David Beckham 1989 to 2021 Hairstyles: How His Hair Evolved

When you look around, you will come across many David Beckham fans. A lot of those fans are women who think he looks good, but believe it or not, he also has some guy fans. Out there on the side, he has people who envy him.

Do you envy him? Would you like to have one of David Beckham hairstyles in hopes to stand out from the crowd like he does? If you would like to get noticed, then having one of his hairstyles will more than likely do the job. Continue reading this article in order to find out about his hairstyles.


Biography of David Beckham

David Beckham is a 36 year old English soccer player. He currently plays the position of the midfielder for Los Angeles Galaxy. He has also played for the English national team, Real Madrid, and his all-time favorite team, Manchester United.

David is known for his interesting hairstyles that change quite often. Here, we are going to take a look at David Beckham hairstyles through the years.



Throughout much of his childhood, Beckham’s hair was cut relatively short with a fringe allowed to cover his forehead, stopping just above the eyes.



David Beckham childhood hair.

He began to come into his own as a soccer player. He joined Manchester United at the age of 14. It was then that he first began to change his hairstyles. That year, he styled his hair in spikes that stood up all over his head except on the sides and back, which were still cut short.



David Beckham teenage hairstyle.

Beckham wore his hair cut a medium length and allowed it to sort of flop where it would. This gave him a rough tousled appearance.


He continued to wear this style in 1998 but had it dyed blonde.



David Beckham blonde hairstyle.

In 1999, he added sideburns and a goatee to this simple style.



David Beckham blonde hairstyle with sideburns.

The year 2000 saw David wearing his hair in a buzz cut. He had the length of all the hair cut down to below a quarter of an inch. This was a low maintenance hairstyle except for the need to have frequent trims.



David Beckham 2000 buzz cut.

He went a bit more daring with a true Mohawk. The sides and back were shaved clean, leaving a stripe about an inch wide down the center that was styled into spikes standing up in the center. This was done with his natural hair color.



David Beckham Mohawk hairstyle

He had allowed the hair on the sides and back to grow back in while leaving the stripe in place. This developed into a faux hawk with the center stripe dyed blonde and the rest of the hair his natural brown. Later that same year, he had his hair cut to a uniform length and styled in spikes with blonde highlights.



Photo of David Beckham fauxhawk hairstyle.

David wore his hair in a medium length with a rough part down the center. This came to be called a bum part. The hair was tousled and he wore sideburns.

He was photographed in May of that year with his hair done up in corn rows. However, these tight braids did not last long.

David Beckham cornrow hair.

June of 03 saw him wearing his hair cut to medium length and the top pulled back into a half ponytail or a top knot. In July, he added another short ponytail below the half ponytail he already had.



Image of David Beckham ponytail hairstyle.

He chose to go with a buzz cut similar to that worn in 2000. The hair was cut very short, requiring no product or effort to maintain.



David Beckham buzz cut picture.

He had allowed his hair to grow back out to a medium length. He had a tousled, rough appearance and used an Alice band to keep the hair out of his eyes. A bit of pomade was needed to provide a soft hold.



David Beckham hair with alice band.

2006 saw him with his hair cut short again, though not in a buzz. This year he chose to use pomade on his fingers to create spikes that stood up all over his head. For a harder hold, he may have used gel on the front spikes.



David Beckham spiky hairstyle.

Early in 2024, Beckham had his hair cut very short on the sides and back while leaving the top about two inches in length. The top was styled into a tousled appearance that looked as if he had done nothing with it.


David Beckham short hairstyle.

Later that year, he went back to the buzz cut but had the hair dyed blonde again.

David Beckham buzz cut hairstyle.



Pic of David Beckham beard style.

He kept this buzz cut into 2008 but added a beard and mustache grown in his natural dark color.



David Beckham short hairstyle with front spike.

He went into 2009 with his hair cut short on sides and back and spikes in the front held in place with gel. As the year progressed, he had a short length hairstyle and wore a mustache and beard.


David Beckham mustache and beards style.



David Beckham center part hairstyle.

David Beckham wore medium length hairstyle at The Imperial War Museum in London, Dec 15 2010. His hair simply parted down the middle.



David Beckham slicked back hairstyle.

David Beckham arrived to the Royal Wedding on Friday, April 29th, 2011, wearing slicked back side part hairstyle. The slicked-back style is a classic style but still popular today.



David Beckham appeared in his team jersey with a more groomed haircut which is actually faded undercut. The hair of the sides has been cut close to the skin and the hair of the top is kept medium.



He developed a beard style along with his significant hairstyle in 2024. A chevron mustache and stubble associated with an undercut hairstyle were his signature style for that year which became popular as well.



Maybe this is the sexiest hairstyle David Beckham had in recent years. A well-maintained hairstyle with a healthy stubble made him look so desirable. The hairstyle was followed by his fans all over the world.



David Beckham added a bit intensity to his look this year. The hair of the front was kept comparatively long and a bit curled upward to make a diverse look. David has a manly beard which complements his hairstyle.



This is almost similar to that of 2024 hairstyle. Everything is same other than the hair on the front side. It is kept shorter than earlier and a back brush hairstyle has come into play.



This is a sheer undercut hairstyle. The hair of the two sides are almost clean shaven and the top is filled with medium hair. David Beckham applied a back brush hairstyle on the top along with a heavy stubble.



David Beckham's hairstyle

In 2024, David Beckham is having a hairstyle that looks unkempt. There is not much styling included. But, the beard looks well groomed. Both these things are jointly producing a masculine look which is the greatest attribute of David Beckham’s styles.



David Beckham 2019 Hairstyle






Other David Beckham Hairstyle Photos:

David Beckham faux hawk hairstyle.

First of all, when one is asked to describe David’s hairstyle, chances are, they will ask which one to describe. Why is this? Simply because he has so many different hairstyles:








That’s right, he has had everything from long to short. He has even had cornrows, faux-hair, and even a Mohawk. It seems that everything looked good on him.

David Beckham’s short hairstyle.

Right now, he can be found sporting around a short style. If you are interested in that short style, then you should know that it is not that hard to achieve. Basically, all you have to do is buzz all of your hair off. In the end, you should make sure you leave some bangs and style them upwards. Also, you may want to get some blonde hair dye from your local store and dye your hair blonde. After all, David Beckham has blonde hair.


David Beckham Long Hairstyles

Picture of David Beckham long hairstyle for men.
David Beckham long hairstyle.

David Beckham is an English soccer player currently playing midfield for the LA Galaxy Major League team. He was previously an outfielder for Manchester United. Beckham has worn many different hairstyles through his famous career. Sometimes (and recently) he has worn it short, and other times quite long. Here, we shall look at David Beckham with long hair.

David Beckham shoulder length hair photo.
David Beckham shoulder length hair.

When David chooses to wear his hair long, he typically goes with shoulder length hair in a style that is long and messy looking. This style is very easy to maintain and looks great with his facial features. The length gives him a great deal of versatility in styling methods to change up his appearance and to keep those long locks out of his face while playing.

Image of David Beckham ponytail hairstyle.
David Beckham ponytail hairstyle.

In order to keep his hair away from his face, and also simply as a style worn for certain occasions, Beckham has been seen with his hair pulled back into what many would call a half ponytail. For going out in a semiformal setting, he often splits that into a third ponytail up high flowing into the traditional half ponytail. This leaves a small loop similar to a teapot handle.

Image of David Beckham hairstyle.
David Beckham hairstyle.


Another styling trick that takes little effort on his part is to place a plastic headband in the hair that pulls the front back from his face. This leaves the back flowing free and looking a little wild, which matches David’s personality. Throughout his soccer career, David Beckham has worn his hair in a variety of lengths and styles. He currently is wearing his hair long employing just a few simple tricks to maintain his hairstyle and keep it out of his eyes when he is on the soccer field. His shoulder-length locks allow for a great deal of versatility in choosing the hairstyle he wants to wear any given day.


When you are all done and you officially have one of David Beckham hairstyles, if you would like to look even more like him, there is one more thing you have to do. What would that be? Well, you should opt for a ‘guy’ purse and carry it around, just like he does.

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