65 Best Fade Haircuts for Men (2024 Guide)

Men who want to look their best and are interested in a haircut that is stylish, timeless, and attractive will want to consider fade haircuts.

Fade is a classic hairstyle that looks great on most men, and since there are new takes on this old favorite, any man can easily find the perfect fade cut for him.


What Is a Fade Hairstyle?

fade hairstyles for men

The faded haircut was very popular in the 1940s and 1950s, thanks to the military. This style may have been seen as edgy in the past, but that is no longer the case.

It involves transitioning the length of the hair along the sides and back of the head so that there are multiple lengths, but they are all smoothly blended together.


Different Types of Faded Haircuts

Types of men’s fade hairstyles depend on how high the fade extends up the sides of the head. There are taper fades, low fades, mid fades, and high fades, with taper, fades showing the least amount of skin, and high fades showing the most.

Some men even want to show skin, which results in a skin fade, which can be an attractive cut when done by a professional.

1. Fade with a Mustache

short fade hairstyles for men with mustache

Men who have a mustache need to make sure to wear their fade with shorter hair so that the face doesn’t look too busy. This is one of the best fade cuts, as it is easy to take care of and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep to continue to look neat.


2. High Bald Fade

short fade hairstyles for men

Any man who wants to enjoy a neat and trim side, but still wants to have some hair, should allow the top to have some volume. Even shorter hair on the top will allow for some movement and styling, which makes men feel in control of their look.


3. Short Fade with Hard Part

men's short fade hair with hard part

A hard part looks great with a shorter fade, so this look is perfect on most any man. Brushing the hair slightly to the side allows for some movement and interest in the style, unlike other cuts where the hair is too short to do this.


4. Short Fade with Volume on Top

short fade hair with volume on top

Choppy volume on top with incredibly short sides and a short back are a fun take on this style. This look is great for men who don’t take themselves too seriously and want to add some volume and fun to their look, but still want it to be easy to style.


5. Gentle Fade with Lots of Skin

short fade hairstyles for men

This gentle fade looks perfect with a beard, as long as the sideburns are faded correctly and the beard is neatly trimmed.

The hair is kept very short, making it easy to get out of the door in a hurry in the morning without worrying about styling the look.


6. Long Top Shaved Sides

This is one of the boldest fade for guys, as any man wearing this cut is sure to stand out from the crowd. The hair on top of the head needs to be left not only incredibly full, but also must have some volume to it so that it won’t fall flat during the day.


7. Thick Pompadour

A thick pompadour paired with short sides and a shaven face is a striking look, especially when perfectly styled every day. This look is great for men who want an eye-catching style, but want the ease of taking care of a great fade.


8. Loose Hair + Line Designs

Looser long hair that is allowed to have some flow and movement to it looks great when there are designs cut into the side of the head.

This is a very natural look and appears to be free and flowing, so it’s a great option for students, going on dates, and spending time outdoors with friends.


9. Slick Back Fade with Designs

This sleek look doesn’t have a lot of gel, so it’s not slick, but the hair is pushed back from the face. The designs on the sides add a lot of interest to the look and prevent it from being boring, although it does require regular upkeep to look its best.


10. Long Side Swept Hair

long hair fades for men

A longer top that is allowed to move freely looks great, as long as the bangs are kept out of the face.

This fade has designs in the sides, as well as shorter hair around the side part, which helps to prevent it from looking messy and shaggy, instead of loose and chic.


11. Natural Curls

Fade haircuts work really well with curly hair as long as the curls are contained. This look is great for men who have natural curls that have a lot of body and movement.

Keeping the sides and back short allows the curls to attract plenty of attention and to be the start of the cut.


12. Curls Closer to the Head

Rather than letting curls move freely on the head, men who want a little more control over their style will appreciate this look.

The shorter sides and extra product used to control the curls prevent them from appearing too messy or wild.


13. High Fade with Smaller Curls

A high fade that reaches high up to the curls prevents them from looking messy. These smaller curls are allowed the freedom to move and stand out from the head.

Thanks to the way the fade is cut around the ear, the style almost has the look of a mohawk, making it a little funky.


14. Curly High Top Fade + Line

Strong lines on the side of the head help to delineate shaved sides and back from the curls on the top of the head.

These curls have plenty of volume and look full and rich, which is an attractive contrast to the skin showing around and behind the ear.


15. Natural Curls with a Beard

men's fade hairstyles for curly hair

Natural curls paired with a beard helps this look stand out and clearly defines the face and jawline, which is great for men who are confident in how they look.

Keeping the curls shorter allows them to mimic the cut of the beard, which is a great look for the office or the weekend.


16. Pompadour Fade

This extreme taper is not for the shy man, as it shows some skin in the back and leaves a lot of full and rich hair on the front of the head.

The amazing contrast between full hair and the shown skin is impressive and really helps this look stand out from the crowd.


17. Tapered to a Full Beard

A full beard looks amazing when matched with a taper fade. This look is great for men who want to keep their beard, but also want to make sure that their facial hair looks like it is a part of their style and not hair that isn’t taken care of.


18. Low Taper Fade

A lower tapered fade around the ear is ideal for men who have a lot of full and rich curls and who really want to show them off.

This is also a great option for men who are new to faded haircut and aren’t ready to commit to a deeper or more obvious look.


19. Taper in the Front

Keeping the taper in front of the hairstyle is an interesting option for this haircut. There isn’t a huge taper here, but that allows men to enjoy more hair on their head without worrying about whether or not they will be able to easily style it.


20. Long Crew Cut with Designs

taper fade haircuts with design

This impressive taper fade is a great option for guys who want something short and easy to take care of. The designs cut into the nape of the neck help the fade stand out a little bit more and add some interest to the back of the head.


21. High Fade Around the Temple

A fade that is high around the temple looks especially impressive when it is topped off with longer hair. The hair on top of the head can easily be pulled up and into a bun or ponytail, which really allows the fade to show.


22. Military Haircut

Higher fades with a top of longer hair look great on many men and can be a perfect compliment to a mustache.

This look is attractive thanks to the skill of the fade, as well as how the longer hair on the top of the head falls gently over to one side.


23. Ivy League Hairstyle

Pushing hair to the side and then slicking it out of the way allows a temp fade cut to really pop. This is a fun look that is a great introduction to a fade without being a style that can’t easily be worn to the office.


24. Temple Fade with Afro

A great faded temple looks amazing when paired with both a full and attractive afro and a nice beard.

Strong lines around the face and the beard help this look to really stand out and ensure that the hair is not allowed to look messy, which is great on any man.


25. Natural Curls with Temp Fade

temp fade haircuts for men

Natural curls that are allowed to grow a bit longer so that they can really stand out from the head look even more defined when paired with a fade.

This hairstyle is very well suited to younger men who want to show off their curls and the volume they have.


26. Drop Fade with Waves

drop fade with waves

This drop fade stands out because of the waves in the hair, as well as because of the beard. The waves in the hair add a lot of movement and interest to the style, and the perfectly styled beard is a great way to finish the look and make the man look perfectly coiffed.


27. High Drop Fade with Slicked Back Hair

The slicked back hair that tops this high drop fade adds some style to the cut. Keeping the hair on the top of the head so much longer allows the man to add volume and interest to the cut while still enjoying how easy it is to take care of a great fade.


28. Low Drop Fade with Full Top

Lower drop fades don’t show as much skin on the side of the head, and this style cuts right around the ear. The fuller hair on top of the head is rich and looks very soft, especially when compared to the fade along the sides.


29. Mid Fade with Volume

This mid drop fade really stands out from other similar cuts thanks to the volume on the head. The longer hair can be styled so that the cut doesn’t look boring. Additionally, the exposed ear is a great contrast to the slightly longer hair on the top of the head.


30. Mid Taper Fade with Beard

mid drop fade haircuts for men

Adding a beard to any mid drop fade is a great way to complete the look. This beard is perfectly trimmed so that it won’t be messy, which would look out of place when compared to the sleek, perfectly cut, and strongly outlined hair on the forehead and head.


31. Fade on Comb Over

A comb over looks great with a fade, especially when the comb over has some interest and life of its own. This style is unique because some of the hair along the part is pushed to the front of the style, while the rest is combed over to the side.


32. Slick Comb Over with High Fade

A slick comb over looks great when paired with a high fade, as the comb over becomes the real star and focus of a man’s style.

This look is great when worn on its own, but looks especially impressive and attractive when paired with a small and trimmed beard.


33. Hard Part with Comb Over

A hard part is a great way to separate hair on the side of the head from the comb over on the top. This look is a great match with a strong beard that has been attractively outlined to match the lines around the front of the hairstyle.


34. Textured Comb Over + Skin Fade

A small mustache is a great complement to a textured comb over. The high fade on the sides and back of the head really allow the mustache and the comb over to be the star of this look and help the texture of the comb over to stand out.


35. Comb Over with Designs

comb over fades for men

There’s no reason why a comb over can’t be paired with designs for a unique and interesting look. This style looks amazing not only because of the designs cut into the sides, but also because of how thick and rich the hair on the top of the head is.


36. High Skin Fade with Beard

This high skin fade haircut is unique not only because of how short the hair on the top of the head is kept, but also because it is paired with an attractive and neatly trimmed beard.

The high cut fade allows the top of the head to be the star of the show and is great for men in a hurry.


37. Low Skin Fade with Short Top

A low skin fade doesn’t show a lot of skin around the ears but still looks impressive and very manicured. This look is great thanks to the shorter hair on top and the slight wave that is in the hair thanks to natural curls.


38. Mid Bald Fade with Volume

A bald fade can look great when topped with slightly longer hair that has plenty of volume. Adding product to the hair on top of the head to spike it up and allowing it to stand up and out prevents the look from being boring.


39. Skin Fade with Pushed Back Hair

This mid skin fade is slightly different because the hair on the top of the head is slicked to the back. The end result is very attractive and makes the man wearing this fade look very purposeful and driven. It’s an easy style to take care of in the morning.


40. Bald Taper Fade with Curls

bald taper fade hair with curls

Curly hair looks great when paired with a skin taper. This look is refreshing and allows men to show off their curls without the hair getting unruly or standing out too much from the head, which can result in a slightly less attractive look.


41. High Top Fade Dreads

The shorter dreads on this style make it a great option for black men who want to wear dreads, but don’t want any that are too long to easily style in the morning. Cutting simple designs into the sides of the head makes this look anything but boring.


42. Fade with a Full Beard

A very short top with a medium fade and a full beard perfectly balances the face. This look is great for any man who is able to grow a rich and full beard and wants to show off his style with shorter hair so that they don’t compete. This is a great style for a busy man on the go.


43. Very Short 360 Waves

Incredibly short waves with a high fade make any black man stand out when he opts for this great look. The shorter waves keep the style from being boring, but aren’t difficult to take care of.

Pairing this look with trimmed facial hair is a great option for a lot of men.


44. Longer Dreads with Fade

Black men who have longer dreads can still enjoy a great faded hairstyle as long as they know how to then pull their dreads back and keep them out of the way.

The strong lines around the face and in front of the ear really help this style to stand out and make a man look amazing.


45. Kept Full on Top

fade haircuts for black men

Keeping hair full on the top with a small beard and designs cut into the side, perfectly balances the face. The natural hair is allowed to grow and add volume and interest to this style without running the risk of the cut looking messy or like it needs to be trimmed.


46. Shocking Hot Pink with Tattoos

This men’s fade hairstyle is impressive for two main reasons: the hot pink color of the slicked back hair and the way that the head tattoos can easily be seen through the fade.

It’s not a look that many men can pull off, as the man wearing this cut has to have a lot of confidence.


47. Low Fade Comb Over

Keeping hair high over the ear allows the comb over on the top of the head to really shine. A slight fade under the longer hair keeps this style from being too shocking or looking like it was cut by an amateur.


48. Short Comb Over

There’s no reason why slicked back hair must be kept really long, as is obvious with this shorter cut. The shorter hair on the top of the head looks great, thanks to the gradual fade up from the ear, as well as the thick and full beard.


49. Exposed Sides with a Smooth Top

Exposed sides with a very slight fade above the ear help this comb over pomp look stand out. Keeping a lot of volume in the hair on top of the head helps to prevent this style from looking flat and boring and ensures that it is going to attract plenty of attention.


50. Faded Sides and Slick Top

slick back hair with fade

A gentle fade on the sides of the head along with longer blonde hair helps this style to stand out. The fade is all the way down to the skin, lower on the neck and around the ears, resulting in a unique look that allows the slicked back hair to really be the star of the cut.


51. Low Fade with Curly Man Bun

man bun fade hairstyles

This style looks great, thanks to the volume in the man bun, due to how thick and curly the hair is. Keeping the low fade close to the ears allows the style to look balanced and prevents it from appearing like the bun is too top heavy, which can happen in some looks.


52. Skin Fade to Bun

Men who want an impressive man bun that will really stand out from others will want to consider the way that a full skin fade will look. The longer hair on the head stands out and the bun becomes the real focal point of the style, thanks to how short the rest of the hair is.


53. Man Bun with Undercut Fade

Any man who thinks that a man bun isn’t interesting enough will want to consider adding some designs to the sides of his head.

These designs are cut into the faded hair and add a lot of movement and shape to the style, which is great for men who are growing their hair longer on top.


54. Man Braids and Beard

Braids that are in a contrasting color to the natural hair really stand out from this man bun.

The faded sides of the head don’t show a lot of skin, which ensures that the blonde braids are allowed to really pop and become the focal point of the cut. You can also pair it with an attractive beard, this look takes on a life of its own. 


55. Faux Hawk with Lifted Tips

faux hawk fade haircuts for men

This fade to a faux hawk looks great on most any man, thanks to the volume added at the front of the style by lifting the tips with product. The high fade around the ears helps the hair on top of the head to really stand out.


56. Bright Blue with Strong Lines

Faux hawks and fades aren’t meant to be boring, as this bold and brave look shows. The bright blue color of the faux hawk is a great contrast to the darker color of the natural hair.

Thanks to the strong line cut into the sides of the head, the fade is easily delineated from the blue hair.


57. Office-Worthy Faux Hawk Taper

Men working in an office who want to combine a faux hawk and a tapered fade will appreciate this style.

The thick hair on the top of the head is styled with just enough product to really stand out and have some volume, but the look is great for most any office setting, making it a wonderful option for many men.


58. High and Tight Fade Over the Ears

This high and tight fade hairstyle is a great look for men who want something that shows a lot of skin and is really easy to take care of in the morning. The look is fresh and clean and is very easy to style and to have cut, which is great for men in a hurry.


59. Longer High and Tight Haircut

High and tights don’t have to only have short hair on the top of the head. This look shows how long hair is a great option to top the head, especially when paired with a high fade.

The hair looks great when styled to add more volume and interest to the look.


60. High Cut with a Great Beard

high and tight fade haircuts for men

A perfectly trimmed and outlined beard is the best way to show off a high and tight. This look is fresh and clean, especially since the beard and hair are perfectly faded into each other, resulting in a great look that is impressive, attractive, and clean.


61. Slicked Back Undercut

Longer haircut that has undercut and paired with a fade really stands out and has a lot of body. Slicking this hair back from the face allows the face to be the star of the show and ensures that the hair is unique and fresh.


62. Undercut with Beard

Pairing an undercut with a perfectly trimmed beard is a great way to update this style. This look is perfect on men who want a medium fade over the ear and who are willing to spend time keeping their beard in great condition.


63. Faded Undercut

Adding color to the tips of an undercut adds a lot of interest to this style and helps it to really pop. The bright blonde tips allow the darker roots of the undercut to add some depth and layers to the look, making it look very full and rich.


64. Bright Burst Fade with Mohawk

men's burst fade mohawk styles

Any fade is going to be much more interesting when it is topped with bright colors and with a mohawk. The impressive dye job on this style helps the burst fade around the ear to really stand out and look even more shocking and attractive.

Trendiest Short Mohawk Fade Hairstyles for Guys


65. Shorter Burst Fade

burst fade haircuts for men

A burst faded hairstyle doesn’t have to be bold and in your face, as this look shows. It’s a much more subdued look, making it great for a large portion of the population and a perfect style to wear when men work in an office.


There are many different fades for guys to choose from when changing up their hair. No matter how short you want to go with your faded haircut, or whether or not you want to show skin, choosing the right fade hairstyle is important so that you look and feel your best.