How to Style Pompadour Comb Over: Top 5 Ideas

A pompadour comb over style never goes out of fashion as it has such a classy appearance. From royalty to the Hollywood stars, everyone looks exquisite with one adorning their head. This hairstyle is so good that men of every age can go for it no matter if they are 15 or 50.


How to Style Combed Over Pompadour

How to Style Pompadour Comb Over

  • Wash your hair and towel dry it while making sure that you have conditioned it well.
  • Then blow dry your hair while combing it backward with a rolling brush.
  • While combing your hair make sure that you comb it from the front to the back and at the sides comb it towards the crown.
  • Now rub a little paste on the hair and keep combing it backward.
  • Now create a quiff while teasing your hair towards the front gently. But make sure that you do not make the pomp out of shape.
  • Then resume combing the front upwards and backward until you have the desired shape.
  • Now spray your hair to secure the pompadour comb over in its place.


Best Pompadour Comb Over Hairstyles

Here are the 5 trendy combed back comb over hairstyles for men. Have a look and draw attention from here.

1. Taper Fade

Pompadour Comb Over with Tapered Sides

This pompadour comb over has the perfect hairline trimming to add a dramatic appeal to it. The comb over has slightly longer hair at the front than at the back. The tapered sides make you look even hotter as they add character to the hairstyle.


2. Short Comb Over Pomp

pompadour comb over with line

This one is the best comb over pomp hairstyles for the modern men. The pompadour is short but the sides are detailed with a medium fade. The twin lines at the sides enhance the look even further so go for it.


3. Comb Over with Mid Fade

comb over pompadour with side part

This pompadour comb over style is as best as you can get. The side part has a well-defined character which makes the hairstyle even more prominent. This one has stylish disconnected finger-like side-swept waves which are sure to make you love it.

It is a perfect and sleek look for a funky and vintage look. The hair swept upwards looks extremely stylish and makes you look attractive. It’s hard to unnoticed such style in the crowd.


4. Ivy League Haircut

Textured Pompadour Comb Over

If you like to flaunt the natural texture and volume of your hair then why not? This textured pompadour that is combed over catches sunlight at all the right angles making you so hot that you will be irresistible. The sides have a light but thorough trimming to make the pompadour even more prominent and stylish.


5. Combed Pompadour with Fade

Comb Over Pompadour with a Hard Part

This is quite a modern version of the traditional rockabilly pompadour styles. The pompadour is swept to a side and has a hard-defined part line. This makes the combed over pomp haircut highly impressive so that you can be the center of attention in all gatherings. It is one of the most famous pompadour styles that guys like to try.


All of these pompadour comb over hairstyles are equally amazing, so choose the one which touches your heart!