How to Style Short Mohawk Fade – 11 Trendy Ideas

Short Mohawk fade is back in fashion and that too with a bang! Men all around the world want to try this masculine and trendy hairstyle which helps them stand out from others. The patch of hair at the center is even more prominent with the fading at the sides. Everyone from the Hollywood celebrities to our favorite wrestlers has tried a short Mohawk hairstyle at one point or another.


Latest Short Mohawk with Fade Hairstyles

Mohawk hair looks stylish and graceful, so most people want to know how to style it. It might be a little tricky but after you achieve the style you will surely love it. Pairing a short Mohawk with a fade is one of the best ways of doing so. Here are 11 trendy ideas to help you make a decision regarding your next hairstyle update.

1. Short Mohawk with Low Fade

Short Mohawk with Low Fade

A Mohawk does not have to be all sleek and sharp as a widespread Mohawk looks equally stylish. This short Mohawk with a low fade is the proof of that since it has a very wide Mohawk which stretches till the very back of the head.

The low fade is gradually sharpened towards the sides which balances the rough and casual look. The two small lines shaved at the base of the back add a class and mysterious charm to your hairstyle. It is a perfect style for people with beard or mustache.


2. Short Curly Mohawk

Short Curly Mohawk with Fade

This curly Mohawk fade on short hair is a trendy and unconventional style for those who love being unconventional. The funky hairstyle matches the vibrant energy of yours and brings it to the people around you.

The low drop fade at the sides makes the curls even more prominent since it clears away the hair which stands out along with the Mohawk. A dab of color on the curls can be an additional pop that you can go for to help you be the star of all parties.


3. Mohawk with Hair Design

short mohawk with fade for curly hair

Mohawk hairstyle is impressive and attractive on its own, but an addition of a design like this one can be truly the game changer for you. The curved lines run along the side of your head and end in a faded star which makes you look trendy and sporty.

The tiny curls of the Mohawk complement this designed low temp fade so well that you can hardly resist it. You can even sport a well-trimmed beard with this hairstyle to look like your favorite football player.


4. Hard Part Mohawk

short mohawk fade with side part

This short Mohawk fade is one of the hottest Mohawk hairstyles on the internet. The hair has a well-defined part which marks the beginning of the Mohawk while the high fade leaves rest of the head almost bald.

The hair is on the upper side of the head only while the sides and back are buzzed off. This is a neat and classy hairstyle especially for the men in the corporate world who have to look ready to take on the world all the time.


5. Low Fade for Short Hair

short mohawk with low fade

Gradually fading Mohawk is the best short hairstyle out there if you want something trendy, stylish and sophisticated. The Mohawk extends to the very base of the back of your head making it even more prominent.

The tapered Faux hawk at the back makes sure that you become the ultimate hairstyle guru among your friends since you will look that good. A full beard goes exquisitely well with this one so gives this one a shot this season.


6. Blonde Hair with Faded Design

Why go for a plain Mohawk when you can have it dyed to your liking? You can have your hair dyed blonde or brown depending on your liking for this one. The dyed Mohawk is extended towards the back and gets sharper towards the end.

The undercut at the sides has a medium fade which has a spectacular design in it. This can be the perfect short hair mohawk fade hairstyle to go with your summer body this summer for beach parties.


7. Mexican Mullet Mohawk with High Fade

A touch of blue can make your short Mohawk hairstyle with fade get a perfect style and feel that you want. Your cool aura will become even cooler with this punk hairstyle. The midnight blue Mohawk has a high fade which leaves the rest of the skin bare and shiny.

This makes the blue patch of hair even more eye-catching! The small triangular hair at the side of the ears is quite curiously charming. This style is totally yours if you have an electric and unbending soul.


8. Slick Back Hair

short slick back mohawk with fade

A slick back fade hairstyle is a dream of all the businessmen who want to look sharp all the time. This slick and well-done hairstyle is perfect for them since it has a subtle Mohawk which dwindles off in a very low fade.

This makes it easy to look stylish and casual at the same time which is the perfect hairstyles for all your business meetings as well as late night parties. Just get this and be free of all worries related to your hair since it will always look well maintained and will not need a lot of your time in the mornings.


9. Short Fauxhawk with a Curvy Pattern

A short Mohawk fade is trendy and impressive, but stylish design makes it spectacular. This hairstyle is the perfect blend of sharp and laidback as the design in the low fade is quite sharp. However, the low fade and the Mohawk are quite laidback and friendly in appearance.

This is the perfect way of showing people that they have to take you seriously, but not too seriously. So, why not just get this hairstyle on your next visit to the hairdressers? Believe it or not, you will surely fall in love with your look.


10. Permed Mullet

short and messy mohawk fade for men

A hairstyle does not have to be all edges and fine cuts, does it? These messy curls cut in a Mohawk are so stylish and impressive that they will surely get you the attention you want. The curly Mohawk fade for short hair goes all the way down the back of your head making it so much more amazing.

The low fade suits this long top hairstyle perfectly well and you get the overall look of a Hollywood star. The best part is that your hairdresser does not have to put on any extra efforts to get the right texture of hair if you have naturally short curly hair.

This will even be making styling easy for you and you can invest that spared time in something much more productive.


11. Wavy Mohawk

short wavy mohawk with fade

This classy wavy short faded Mohawk can be the best hair decision that you make since it has all that you can ask for in a hairstyle. The hair is short yet elegantly styled which does not need frequent brushing and heavy products to stay put.

The tapered fade has the appearance of both the medium and low fade which keeps people hooked on to your hairstyle. It goes well both with and without a beard, so it is just perfect.


These super amazing short Mohawk fade hairstyles are totally worth trying, aren’t they? So, go ahead and get one of them to uplift your coolness!