20 Handsome Man Bun Undercut Hairstyles for Men

You may like it, or you may hate it, but there is no denying that the undercut man bun is here to stay for a long time. Rather, it is a revival of some ancient fashion sensibilities.

Man bun undercut was initiated by the hipsters. However, if you leave fashion sensibilities to one side, in terms of functionality, this is one of the most striking and practical ways of styling your hair. It’s easy to handle, does not come in the way and is absolutely manageable.


The Best Man Bun Undercut

The man bun undercut is undeniably one of the most popular styles. But growing it needs patience and time. While tying a bun is not that difficult, but growing a long man bun is surely a test of patience.

Here are some of the best man bun undercut hairstyles for men to try.

1. Basic Man Bun

Basic Undercut Man Bun

The longer hair is tied into a bun, and the hair on the sides is clipped into a medium undercut.


2. Messy Man Bun with Beard

Messy Man Bun with Shaved Undercut

The high undercut blends into a sharp fade and the messy bun sits on the top like a flower pot. This is one of the manliest ways to style man bun undercut with the beard.


3. Double Bun with Undercut

Double Man Bun with Undercut

The double bun creates a striking image here and converts the regular short undercut on man bun into something very interesting.


4. Curly Man Bun

undercut with curly man bun

The disconnected undercut is extended with a longish top that is then converted into a man bun.


5. Candyfloss Man Bun 

funky man bun with undercut

The wavy top is the variation added to the basic man bun with undercut for boys! How amazing is the combination altogether!


6. Asian Man Bun and Undercut

Though a man bun, this one was tied more like a top knot. The undercut magnifies the machismo charm of this hairstyle.


7. Bun for Wavy Hair

Exotic and hippy, it portrays the natural ruggedness and machismo to the hilt. The natural long waves accentuate the man bun with an undercut.


8. High Undercut with Slick Back Bun

This is an extension of the long undercut. As the hair begins to grow in length, it is then tied into a bun. A cool man bun undercut hairdo for the bold guys.


9. Punk Hairstyle

Want to have some fun and games with the double man bun and undercut? Well, here is the best way. Simply color them up in candyfloss shades and go flaunt your machismo.


10. Cornrow Braided Man Bun

undercut with cornrow braided man bun

In this hairstyle, the long hair that is left is also cornrow braided and then tied into a bun. So it converts the basic bun into something exotic and attention-grabbing. It also makes handling these buns a lot simpler.


11. Faux Hawk Braids Bun

The hair on top is braided lightly, and then a half bun is made with the hair below the crown. The undercut on this man bun style is even more pronounced with a surgical line above the ear.


12. Two Braids Bun

The interesting aspect about this undercut man bun is the way the hair is braided. Instead of plaiting the entire hair, only the sides are braided. So these become like well-defined partition lines, and the bun sits comfortably below the crown.


13. Nape Undercut with Hair Design

Who said that the man bun has to be simple and boring? The design here on the undercut part of the nape introduces a sense of exotic appeal. You may roll up your hair in a bun, but it is hard to miss the underneath.


14. Top Knot with Taper Fade

The fade here creates a stark contrast with the bun gathered on top. In many ways, the undercut blending into a low temp fade coupled with the man bun offers a rugged subtle sense of machismo.


15. Faux Locs

Undercut Man Bun with Faux Locs

The undercut man bun for black men here gets an exotic new avatar. The faux locs help to create a stark design contrast on the scalp.


16. Messy Bun and Undercut 

Creativity has no limit. This man bun undercut hairstyle is one bright example of this basic fact.


17. Man Bun with Tapered Undercut

This is a regular undercut for man bun but what makes it special is the taper fade. The way the undercut tapers towards nape gives it a distinct identity.


18. Afro Curls with Undercut

The basic man bun hairdo along with undercut gets an exotic twist just with the curly hair in play. The matching beard enhances the impact even more.


19. French Braid Man Bun

man bun undercut with french braids

The French braid, when combined with the man bun and undercut, takes on a heady format. It is cool, exotic, edgy and of course, attention-grabbing.


20. Hipster Man Bun with Highlights

undercut man bun with highlights

The regular undercut on man bun takes on a fresh avatar with the golden highlights on this hipster hairstyle. These bring in a sense of understated ruggedness to the styling.


So the man bun comprising an undercut is one of the most recent innovations that come across as the next big phenomenon in men’s hairstyling world. It is practical, easy to handle and remains out of the way. But the long routine of hair care and the patience needed to let the hair grow this long is often a challenge. Washing, shampooing and combing your hair regularly is absolutely necessary.

This is what will help maintain the natural shine and the overall glow of the hair over a long time. But for many, this is a long wait, and they lose patience. But if you are keen, We are sure this handy guide with the best professional tips and a variety of man bun undercuts will help you choose the right one.