How to Style High Top Fade for Curly Hair: 7 Ideas

Curly high top fade hairstyles are a task on their own but once you figure out a hairstyle that works for you, it becomes quite easy to get under control.

Either way, the selection of these haircuts has been made precisely in order to offer something for everyone. These hairstyles will give you the opportunity to understand how you could style your hair.


High Top Fade Hairstyles with Curls

All of the above hairstyles are suggestions that you could either copy or take inspiration from. Explore the top 7 hairstyles ideal for people who are looking for curly hair with a high top fade.

1. Curly Flat Top Fade

Voluminous Curly High Top Fade

This curly high top hairstyle with fade is perfect for someone who has a significantly larger face. The hairstyle has a lot of volume towards the top. This hairstyle is different yet simple and trendy in style. Hence, if you are big built or have a round face this haircut would be an ideal fashion statement.


2. Razor Cuts

curly high top fade hairstyles for men

Razor cuts have the bad and sexy aura around them. Whenever you involve it in any haircut it instantly makes it edgier. This curly Mohawk haircut follows the lines of where the fade started.

Separating your long hair from the fade, which works perfectly. This curly high top fade hairstyle is fun and not too out there. At the same time, you get to keep the length of your hair and be a centre of attention.


3. Fade with Big Afro

black guy with curly high top fade

The way you shape your hairline makes a huge difference to your haircut. Here you can notice the straight line across the forehead and the dip towards the sides that make up the haircut.

You can’t opt for this high top faded curly hairstyle if you want to keep your hair clean and sleek. And then to add a bit oomph, you can razor cut a pattern at the back.


4. Low Tapered Afro

Blonde Curly High Top Fade

Here, you can see that the fade isn’t that prominent. This hairstyle is perfect if you are working in a more serious job and want to still look a certain way. You get to style your curly hair by including the high top fade trend.

But at the same time, you can turn down the playful and edgy feel to look more serious. You could wear this haircut out anywhere, for co-operate events or just otherwise as well too.


5. Rainbow Vibes with Hair Design

curly high top fade with colors

This hairstyle has a prominent show of color, making the fade just add extra fun to it. You can opt for this haircut to help your face look more elongated. You can add to some of the fun by razor cutting different patterns towards the side.

This curly high top fade haircut is great fun and yet sexy at the same time. It’s honestly the right balance of both. If you think it is a reflection of your personality you should definitely get it.


6. Fiery Tips 

curly high top fade with red hair

Red hair color has always been a constant trend and a favorite one! This is why having red tips is a change but not much of a blind fall. Doing so, at least you have a safety net that you are in trend and this hairstyle will suit you. This high top fade on curly hair is also an alternative for someone who desires for their face to look well-shaped and elongated.

The drop faded hair all along gives that illusion. This hairstyle is edgy and trendy. It is just enough to stand out, but not look over the top while doing it. With the right amount of confidence, you can definitely pull this hairstyle off.


7. Egyptian Inspired

best curly high top fade hairstyles

The entire hairstyle look has this powerful aura around it. This cut makes it perfect for someone who wants to embody that exact feeling. The razor cuts in this particular design are even more appealing than if they were to be otherwise.

The curly low fade is also so seamless and smooth and gradually fades to a zero fade. At the top of your head, you get to keep a significant amount of length. This haircut on a whole will be easy to maintain and at the same time just make you look amazing. There is no reason to not get this curly high top look with fade.


Some of these curly high top fade hairstyles are versatile and can be sported by anyone who is confident to do so.

There are haircuts that could be even a good idea for a man working at a co-corporate job. There are so many ways you can style your hair.

But at the end of the day, you must remember that your hair is a part of you. Which is why you need it to represent your personality and radiate confidence.