13 Best Low Bald Fade Haircuts for 2024

There’s a new men’s haircut in town trending and you’ll want to rock it: the low bald fade. It’s a take on the skin fade hairstyle, but the low bald fade increases in length right above the ears. The result is a haircut you can customize while still keeping length to shape at the top.

Whether you go for a bald fade with a comb over, a mohawk, a V shape near the neck, or some other cool style, you’re sure to look handsome.

Low Bald Fade Haircuts

Here are the 13 best low bald fade haircuts for men you’ll be dying to try!

1. Low Bald Taper Fade

Low Bald Taper Fade Haircut

This low bald fade keeps things tidied up at the sides and near the neck while the top hair has lots of texture you can still style.

2. Bald Low Faded Comb Over

Bald Low Faded Comb Over

A low bald faded comb over shaped into a V is the look to rock for those wanting a smooth hairstyle.

3. Low Fade with Beard

Low Bald Fade With Beard

If you’ve got a little scruff going on, a low fade will match perfectly. You’ll be able to roll out of bed looking this good.

4. Bald Faded Mohawk

low bald faded mohawk

Want to make a bold statement? Try the Bald Faded Mohawk! It’s a mix of punk and class. The sides are shaved down to the skin, and the hair in the middle stands tall. Just ask your barber to keep a strip of hair from the forehead to the back, and shave the rest. Put some gel in the middle and you’re rocking the look!

5. Low Bald Fade with Part

Low Bald Fade With Part 

Looking for something sleek and stylish? The Low Bald Fade with Part is your answer. It’s cool and sophisticated. Your barber will keep some length on top, fade the sides, and add a sharp part. Style the top with some pomade and you’re ready to conquer the day with this dashing look!

6. Low Bald Faded Afro

Low Bald Fade On Afro Hair

If you have those gorgeous natural curls, the Low Bald Faded Afro is perfect for you. It keeps the texture on top and goes smooth on the sides. Your barber will trim the afro while fading the sides down to the skin. Add a little moisturizer to those curls, and you’ve got a fresh, stylish look!

7. Classic Pompadour

Embrace the king of rock ‘n’ roll with the Classic Pompadour. Keep the hair long on top and shorter on the sides. Ask your barber to leave enough length to sweep it back. Use a styling product, and comb the top back and upwards. Now you’re rocking like Elvis!

8. Undercut with Slick Back

Love the edgy look? Try the Undercut with Slick Back. The hair on top is long, while the sides are buzzed short. Use some pomade to slick the top hair back. You’ll look sharp and ready to take on the world!

9. Textured Quiff

Get the laid-back yet polished look with a Textured Quiff. Keep the top long and the sides short. Use a texturizing product to give the top some volume. Run your fingers through your hair, and you’ve got an effortlessly cool style.

10. High and Tight

Seeking a low-maintenance military vibe? The High and Tight is what you need. The sides and back are super short, and the top is slightly longer. Ask your barber to fade the sides and back. No need for styling products, it’s ready to go!

11. Tapered Crew Cut

Be the neat and tidy guy with a Tapered Crew Cut. It’s classic and clean. The hair is short all around, but the top is a tad longer than the sides. Your barber will taper the sides and back. Easy to maintain, it’s perfect for the busy man!

12. Messy Top with Faded Sides

Want to look cool without trying too hard? Go for the Messy Top with Faded Sides. Keep the hair longer on top and faded on the sides. Use your fingers and a bit of product to create a messy look on top. Casual and stylish, it’s a winner!

13. Side Part Comb Over

For a gentleman’s charm, try the Side Part Comb Over. It’s timeless and elegant. Keep the sides short and the top long. Add a side part, and comb the top over to one side. A little styling product will keep it in place. You’ll look dashing and refined!