Anders Friden Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Anders Friden hairstyle
Anders Friden dreadlocks hairstyle

Anders Friden is the lead vocalist for the alternative metal band, In Flames. Born March 25, 1973 in Gothenburg Sweden, Friden is married and has one child, Agnes. Early in his career, he was the lead vocalist with a band called, Dark Tranquility, but left them to take the job of lead with In Flames in 1995.

Prior to the recording of the 2002 album, Reroute to Remain, Friden maintained a clean shaven appearance, though his hair was longer than most. After the release of Reroute to Remain, Friden changed his appearance drastically by allowing his beard to grow out and changing his hairstyle.

Anders Friden dreadlocks haircut
Anders Friden dreadlocks hairstyle

Today, Friden wears his hair in dreadlocks. Even with the complexity of the braiding to produce this hairstyle, it still reaches almost halfway down his back. Dreadlocks, or Dreads as they are known in some areas, are among the most difficult hairstyles to maintain because of the complexity of taking the hair out of braids to clean it and then braiding each lock back into its place.

Friden dreads

It would appear that Friden’s music and lyrics are evolving as time passes and he addresses more personal topics with his songs. He and his dreads are probably going to be on the metal music scene for quite some time to come.


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