24 Popular 80’s Hairstyles for Men Are on a Comeback

The 80s were a decade known for its bold and flamboyant fashion choices, and this extended to hairstyles as well. Men experimented with various haircuts and styles, pushing boundaries and embracing a more expressive look. The hairstyles of the 80s were characterized by volume, texture, and unique shapes that reflected the spirit of the era.

The 80s was a decade that contributed a great deal to popular culture. Changes in music, clothing styles, and even hairstyles have survived through to today. Some popular 80s hairstyles for men have lost favor for a time, but are seeing a resurgence today. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular 80s hairstyles for men.

Characteristics Of 80s Men Hairstyles

The punk and rock music scenes heavily influenced men’s hairstyles in the 80s. long mullet, bangs, and layered hairstyles were popular among those embracing the rebellious and edgy aesthetic associated with these subcultures.

The 80s men’s hairstyles were characterized by several distinctive features that set them apart from other eras. Here are some key characteristics of 80s men’s hairstyles:

Big Hair

One of the most memorable things about the 80s is that it was the decade of big hair. Men loved hairstyles that added height and fullness to their hair, whether it was through teasing, perming, waves, and curls. 

Many stars and many more regular working people chose to fluff their hair up and add volume to any style. This was most often accomplished by teasing the hair up and applying mousse to hold it in place. Even individuals with straight hair were able to add volume to their hair in this fashion.

Jon Bon Jovi 80s Big Hairstyle for Men.

Jon Bon Jovi 80s big hairstyle

Layers And Bangs

Layers and bangs were popular hairstyling techniques in 80s hairstyles, especially for longer hair. Layers added dimension and allowed for different styling options, whether it was flipping the hair outwards or creating a tousled effect.

Men sported various types of bangs, from short and straight across the forehead to longer, side-swept bangs. Bangs were often styled with volume and texture.

80s mens big hairstyle from Nikki Sixx
Nikki Sixx’s big hairstyle

Unique Shapes And Colors

The 80s saw the rise of unconventional and daring hair shapes. From the sharp angles of the wedge cut to the asymmetrical lines of New Wave hairstyles, men embraced bold and eye-catching shapes that pushed the boundaries of traditional haircuts.

Many dyed their hair in vibrant and unconventional shades, such as neon colors or bleached blonde. The color was used to make a statement and add an element of individuality to the hairstyles.

Men relied on volumizing mousses, hairsprays, gels, and styling waxes to create and maintain the volume, texture, and shapes of their hairstyles.

Billy Ray Cyrus 80s mullet hairstyle photo
Billy Ray Cyrus’s mullet hairstyle

The 80s hairstyles allowed men to express their individuality and embrace self-expression through their hair. The styles were diverse, ranging from polished and preppy looks to wild and avant-garde choices, offering something for every personality and taste.

One of the most famous examples is probably country singer, Billy Ray Cyrus. MacGyver’s 80s mullet hairstyle Also became a trend among the young.


Image of MacGyver 80s Mullet Hairstyle.
MacGyver 80s mullet hairstyle


Cultural Influences

Photo of Michael Jackson 80s Jheri Curl Hairstyle.
Michael Jackson 80s jheri curl hairstyle

The hairstyles of the 80s were also influenced by various cultural movements and trends. The Jheri curl, for example, gained popularity among African American men and became an iconic hairstyle associated with the era.

This hairstyle was made popular by Michael Jackson about the time his album Thriller was released and he appeared in videos for songs from the album. Another singer who sported a Jheri curl was Lionel Richie, lead singer for the Commodores.

Picture of Lionel Richie 80s Jheri Curl Hairstyle.
Lionel Richie Jheri curl hairstyle


Wet Look and Pompadour

One thing that this hairstyle brought to the forefront was the “wet look”. It was likely this style that caught people’s eyes and made them interested in using pomade to make their hair shine as if wet, even when it was dry.

Jimmy Stewart Classic Wet Look Haircut.
Jimmy Stewart formal wet look hairstyle

There were many other popular 80s hairstyles for men. However, these are the four that were worn by the majority of famous stars, and as a consequence, the majority of men and boys. Most have fallen out of fashion. But, they are beginning to make a comeback in this decade. This is especially true of the mullet.

Elvis Presley hairstylesElvis Presley hairstyle

Of course, these styles are being changed somewhat and modernized as they come back into style. The hairstyles feature a retro look with a modern twist so that hair stylists are able to put a modern stamp on them and avoid falling back thirty years when performing their duties.

It’s not really surprising that the most popular ’80s hairstyles for men didn’t age well. Granted, some of them held their appeal better and longer than others, but the rest of them … well, you have to wonder what people were thinking. Can some of these coiffures be saved with a modern twist? Actually … kinda, yeah. Take a look for yourself.


The Most Popular ’80s Hairstyles Are Coming Back To Trend

George Clooney once rocked a mullet, but that doesn’t mean that all of the most popular ’80s hairstyles for men were fashionable. Popularity doesn’t always equate with style, after all. It’s amazing what you can do with something old when it comes back around again, though. They say everything does—everything old is new again and all that—and that includes hairstyles. Yep, even the mullet’s been trying to get back in vogue.


#1: The Jheri Curl

curl perm 80s hairstyle for black men

The Jheri curl perm was known for softening and relaxing curls to varying degrees to make them looser. It was easily one of the most significant ’80s hairstyles for men and women of color, although technically speaking, anyone with curly hair could and still can use it. The only problem is that the 1980s were all about excess, so occasionally people went overboard with the Jheri curl. In using it or a similar product today, the secret is to start with just a little and only add a bit at a time.


#2: The Mullet

long mullet 80s hairstyle for men

Ah, the mullet—scourge of the ’80s and early 1990s. Why is it coming back? Why do we need it to return? I suppose there’s always a time and a place for the Business in the Front/Party in the Back coif, but I can’t think of anything appropriate. Besides, just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be done.


#3: Old-School Style

black curly 80s hairstyle for men

Hip-hop fashion is steadily returning to its roots. Back in the 1980s, the hairstyles of hip-hop were legendary, signature to the artist, and instantly recognizable. Unique and eye-catching shaves, intricate braids, a certain fun freedom—those are the kinds of trends that definitely deserve to return.


#4: Hair Band Glam

Brown long curly 80s hairstyle

Hair bands were responsible for many famous ’80s hairstyles for men. Think about Poison, Ratt, and Van Halen—and don’t argue with me, either, because David Lee Roth loved styling his hair and wearing lip gloss. Fortunately, the modern interpretation of glam hair is a bit subtler and more subdued. Long, textured hair is the way to go—leave the teasing comb and hairspray at home.


#5: Punk Rebellion

Punk Mohawk 80s hairstyle for men

Here’s another hot ’80s trend that I’m glad to see cycling around again. Punk never really goes out of style, though. If anything, the style has more freedom today. Even if you don’t want to spike your hair or commit to a mohawk, you can throw in some fantasy dye and decorate your backpack with safety pins.


#6: The Real Cool Man

This is a cool ’80s hairstyle that is still in vogue in 2024. The hair is kept short or medium and the side is tapered smoothly to make a noticeable difference between the top hair and both sides. A pair of sunglasses can add personality to this gorgeous style within a second.


#7: Elegant Hipster

The ’80s was the period when revolutionary hairstyles were invented and people had the courage to try different things for the first time. The modern hipster has its root dug deep down in the then time. One can get insp[iration from this elegant hipster hairstyle which will complement an oval face the best. These amazing hairstyles from the ’80s are coming back again.


#8: Successor of Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx used to have a hairstyle which reminds me of the modern emo hairstyles. Maybe he didn’t know about the emos when he did this to his hair. But modern emo hairstyles somehow make us remember his name. You can say the ’80s hairstyles are on a comeback with different names.


#9: Classic Rockabilly

The quiff hairstyle and pompadour hairstyle is mixed together to make this modern hairstyle which is often referred as rockabilly hair. This hairstyle originally derived from the ’80s hairstyles. With the passage of time. it has taken a new form and structure. Celebrity like Zayn Malik is still rocking this type of modern hairstyle.


#10: Slicked Back Hairstyle

Who doesn’t know the name of ’80s style icon and famous singer Elvis Presley? He used to don a slicked-back hairstyle with a wet look. Though he didn’t get the faded haircut, one can use the awesomeness of fade with the glam of slicked back hair. A bit modification can create a new style very conveniently.


#11: Wavy Hairs

Curly hair has always been a great element of fashion since the beginning of hairstyle trends. In the ’80s curly hair was mostly donned by the black people. But time has changed, so did the concepts of hairstyle and fashion. One can get this wavy hairstyle if he has naturally curly hair.


#12: One-Sided Glam

Though this is an old hairstyle, you will see a good number of guys are walking in the streets having this old hairstyle with a modern vibe. That’s why classic things are considered timeless. No matter what age you are living in, classic things will come back at least for once. One can try this classy ’80s hairstyle to add glam to his look.


#13: Modern Mullet

Mullet hairstyle is the identical hairstyle of the ’80s. When anyone utters the phrase ‘8os hairstyles’, the word ‘mullet’ comes to the mind automatically. This old and famous hairstyle has been modified as per the demand of time. One can try this sort of modern mullets to rock 2021 with the help of ’80s style.


#14: Inspired by Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi was a rising star during the ’80s. His amazing and influential voice moved the hearts of millions of people. He was also famous for his distinct rocker hairstyle. You can try this hairstyle on the medium hair you have, though Bon Jovi had always done this to his long hair. The hair looks a bit messy and straggly.

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#15: Jheri Curl Redefined

This was a famous ’80s hairstyles in the then time. Black people used to get this style as the go-to hairstyle for their day to day life. You can redefine this style by wearing it as per the need of modern days.


#16: Top Curl

This is a hairstyle for those who have curly hair on the top but the sides are short and tapered. Let the hair grow naturally and there will be nice and smooths curls on the top.


#17: A Great Combo

This is a combination of some great hairstyles. The ’80s mullet has been associated with a fade haircut and some stylish stripes on the sides. The hair of the back is kept so long that it looks so intense. This hairstyle is an amazing display of the blend of modern and old hairstyles together.


#18: Sportive Mullet

Sportsmen are followed everywhere around the world for both their performance and stylish looks. Mullet style has been donned by different athletes in different times. One can try this sportive mullet while getting an attractive hairstyle.


#19: Quiff Hairstyle

Almost all the old style comes back to life after a few years. This is a cycle of time. Old things come with a new name and appearance. Quiff hairstyle is also not an exception. This was a popular hairstyle in the ’80s. Yet again, it has a great comeback in modern times.


#20: Side Part & Greaser

The hair is combed back with the association of high-quality hair styling gel while doing the greaser hairstyle. This sort of sharp styling has its origin deep-rooted in the ’80s. There is also a side parting on either one or both sides, which makes this style more attractive and diverse. These ’80s hairstyles for men are on a real comeback very quickly.


#21. Rocker Hair

Rocker’s hair was synonymous with the 80s music scene, characterized by long, tousled locks and plenty of volume. This hairstyle was a sense of rebellion and nonconformity. Today, rocker hair is being embraced by individuals who want to channel the free-spirited and edgy vibe of the 80s.


#22. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut was a distinctive and quirky hairstyle of the 80s, characterized by a straight fringe and a rounded shape around the head. This hairstyle offered a bold and unconventional look. The bowl cut is now being revived by those seeking a retro and playful hairstyle.


#23. New Wave Style

The New Wave style encompassed various hairstyles that were popularized by artists and musicians of the 80s. It involved asymmetrical cuts, bold colors, and unique textures. The New Wave style allowed individuals to experiment with their hair and make a statement.


#24. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that has been embraced by various cultures throughout history. In the 80s, they were associated with the reggae and Rastafarian movements. Today, dreadlocks are being embraced as a symbol of cultural appreciation and individuality.


All in all, the 1980s were cheesy to the nth degree. Most of the popular 80s hairstyles for guys didn’t age well, but a few will blend right into 2023. Could you see yourself in a throwback hairstyle?

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