7 Coolest Surfer Hairstyles That Rock

Gone are the days when we used to see men sporting slicked back and perfectly combed hair. Surfer’s hair is the latest and hottest trend these days that is gaining the attention of masses every day.

Now, unlike its tradition of gaining surfer hair through surfing and experiencing the beach air and salty water, men have come up with many convenient solutions for those who are not big fans of surfing and yet interested in surfer’s hair.

This hair trend dates back to the 1950s when naturally thick long hair, bleached ends and a tousled appearance of the hair were all the rage.


Surfer Hairstyle Ideas for Men

The number one thing to do when one wants to achieve surfer’s hair is to let the hair grow naturally. You will have to control the urge to β€˜trim just a little’ so as to achieve the perfect type of surfer’s hair. Length of growing hair varies but from sides, it is preferred to be till the chin and from the front, to be till the eyes or even lower.

The texture, curls and beachy waves will come with time and different styling techniques and products. The following are the unique and most popular ways to style surfer’s hair.


1. Men’s Tousled hairstyle

surfer hair with tousled hairstyle

To achieve a perfect tousled wave with surfer hair, a little bit of styling product will go a long way. Usage of a styling product will make the bleached parts of the hair visible and will give texture to the hair. This look does not require hair in very long length but can be manageable in both short and long hair.


2. Middle-parted slick

surfer hair with middle part

This is the most basic hairstyle in the surfer hair book. It requires little to no effort. Just middle part the hair and apply some styling product to slick them in place.


3. Undercut style

undercut style for surfer hair

This type of style does not really give off a very surfer hair vibe but is classified so. This haircut requires the main, bleached tuft of hair to be on the head and the sides are almost shaved. The shaved tuft of hair is what shows off as surfer hair. The tuft of hair on the head is usually long in length which is why it can be switched to either side of the head for styling purpose.


4. Curly style

curly surfer hair

This style is specific for those who have curly hair naturally. It does not require much effort at all this style asks for is to grow your hair out to long length, naturally and then either let it be or style it in any way that you like.


5. Short surfer hairstyle

Short surfer hairstyle

When talking about surfer hair, it does not always mean to have to grow the long length of hair and experience salty water for the look. Surfer hair can also be achieved with short haircuts such as the one shown in the picture. The only thing done to achieve this look is to get parts of the hair bleached and then styled in a beachy way.

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6. Short hair, side-swept surfer hair

side swept surfer hair

When looking at the name of this hairstyle, it sure looks like a lot of effort but it requires very little in real. This haircut can be considered very similar to that of a Mohawk as well. The short hair, side-swept surfer hair look is achieved by getting the haircut in one side direction and getting them styled in such a way that they look windswept.


7. Formal surfer hair

surfer hair with formal look

The name itself, surfer’s hair, gives off a very casual vibe. However, it is not necessary that this look can only be achieved in a casual manner. It can also be styled to carry in a professional setting like the one shown in the picture.


Now you have seen a cool collection of hairstyles to style your surfer hair. So hurry up and grab your hairstyle to get a beach boy look!


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