20 Coolest Surfer Hairstyles That Rock in 2024

Gone are the days when we used to see men sporting slicked back and perfectly combed hair. Surfer’s hair is the latest and hottest trend these days that is gaining the attention of the masses every day.

Now, unlike its tradition of gaining surfer hair through surfing and experiencing the beach air and salty water, men have come up with many convenient solutions for those who are not big fans of surfing and yet are interested in surfer’s hair.

This hair trend dates back to the 1950s when naturally thick long hair, bleached ends, and a tousled appearance of the hair were all the rage.

How to Get Surfer Hair?

Let Your Hair Grow

First, you need to let your hair grow at least a few inches. The longer the hair, the more material you have to work with for those awesome waves. So, patience is key here.

Build The Texture

Now, let’s get to the texture. That beachy, wavy texture is a hallmark of surfer hair. To achieve this, sea salt spray is your best friend. Just give your damp hair a good spritz and scrunch it up with your fingers. Instant beach vibes!

Condition Hair

The sun and salt can be tough on your hair, so it’s important to keep it moisturized. Use a conditioner in the shower, and consider a leave-in conditioner for that extra bit of love.

Create The Waves

If you have natural waves, great! If not, you can use a curling iron to create some. Just be cautious not to go too curly – you’re aiming for loose, natural-looking waves.

Wash your Hair Less

This might sound a bit odd, but try not to wash your hair every day. Allowing the natural oils in your hair to build up helps with texture and gives it that authentic beachy look.

Lighten Hair With Sun-Kissed Highlights

If you want genuine sun-kissed highlights, spending time outdoors is key. The sun will naturally lighten your hair. But remember, while you’re basking in the sun, always wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

Embrace the Mess

Last but not least, don’t stress about having perfectly styled hair. Surfer hair is all about being natural and relaxed. If it’s a bit messy or the waves aren’t uniform, it’s all good. That’s part of the charm!

Surfer Hairstyle Ideas for Men

The number one thing to do when one wants to achieve surfer’s hair is to let the hair grow naturally. You will have to control the urge to ‘trim just a little’ so as to achieve the perfect type of surfer’s hair. Length of growing hair varies but from sides, it is preferred to be till the chin and from the front, to be till the eyes or even lower.

The texture, curls and beachy waves will come with time and different styling techniques and products. The following are the unique and most popular ways to style a surfer’s hair.

1. Men’s Tousled hairstyle

surfer hair with tousled hairstyle

To achieve a perfect tousled wave with surfer hair, a little bit of styling product will go a long way. The usage of a styling product will make the bleached parts of the hair visible and will give texture to the hair. This look does not require hair in very long length but can be manageable in both short and long hair.


2. Middle-parted slick

surfer hair with middle part

This is the most basic hairstyle in the surfer hair book. It requires little to no effort. Just middle part the hair and apply some styling product to slick them in place.


3. Undercut style

undercut style for surfer hair

This type of style does not really give off a very surfer hair vibe but is classified so. This haircut requires the main, bleached tuft of hair to be on the head and the sides are almost shaved.

The shaved tuft of hair is what shows off as surfer’s hair. The tuft of hair on the head is usually long in length which is why it can be switched to either side of the head for styling purposes.


4. Curly style

curly surfer hair

This style is specific for those who have curly hair naturally. It does not require much effort at all this style asks for is to grow your hair out to long length, naturally and then either let it be or style it in any way that you like.


5. Short Surfer Hairstyle

Short surfer hairstyle

When talking about surfer’s hair, it does not always mean having to grow the long length of hair and experience salty water for the look. Surfer hair can also be achieved with short haircuts such as the one shown in the picture.

The only thing done to achieve this look is to get parts of the hair bleached and then styled in a beachy way.

Damn Cool Crew Cuts for Stylish Guys


6. Short hair, side-swept surfer hair

side swept surfer hair

When looking at the name of this hairstyle, it sure looks like a lot of effort but it requires very little in real. This haircut can be considered very similar to that of a Mohawk as well.

The short hair, side-swept surfer hair look is achieved by getting the haircut in one side direction and getting them styled in such a way that they look windswept.


7. Formal surfer hair

surfer hair with formal look

The name itself, surfer’s hair, gives off a very casual vibe. However, it is not necessary that this look can only be achieved in a casual manner. It can also be styled to carry in a professional setting like the one shown in the picture.

8. Shaggy and Free

Let’s kick it old school with the shaggy and freestyle. It’s the classic surfer dude look, with hair that seems like it’s never seen a comb. Don’t worry though, it’s all about letting your hair do its thing.

Just let it grow and use your fingers to sweep it back every now and then. A little sea salt spray and you’re golden.

9. Sun-kissed Waves

Want that perfect beach vibe? Go for sun-kissed waves. This is basically what your hair looks like after a day of surfing – natural waves with that beautiful sun-bleached color.

To get the look, use some lightening spray and let the sun do its thing. Add a touch of texturizing spray for those waves.

10. Laid-back Bun

Sometimes the waves can get in your face, no worries! Just pull it back into a laid-back bun. Keep it loose, don’t stress it. It’s like a man bun, but more chill. Perfect for when you’re grabbing a post-surf snack.

11. Side Part Surfer

This one’s for when you wanna look a bit polished but still rock the surfer vibe. It’s simple – just make a natural side part and let the waves hang.

A little bit of light-hold product will keep things in place without making it look too done-up.

12. Saltwater Slick-back

Imagine riding the waves and then heading straight to a beach party. Keep the ocean vibe by slicking your hair back. It’s all about capturing that wet, fresh-out-of-the-water look.

Use a high-shine pomade and comb it back. You’ll look like you just stepped off your board.

13. Loose and Long

If your hair is naturally long, this style’s for you. Just let it be, man! Let it flow down your shoulders, loose and natural. The wind and salt water will give you all the texture you need. It’s the ultimate carefree surfer look.

14. Wavy Pompadour

Take the classic pompadour, add some waves, and boom! You’ve got the wavy pompadour. It’s like Elvis went surfing. To get this style, you’ll need a good volumizing product.

Apply it to damp hair, then blow dry while combing it back. Give it some wave with your fingers.

15. Beachy Spikes

Remember those spiky hairstyles? Let’s give that a surfer twist. Instead of using gel, use a texturizing spray. Make those spikes a little wavy and messy. It’s like you’re too busy catching waves to worry about perfect spikes.

16. Headband Hero

Rock the waves and keep them out of your eyes with a cool headband. Choose something with a beachy pattern. It’s functional and gives you that chilled surfer look.

17. Braid

If you have longer hair, try braiding it. Not too tight, keep it loose and relaxed. It’s practical for when you’re hitting the waves and stylish for when you’re chilling on the beach.

18. Surfer’s Fringe

Let your hair grow long in the front and sweep it to the side, letting it hang down a bit. It’s a relaxed fringe that says “I spend my days riding the waves.”

19. Textured Top with Faded Sides

Get a fade on the sides but keep the top longer and full of texture. It’s like a modern surfer meets skater vibe. It’s clean-cut but still says you know how to have fun on the waves.

20. Full-on Flow

And for the grand finale, let’s go full-on flow. Long hair, don’t care. Let it grow, let it flow, and let the saltwater and sun give you the best natural highlights and texture.

Surfer hairstyles are all about the waves and the laid-back lifestyle. Grab your board and hit the beach! Now you have seen a cool collection of hairstyles to style your surfer’s hair. So hurry up and grab your hairstyle to get a beach boy look!

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  1. You can get thicker hair like a surfer by taking good care of your hair & using a good product/shampoo for the illusion of having thicker. It will give volume to your hair.

  2. i have at the moment longish blonde surfy hair and an oval face. However my hair is really thick and at the back of my head it can get wild!! Have you got any tips on how i could get rid of this?

    • ha ah mate jst use frizz it will calm down the wack in the back i wldnt advise gel if ur going for the surfer look ? jst use frizz creams and let ur hair rest and dnt worry it will take care of the wild package back there but if u DO need gel use moco de gorrilla its the best gel and if u need to go grind some waves when u come out jst shake ur hair and it will look perfect 🙂

  3. it sometimes helps the way you dry it, i kind of use a towel and go in circles in the back, (different direction each side) but it drys kind of like wings but looks good. lol it sounds gay but im serious.
    im still trying to find a shorter cut tho cuz long hair is annoying


  4. to thin your hair out just go to a beauty supply store and buy a comb with a blade in it and then before you take a shower be sure your hair is dry and comb through your hair as you regularly do then as you comb the blade in the comb will cut the top layer of hair off. and the good thing is that there is absolutely no way to mess up using a bladed comb.

    • u cld also use hair str8ning creams or frizz control it works for me or make ur own beach spray jst get sea salt and a spray bottle and water and spray it on ur hair and it wnt leave ur hair mad str8 but it will look like beach wave str8

  5. You could straighten it with straightening irons or blow dry from root to tip using a brush to help. 🙂 Hope I helped.

  6. try actually going surfing and not washing it..the salt will seperate it out but you need to rinse it occasionally or it smells really bad and starts to dreadlock..not good, my ex will vouch for that

  7. i have asian hair: black and straight. but it looks so thin. when i use wax, it tend to fall down, as if like i were never use any wax. i think my hair is too dry. and i use shampoo that cleans oil away. is this right?
    this surfer-style hair looks really cool. i wanna try it!

    • my advice for u is use the axe gel have u heard of that? or use moco de gorilla and while ur doing ur hair use a hair dryer while ur hair is damp put one of those and style ur hair using the hair dryer 🙂

  8. If you use shampoo that cleans oil away, your hair will get dryer.
    You should use a dry-hair shampoo that can add moisture to your hair. Conditioner is a must. Don’t wash your hair too much.

  9. i can and i have blue eyes and dark hair. its all bout finding wich way the hair parts then letting it seperate and get thicker

  10. hi i have the right sort of lenght of hair,which is lightish brown, slightly tanned skin and green eyes: do you think i canp pull this off?

  11. Third, don’t forget to knick the ends of your bitchin’ locks now and then, this will keep them from drying out, which is a real problem for those with curly hair. The forth, and most obvious tip is to just let your hair do it own thing when you get out of the shower/surf/pool. If you keep your hair a little dirty and keep it from drying and dying, it will dreadlock (not all frizzy though) itself. Those sought after tendrils the straight haired guys struggle for. I would also recommend getting your hair thinned out every three or four months, it will keep your mane healthier and managable, and it will increase your tousled, devil-may-care, look. The last tip is more of a Rule; don’t be a sissy! There is nothing wrong with good hygiene and wanting to look nice but leave the curlers, flat irons, and $60 bottles of “Hair Serum” to the girls. The best way to look like a surfer is to act like a surfer, No Worries!

  12. Here is a little advice for anyone who is thinking about sportin’ this do and has curly hair. First of, don’t worry about getting this style or that style, just grow the sh*t out. When it starts to get long enough it will take on the “right” look. Second, take care of yer hair! This doesn’t mean endless hours in the bathroom but keep it healthy. The “surfer” didn’t style and primp.

  13. alright, i’m a college girl (not trying to rebel just ready to my own thing and be me). my hair is about shoulder length. i want it to be a little shorter so i can have this sorta style. i’m trying to achieve a hairstyle that when i get outta the shower i can just towel dry it, throw a little bit of gel or something in it and still look good. does anyone have any suggestions?

    • i doooo im a girl too and i have short hair well used to now its medium length cuz u knw being in the water all day at the beach made my hair turn blonde so it got really dry so i had to cut my hair so wat i do is i jst get out of the shower do a fish tail and once its sort of damp dry then take it out and presto 🙂

  14. Hey there. Im 16, Have brown eyes and brown hair. My frindge has a split on the right so i try to cover it but i want my hair to grow into the surfer look…Any tips and could i do this style?

  15. I have dark brown hair really thick never had it long always short was thinking of going with the surfer look. With blond high lights it seams my hair doesnt want to get long just thicker can I pull this hair style off I get really tan in summer will this look right on me.

  16. hey all.

    my hair is dark brown, i’ve got brown eyes, and tan skin (even in the winter) actually, i’m half-latino. 🙂

    my hair is super soft. it get thick, but will also get long. it also is the kind of hair that will separate, hair by hair, so that, if unkept, will become a big globe of hair.

    right now, i’ve got a bad cut, which disproportionates my hair. BUT when everything is equal again, i plan to do something different with it. if kept, it will naturally flick out. i would enjoy to try the surfer, but any other suggestions would be great.

  17. seriously, living in a surfer community, the only real way to get the surfer hair style it to take on the surfer lifestyle, you know what i mean, water freak (swimming/watersports) and chilled out. that way, your hair may matt, but that is kinda the style. its a kinda thing. i kinda stick to short hair tho as whenever i actually use a shampoo/conditioner, my hair looks like a perm. not good. but you can still take on the messy hair look with short hair. as i said, things come from your attitude.

  18. well if you live near surf and sand get out there! they only way to acheive the real look is 2 live it! 🙂 the sea salt and sand will turn your hair rough and un-tidy. grow your hair to about your chin or below and your kinda getting there!! 🙂

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  20. How can I get this hair will I b able to get it myself or will I have to go to a hairdresser and ask them to give me a surfer haircut please help

  21. Tbh, this style suits just about everyone (: If you have short curly hair, it wont work – grow it long. My ex had short curly hair and when he came out of the sea he just looked retarded :L Just grow your hair down to the bottom of your ear-ish and dont get it cut. If you surf it helps to =D
    I love guys who have this style hair (: it looks so natural! And Owen Wilson is just so hot (:

  22. i wanna grow my hair out and try this look but i got thick and wavy irish hair that just seems to afro instead of growing to my shoulders. will my hair ever be able to grow like that and any suggestions on what to during the inbetween time.

    • There’s really no way to make an afro into straight, limp hair. You could try surfer-dreads. They’re rarely seen and look amazing!

  23. hey i have blue eyes, very dark blackish hair it is kina rough and very short and i was thinking of trying this hairstyle any suggestions of how i should start, as i said i have very short hair, a number 2 allover bassically???

  24. ahahahah, this is such a cool website u find heaps of shit hairstyles and excellent hairstyles.

  25. someone help me. i'm a girl with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. i live 20 minutes from the beach and work a block from the beach. i want to have the surfer hairstyle, but have to look somewhat professional for my job at the bank. can anyne help me? my hair is long and i'm willing to cut it. help!

    • Uh, for a surfy-girl look, I’d recommend getting highlights. And maybe saltwater spray to finish the look.

  26. hello hello hello ive got short hair but im unsure on how to style it to get the surfer look should i spike it??

  27. I think the best way 2 achieve this look is just 2 grow your hair and leave it! dont b a tosser using straightners n all that shizzle, keep it free n wild guys.

  28. hi, ime 12 and i want the surfing look i have whiteblonde hair but i dont love anywhere near a beaach does anyone know how i can achieve this style

  29. if you're having trouble achieving any of these hairstyles, but really really feel like it's the style for you, it's best to just cut your head off. it would look tons better… 😀

  30. I took ur advice ^^
    I have a stump with red highlights round the edge – do u think this haircut will suit me now?

  31. everyones all asking how 2 get my hair like this blah blah blah. iv had surfer hair for a few years now and all i did was just let me hair grow out. i dont comb it or do anything 2 it. i get out of the shower or the ocean adn dont touch it. and btw dnt try 2 b a poser if u dnt surf or arnt into the ocean ur a poser..no offence

  32. im pissed ive done everything! to my hair to get it straight and not poof up. its always frizzy and curls like an ass. is there anything i can do? i just my hair to look natural and be straight help =( btw im a boy if that helps

  33. i am in texas but im part hawaiian and i want to have surfer hair….since i dont live near the ocean anymore…how can i get surfer hair with silver metallic color from dark brown…

  34. I have semi-long hair, not quite to my jaw and brushing my neck.
    Ive only occasionaly get chance to hang out at the beach, so when my hairs lookin tooo neat i rub shaving foam/cream in my hands and work it through.
    It works, it feels the same as when ive been in the sea- but if you have greasy or oily hair already wash your hair before you do this. Then add when DRY

  35. hi i am 13, have brown hair with light brown hair and brown eyes. i want to pull of this 'surfer' look but i dont know what to do. my bangs are at about the bottom of my eyes. how can i pull off this look?

    • Try letting the hair on the back of your head and neck grow out. The back being longer gives a more natural look (the back grows faster than any other area of the head).

  36. hey ! for the loads of people who are like – " i dont live by the sea"

    put salt in the bath – it gives the matted seperated look for your hair, good in cleaning cuts or grazes aswell lol, can dry your skin out, which is good if your spotty which teenagers trying to get this style might be suffereing from. also dont use shampoo ect, skin products it just does the oposite, instead use a solid bar of soap cause they dry, on hair and body

  37. hi am am 16 6" slightly tan with blue/grey eyes and brown/blonde hair. my hair istead of growing longer just get fluffier. i live in brisbane so i go to the beach a bit. How can i get my hair to grow longer and like this. can u contact me on [email protected] thx 🙂

  38. Hey, Before i moved near the coast i had normal skin and dark brown hair. 3 years ago i moved to the coast, i surf at least 3 times a week and usually swim other days. Just by doing this i have achieved the tanned , messy surfer look, full of blonde highlights that are not over the top or anything. Only problem is i have so much salt in my hair that when i scratch my head salt comes out and looks like dandruff, even when i wash it…any tips for me?
    basically you can only achieve this hair by surfing, otherwise it sometimes looks a bit over the top, like youv'e tried too hard (especially if you live inland)

    • Yeah, I had the same problem (I’m a lifeguard). As for the saltshaker hair, you’ll have to thoroughly clean your scalp with gentle shampoo. I hope it works for you.

  39. this is sad. the whole reason its the 'surfer look' is because its the result of not really giving a s**t about what you look like and you know, being a man, but nowadays theres so many metro wack jobs out there that people are artificially creating a look that comes naturally from just not trying…

  40. i need help how can i turn my dry, rough quite damaged hair to a cool smooth silky hair. my hair can only look good if i apply water to it which will eventally ruin my hair anyone got a good helpful tip for me i got the good look but aint got the good hair.=(

    • Try a leave-in conditioner (probably sold anywhere) and leave it in for about an hour a day for a couple weeks. If it doesn’t work, you could go to a beautician for advice.

  41. Heya! Could you please make a tutorial for Andrew Gregory's haircut please? Like how he appears in The Guild autotune for example!

    Thank You!

  42. Hey.. I recently had my hair cut short (I used to have zac efron type hair) but the short look really don't suit me!! How long do u think it will take for my hair to grow to a length suitable for a surfer look?

    I have light brown hair but when short it goes fluffy and I have blond curls in the front of my hair just above my eyes.. How can I get rid of those curls?

    Pls help!!!

    • You could buy a straightener from any store that sells hair care supplies.

      As for hair length, hair usually grows an inch in one to two months. I’d say to let your hair grow for four to five months. My hair was at its best at seven inches. If you want hair like a surfer in time for summer, don’t even look at a scissors.

  43. Hey Everyone,
    I’m a younger lad lookin for a new haircut. I used to style my hair short and messy/spiked but i can’t be arsed anymore and i’ve really taken to the casual rogue looking surfer hairstyle. I’m starting to develop a more relaxed, leisurely lifestyle and as such have been letting my hair grow for only about a month… the problem is my hair is really straight. Can anyone give me any advice on how to make it look wilder and more wavy? Cheers

    • I’d recommend getting your hair permed and trimmed by a barber or beautician. I got my hair thinned because it was a bush, but I have natural ringlets. Go for it.

  44. I got a similar cut.
    I have dark blonde/brown hair, sky blue eyes. You probably think I’m white. Nope, I actually have dark skin. I’m half German and I was blessed with pin straight hair and other Euro-based features. This hair style allows me to show off my ethnic roots, ’cause I look like a normal black guy with blue eyes if my hair isnt grown out. Boring.

    This style is versatile. Agitating your hair in the shower with shampoo, and quickly shaking and swinging your hair around after the shower will make things look natural. Also, it’s best to thin out the ends a bit with a razor comb. It allows for more natural movement.

    I have a fringe during the night, but brush my hair back during the day when I am at my internship, for a more polished look. Easy.


  45. This particular style of hair works like nothing you’ve ever seen. It looks great on any guy, and snags any chick. I speak from experience. From the longboard to the surfboard, from NY to LA, this works! Go natural, but with highlights or “sunkisses.”

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