Jared Leto Hairstyles

Men's long hairstyle from Jared Leto
Jared Leto’s hairstyle.

The phrase “out of style” does not seem to exist in the dictionary of Jared Leto. An American actor and an accomplished musician, Jared is always “in” – with his fashionably hip hairdo, with his clothes. Jared Leto has been known to experiment, with his choice of films, music as well as with his hair.

From the critically acclaimed role of a drug-addict in Requiem for a Dream to his stint as a vocalist/rhythm guitarist in the award-winning post-rock band 30 Seconds to Mars – every act of Leto succeeded to enthrall both fans and the critics.

Jared spiky hairstyle
Jared short spiky hairstyle.

Jared Leto is by no means less than what is called as multitalented personality. An aspiring painter, of Philadelphia’s University of Arts aiming to pursue a career in music, Jared ultimately landed up in the TV show My So-Called Life, and kick-started his acting career.

Rated as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World (People Magazine: 1997) Jared’s hair styles has always been a break from the past. Braids, lush layer cuts or spikes – Leto has flaunted all and with equal vivacity. His frequently changing hairstyle is further complemented by his hair color!

Jared emo hairstyle with streaks at the ends
Jared with red streaks at the ends of his hair.

While Jared Leto’s hair had been two toned bleach blonde during the release of his band’s self-titled first album, it soon changed to jet-black with tinges of red at the ends during the filming of the videos for the more popular second album, A Beautiful Lie.

Early years in the film industry, when he played bit-roles in films like The Thin Red Line and Fight Club, saw an adventurous, bohemian Jared, sporting hairstyles, as varied as spikes, a ‘throw-back’ or braided hairstyles. In between he had also mustered a neat look with ‘parted’ shoulder-length hairdo.

With maturity as a better actor and musician, his hair seemed to become darker and shorter by the day. The flat, emo hairstyle of Leto, with red streaks at the ends lends him versatility, reflects his multifaceted personality. He has also been applying black kohl to complement the color of his hair.

Dark brown has been pre-dominant since the release of his second album, and he has stuck with it ever since. Hairstylists are presuming that with the upcoming third album, his hair is due for a change. And his fans are not complaining at all!

Jared Leto’s clinical acting and vocal skills have been well complimented by his chic fashion sense and his hair-styling acumen, the former being always in vogue; and fashionable!

Jared Leto hair

Jared Leto hair

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  1. eu amo jared leto pra mi ele é todo ,melhor cantor ,ator, mais sexy, com bonita ,mais todo.te amo jaerd joseph leto.

  2. He is the most talented man in Hollywood…Too bad that Hollywood is blind to see that…They are too busy on the other actors like johnny deep , brad pitt itc…They don't know what they missing…AND HE IS NOT EMO

    P.S- I'm not a girl & I'm not gay, but I think he's sexy

    • i haaave to agree with you, Jared Leto is absolutely amazingly amaaaazing. &&He’s seeexily gorgeeeeous in every posssible way. buut i am a girl obviously, [:
      oh buut i do also think Johnny Depp is one of the most talented actors alive today &&he is one of the oldest sexiest guys i have ever seeen. juust thought i’d throw that in theere

  3. This is an awesome hair style, I’ve been looking for something like this and I think I’ll give it a try! 🙂

  4. im a dude with chick hair right now and i have to get a haircut before vaction so im going to try his first picture cause it is pretty awsome but it will suck if the barbers mess it UP!!!

  5. that guy is damn freakin' hot!!!!!!!! i do think he is hotter than Johnny Depp…..and definately hotter than Brad Pitt….(that's my opinion)….his singing is bloody awesome!!!!!!! hell yea i like him because he can act so gay (that's a compliment) in Alexander……..he's just creepingly sexy!!

    • helllll yeeea, i looove the way you descriiibe him, i have to compleeeeeeeeeeeeetely agreee, [:
      buuuut im still tryna debate on whether he’s sexier than Johnny Depp or not. But the odds are pointing toward Jared because his amazing voice just makes him alll the more sexy.

  6. look i dont the band 30 second to mars. But i like the hair. I’m planning to get it cut like the black and red color style. But try my natural style than go to the dye.

  7. I SAW JARED LETO IN CONCERT IN MY HOME AUSTIN TX IT WAS SO BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS 39 YEARS YOUNG AN HES STILL ROCKIN THAT AWSOME HAIR AND PERFECT VOICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OKAY THAES ALL I HAD TO SAY OH AND AT THE SHOW HE LOOKED STRAIGHT AT MY DAD AND ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’ve Like Jared Leto ever since i did a report at school about method actors who go to health compromising lengths to fit there rolls. commited yo. I found out about 30stm and loved the music. but i couldn’t ever ‘crush’ on him because he looks EXACTLY like my brother. i’m not joking, everyone teases him about it and he hates it. i think its not that bad. he’s pretty dapper, so its not so awful to look like him. anyways…does anyone know the specific name of his sorta side swept pompador-ish hairstyle from kings and queens? I really need to know the name. if there is a specific name…i hope. but, what do I know i’m just a 14 year old. but it would be way easier to say a certain name than to just describe it as i don’t know how i’d do so…(i’m writing a screenplay for my drama class and have to describe the characters appearance.) i don’t know how else to describe my characters hair besides like jareds in 2010 for that video, so…i’m at a loss and need help, please.


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