8 Coolest Long Crew Cuts for Men to Consider in 2024

The long crew cut is the most popular variation of buzz cuts across the seven continents, isn’t it? From the military folks to the Hollywood stars, everyone sports them confidently. Due to such an increased demand for this haircut, hairstylists keep bringing in new variations to it all the time.


Best Crew Cuts for Long Haired Men

Here are 8 long crew haircuts you are going to love.

1. Pompadour Fade

long crew cut with design and fade

This is one of the hottest modifications of a long crew cut style as there is a nice gentlemanly side comb over at the top. This is paired with a nice low to medium fade, all of which make it very sophisticated, however, a pop of fun is added by the design on the sides which are faded. This is the most attractive part of this haircut which you are going to love.


2. Caesar Cut

long crew cut with high fade

This curved top is so sexy and attractive that you are going to melt many hearts with it. The sides have a medium fade which becomes more stylish by the hard line at the base of the curvy top hair. The back has a hard fade, so does the lower part of the sides too. This makes it appropriate for military personnel too.


3. Spiky Hair with  Lined Fade

spiky long crew cuts for men

 A half pompadour undercut is never going to go out of style, right? It has such a raw sexy appeal to it that men love going for it. This half pomp is made more prominent by the high fade at the sides and the back.

To make the long length crew haircut even better, there is a lined design at the sides which distinctly stands from the rest of the hair.


4. Short Quiff

guy with long crew cut

This short quiff is as good as any long crew cut will ever be. The quiff has lightly teased hair all over the front and top of the head. The sides have a high fade which lets the skin underneath it shows from the trimmed hair. 


5. Messy Crew Cut

long crew cut for short hair

Although crew cuts were initially aimed for military personnel, they are now being adopted by other people too. This is why they come in this messy texture and appearance too. The sides are, however, as neat as the original styles and this presents a very contrasting picture.


6. Short Comb Over

long crew cut with comb over

A comb over is something which can be modified into almost any hairstyle type. This crew cut with long hair on top is somehow more refined than the others as it has all the hair combed backward. This creates a very Hollywood inspired feel and you look just like someone off a hairstyling magazine’s cover page.


7. Faux Hawk 

long crew cuts for men

If you want to go for something intimidating and sharp then this long crew cut is totally yours for the taking. The sides have short trimmed hair, but not a fade which would have made it way more intense than needed. The front is messy and intense with a hawk-like extension of hair to the forehead.


8. Parted Ivy League Cut

ivy league crew cut with side part

This is a nice mix of a long-haired crew cut and an Ivy League haircut as the hair is combed over in a sleek gentlemanly fashion. The side part is quite prominent and has a high fade to bring more intensity to the haircut at the top.