some gel will also help keep the hair up but not too much.

The gel is not designed for use with completely dry hair. Hair gel is the strongest product, creating a stiff hold that will not collapse for several hours. For longer hair, this is the optimum product because of its stiffness.



Hairspray is the final product in our lineup of products that can help keep your hair up. Hairspray is something that you should be using as a final touch just to make sure that your hair will actually stay up, it is not something that should be used by itself.


Unflavored Gelatin as An Alternative Product

Some people recommend the use of unflavored gelatin as an agent to hold the hair in place. This is applied while in the liquid state and allowed to set in the hair. It provides almost as much hold as hair gel and is recommended for long hair.


How to Spike Short Hair Using Gel

For an all-over spiky look, one can dampen the hair and turn the head upside down. With a bit of gel on the hands, run them through the hair to coat the hair. This will allow gravity to assist in the formation of the spikes, though not in the placement.


How to Spike Short Hair

When most guys think of short hairstyles, they either see some sort of buzz cut or something out of the 1950s that old men still wear to look good in an office setting. However, there are some ways that men can create a slightly more edgy look by adding spikes to their style. They simply need to learn how to spike men’s short hair.

  1. The first step is to decide on the type of spikes one wants and how stiff he wants the hold to be. For Liberty spikes or porcupine spikes, it is likely that one will need to purchase gel or mousse to get an adequate hold. For other, softer looks, pomade or wax should be sufficient.
  2. The next step is to ensure that one starts with cleanliness. It is essential to ensure that all residues from past applications of products are removed as well as any dirt or oil that may have accumulated. After washing, one will need to partially towel dry it without getting it too dry.
  3. With your hair partially damp, apply the product chosen to hands and gently rub it through your hairdo, trying to achieve an even coating from root to tip. Then, using one hand, pull sections up into the spikes as desired. Once the spikes are created, one should gently blow dry on a low-temperature setting to set the product and harden the spikes in place.
  4. A more natural look can be achieved by simply rubbing the hands through the locks so that random sections stand up in spikes. This usually provides a softer look that is acceptable in almost all situations, including professional settings. It also takes less maintenance than other styles because all one has to do to refresh it is run the hands through the strands again.
  5. Most men are satisfied with spikes on the top of the head. They tend to comb the sides and back down so that they lie close to the scalp. However, some find that they can get an edgier look by spiking the sides and/or back as well. This is especially common among Asian men who seek to recreate the styles seen on anime characters.
  6. If one is unsure how to accomplish the style, he can usually seek advice from professional stylists. These individuals can help ensure that the hair is cut in a style that will be conducive to spiking and will look good. They can also make recommendations based on one’s facial shape and features. They may even help create the style and teach one how it is done so that it can be recreated at home with ease.


How To Spike Long Thick Hair

For most men, having thick hair is a blessing. Being able to grow it out long is a bonus. If you have thick long hair, you can follow these instructions to get a long spiky hairstyle.

  • The first step is to decide exactly what the finished style should look like. This will help one determine the placement of individual spikes. The next thing is to separate the hair into sections representing each spike that will be created. Ponytail holders are useful for holding the sections separate.
  • Different products are available to provide the hold needed to keep the spikes standing up. A maximum hold hair gel can be a good starting point, especially when used in conjunction with hairspray. One might also use hair glue, though this will give the spikes an almost plastic appearance. Another product commonly used that causes less damage to the hair is unflavored gelatin.
  • Choose the first section to be spiked and pull it up away from the scalp. Twist the hair and pull up while applying the appropriate product until the entire section is covered. Blow dry this section until the gel hardens. Repeat these steps for each individual spike.
  • An alternative method is to hang the head upside down and coat a section with gel or gelatin. While in this position, blow dry the hair until the product hardens. Repeat for each section. When completed, turn the head right side up and apply a second coat of product to each spike. Blow dry again for maximum hold.
  • Regardless of which method is used, it is important to start at the base of the hair and work out to the tips of the spikes. One should not be afraid to apply a generous amount of product as it will be needed to support the weight of the long thick hair. An insufficient product will allow the spikes to fall over or collapse completely. More is needed near the scalp than at the tips. Apply product amounts based on the weight it is expected to hold.

While it is slightly unusual for men with thick, long hair to decide to wear it in spikes, spikes are becoming quite popular among the male population in general. Members of certain subcultures, such as punk or emo, tend to wear their hair in certain fashions that identify them with their groups. Spikes may be used in these styles.


Fortunately, the products exist the make it possible for one who wants to spike long thick hair. The key is in finding a styling product or combination of products that are capable of holding up the weight of the sections of hair. Maximum hold gel and hairspray used in combination is a choice of many. Others want the stronger hold of hair glue, though this product can damage the hair. Still, others choose to use unflavored gelatin because it provides a powerful hold and is safer for the hair.

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