5 Hard Part Comb Over Haircuts We Love

A hard part comb over is a great style that, though it takes regular upkeep to look its best, is a great option for a lot of men. This style shows confidence, as well as a commitment, to keeping hair looking great, which is why the result is so sleek and attractive.


Hard Part Comb Over Hairstyles

These are the most popular hard parted comb over hairstyles for men.

1. Slicked Back Hair with Designs

hard part comb over with design

Nothing quite shows a man’s dedication to his style like getting intricate hair designs cut into the sides and back of his head. This is a showstopping hard part comb over and is sure to attract plenty of attention when it is fresh and neat.

The slicked down hair on the top is a sharp contrast to the curved and cut designs on the sides, which helps the hard part style to really stand out. It’s a perfect option for men who want something that is a little different and isn’t afraid of being the center of attention, as it is sure to make everyone stop and look.


2. Blonde Hair with a Full Beard

hard part comb over for blonde hair

Men who are able to grow a full beard can enjoy a short comb over that is a little longer, as well, as they perfectly match each other and look really balance. This is longer on top, matching the length and fullness of the beard.

To keep the comb over style from looking messy and ensure that the hard part is clearly visible, men need to make sure to use plenty of product to tame the hair.


3. Short and Sleek Quiff

hard part comb over for short hair

A short and sleek style looks great on any man who wants to show off his comb over with hard part style without adding tons of volume to the top of his head.

There is a little volume in the comb over, but this can be controlled easily with the product so that it doesn’t get out of hand or look too voluminous. Additionally, allowing the sides to be a little longer, but still short, keeps them balanced with the comb over.


4. Comb Over with Low Fade

hard part comb over with low fade

A trimmed beard can be a great contrast to slightly longer hair on top, as seen in this hard part comb over style. The part is still clearly visible, thanks to the product used to control the hair.

Additionally, the sides of the head are left about the same length as the beard, so this really allows the comb over to shine and to become the focal point of the style.


5. Disconnected Undercut

short wavy hair with hard part comb over

Keeping more hair on the top of the head and opting for a slightly larger and more defined hard part helps this comb over style stand out. The hair’s movement is controlled by product, and the hair part shows a clear delineation between the comb over and the sides of the head. This is a great option for men who have thicker hair.


Men who want to stand out from the crowd and are willing to spend a little more time taking care of their hair will want to consider a hard part comb over style. They look manicured and polished, making the man wearing them look like he really cares about his appearance, and setting him apart from other men in the crowd.