Russell Brand Long Hairstyles

Photo of Russell Brand long hairstyle.
Russell Brand long hairstyle.

Russell Brand is a 45 year old comedian, singer, columnist, and actor from England. He first became famous in the UK for appearing in a spin off from the television series, Big Brother, known as Big Brother’s Big Mouth.

He has recently contributed his vocal talents to movies such as Despicable Me and Hop. He will star in the upcoming remake of the movie, Arthur. Here, we shall be looking at Russell Brand long hairstyles.

Picture of Russell Brand hairstyle with spikes.
Russell Brand hairstyle with spikes.

Brand typically keeps his hair at shoulder length or just a bit longer. This long hair gives him a great deal of flexibility in choosing his hairstyle. Unfortunately, one of his favorite styles looks as if he has stuck his finger in a light socket.

He teases the hair so that it stands up all over his head. Some is clumped together to form spikes. Some is simply left wild and free. Adding in his facial hair gives him the appearance of a stoner that has yet to come down from his last acid trip.

Image of Russell Brand hairstyle.
Russell Brand hair.

When he tries, Russell can look pretty good. When he brushes his hair so that it lies down and parts it on middle or one side, he can flip his bangs over so that they hang just above one eye. A bit of wax, or hairspray is all that is needed to make this style remain in place.

Russell Brand long hairstyles run the full range from terrible to great. When he tries, he can present a very professional, clean cut appearance. When he wants to look more like a rebel, he can gel his hair into spikes and tease it so that he looks completely out of it.

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