25 Redhead Actors Who Really Know How to Draw Attention

We fell in love with these gorgeous red-haired male actors not only because of their acting skills but also because of their unique hairstyle.

Such rare and beautiful hair and beard colors Wow us! Every time they appear on the screen, their technique for dragging attention to their particular features is mesmerizing.

If you are a redhead man, these are a few looks you should try to recreate because they will always make you look stylish and gorgeous. 

1. Kristofer Hivju

actor with red hair and beard

Kristofer Hivju rocked his role in Game of Thrones and quickly became one of Hollywood’s most appreciated red-haired actors.

He keeps his curls medium length, hair combed on his back, and he is astonished with his red ducktail beard. Get hairstyle inspirations from popular male models with long hair.

2. Eddie Redmayne

red haired male actors

Eddie Redmayne loves a messy look and keeps his slightly waved hair in messy shape. Also, he loves to swap his red bangs on one side to create a tousled look.

3. Red Haired British Actor – Rupert Grint

Red Haired British Actor

Rupert Grint, the famous actor from Harry Potter, also adopts a messy hairstyle. He keeps his blonde-red bangs on his forehead, slightly split in the middle. 

4. Damian Lewis

actor with red hair

Damian Lewis is the perfect example of how any gentleman should wear his hair if he wants to look both classy and modern. He adopts a faded hairstyle for men with red hair with bangs swept on one side.

5. American Actor with Red Hair – Seth Green

American Actor with Red Hair

Seth Green keeps his slightly waved hair oriented upwards and doesn’t want to tame those rebel locks! A great tousle and some hairspray to fix his look, and he is ready to rock!

6. Red-haired English Actor – Benedict Cumberbatch

Red Haired English Actor

A medium faded hairstyle for the back and sides is what actor Benedict Cumberbatch adopts on the red carpet, and we have to say that he looks like a pretty fine gentleman. Comb your bangs on one side if you want to recreate his hairstyle. 

7. Young Red-Haired Actor – Cameron Monaghan

Young Red Haired Actor

Cameron Monaghan impresses not only with his acting talent but also with his blonde-red hair! He wears a short haircut with long locks on top that beautifully highlights his unique hair color!

8. David Caruso

senior actor with red hair - David Caruso

David Caruso shows that if you have red hair, wearing it straight with an off-center part combed to the side, is a good look for older men. 

9. Jimmy Bellinger

red curly haired actor - Jimmy Bellinger

We love Jimmy’s curly red hair. He wears it short without bangs and this emphasizes his red face. He keeps hair to about an inch all around and scrunches in product to get that texture shine.

10. Fran Kranz

messy red haired actor - Fran Kranz

We’re betting Fran Kranz was wearing this red bedhead style for straight hair before it was cool. The straight layers add movement, making styling a breeze. 

11. Justin Tinucci

actor with red hair - Justin Tinucci

Justin’s current hairstyle is the red haired version of Justin Bieber’s teenie bopper hairstyle circa 2010. Use a blowdryer to get straight hair to face one direction and slightly over the forehead. 

12. Ben Foster

actor with red spiky hair - Ben Foster

If you’re experiencing thinning hair, try Ben Foster’s short red hairstyle. Texture is slightly mussed up, easy to go in minutes with fingers and not a comb. 

13. Domhnall Gleeson 

red haired actor with beard - Domhnall Gleeson

If you wear your red hair long, try copying Domhnall’s hairstyle. The neck-length cut features a messy part you can get just by raking fingers through the hair. 

14. Michael Weaver

actor with red hair - Michael Weaver

If you’re a man who’s all about the texture in your red hairstyle, use a little hair gel to shape the spikiness in Michael Weaver’s cut. Don’t worry about the sides, the front is where it’s at.

15. Jake Austin Walker

Jake Austin Walker’s red hair is a great example of short sides, long top. Use a low or medium fade for sides and emphasize the texture up top with a little hair product.

16. Ewan McGregor

The Scottish actor has sported a variety of hairstyles throughout his career. His natural hair color is more of a light brown, but he has been known to dye it for roles.

Often, McGregor opts for a short, slightly tousled look that suits his face shape. His hair is usually styled with a bit of volume and a subtle wave.

17. Domhnall Gleeson

This Irish actor, known for his roles in “Star Wars” and “Ex Machina,” often wears his hair casually and slightly messy. His natural red hair is usually medium-length, which allows him to experiment with different looks.

18. Michael Fassbender

Although Fassbender’s hair is more of a light brown, he has been known to have reddish tones in certain light. He typically keeps his hair short and styled in a sleek, combed-back look.

19. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The “Modern Family” actor sports a short, neat hairstyle that showcases his red hair. His hairstyle is typically effortless to maintain, which complements his comedic persona on and off screen.

20. Paul Bettany

This British actor often sports a medium-length, slightly messy hairstyle. Though Bettany’s hair isn’t naturally red, he’s dyed it for various roles. His typical style adds to his cool and laid-back persona.

21. Simon Pegg

The English actor and comedian, best known for his role in the “Star Trek” series and “Shaun of the Dead,” often sports a simple, short haircut. His strawberry-blonde hair adds a unique touch to his overall appearance.

22. Kevin McKidd

The “Grey’s Anatomy” actor often sports a short, neat hairstyle that shows off his striking red hair. The simplicity of the cut complements his strong facial features and tends to be very low-maintenance.

23. Cillian Murphy

Although Murphy often alternates between different hair colors for various roles, his natural hair is a light reddish-brown. His signature style, especially notable in “Peaky Blinders,” is a classic, short back and sides cut with a longer top, often slicked back or to the side.

24. Alan Tudyk

This American actor and voice artist usually maintains a short, casual hairstyle. His sandy-red hair color adds a unique touch to his look and makes him stand out in his roles, such as in “Firefly.”

25. Eric Stoltz

Known for his roles in movies like “Mask” and “Pulp Fiction”, this American actor and director often wears his red hair in a medium-length, casual style. His natural waves and unique color make his look stand out.

These gorgeous actors transformed their hairstyles into a real statement, and you can do the same! Messy styles, long locks, choose the ones that suit your figure and personality, and get ready to turn heads on the street! 

It’s also important to remember that what works for one person might not work for another, so always choose a hairstyle that you feel comfortable with and that suits your style.