30 Coolest Undercut Fade Hairstyles for Men

The undercut fade is definitely one of the most popular men’s hairstyles at the moment. Whether you look at the variety of options or the range of combinations you can try, this is one style that men can definitely try in 2024.

Whether you choose the low fade, mid fade or the high fade undercut, the versatility and functionality of these cuts appeal to all at once.


How Undercut Fade Differs from Taper Fade

faded undercut vs. taper fade

The undercut fade essentially combines to styles, the undercut and the fade. Invariably, the longer part of the hair is at the top and continues to become shorter as it progresses closer to your neck. The hair on the sides are blended and faded for the final impact and hence the name.

Often this is confused with tapering that too involves narrowing of the hair in a tapering fashion as you descend down. The question, therefore, is how the faded undercut is different?

  • Whether you go for the low fade undercut or high fade, the hair almost fades into the skin. However, in taper, some hair is left on the skin, although it is very small.
  • The taper is a relatively more understated style as compared to an undercut with fade, though both follow similar basics.
  • The faded hair undercut invariably exposes more scalp than a taper. As a result, it is considered to be the relatively more edgy styling option.
  • The taper fade or the scissors fade is relatively more old school, conventional and conservative.
  • The taper cut is primarily a scissors cut, but that’s not the case for the undercut.


Types of Undercut Fade

undercut fade

Given the huge scope of experimentation, it is hard to group the fade undercut into any strict compartments, but broadly there are three primary types.

  • Low Fade with Undercut: The tapering in this is the lowest compared the other two. The blending and fading begin just from the top of the ear or even closer to the neck. This is a relatively sober style that works well in both formal and casual set-up. The overall look is more box-like and has a corporate crispness about it.
  • Mid fade: The mid fade undercut, of course, adopts the middle path. It is neither as conservative as the low fade nor as edgy as the high fade. It also depends on the overall hair length and volume and often differs from person to person in the final presentation. You can say, this is a fade that offers you the most attractive combinations.
  • High Faded Undercut: As you can understand from the name, the blending and the fading begins from a higher point compared to the other top. It is almost from the top of the hair. As a result, the contrast, in this case, is much sharper and the overall impact also more striking.

Most Popular Temp Fade Hairstyles for Men


Best Undercut Fade Hairstyles

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular undercut fade hairstyles for men in 2024.

1. Low Temp Fade & Undercut

low fade undercut with spikes

This is perhaps one of the most basic representations of the low fade undercut. It is unassuming, business-like and conforms to most conservative hairstyle norms for men.

If you are amongst those who like to blend in without creating a disruption anywhere. A simple straightforward cut, it enhances the overall appeal of your face irrespective of the shape and hair texture.


2. Pompadour Fade with Hard Part

pompadour fade undercut

This is a relatively high faded undercut with the hair on top arranged in a pompadour style. What really makes this style striking is the distinctly long hard partition.


3. Mid Fade Undercut on Long Hair

mid fade undercut with surgical lines

The textured pomp blends in beautifully with the mid fade and the artistic surgical lines add that additional edge and ruggedness to this style. It is absolutely striking, to say the least.


4. Long Slick Back Fade

slick back undercut with high fade

This is a subtle but extremely assertive hairstyle that offers some striking contrast. In this undercut fade, the pale skin color and the dark hair color to enhance the sense of overall drama.


5. Matt Slick Back with High Bald Fade

faded undercut

This is another variation of the slick back undercut with medium fade. The length of the hair is relatively small, so you get a matte look. The combination often works well in the semi-formal occasion.


6. Short Mohawk Fade

This represents the perfect blend of the undercut and the mid fade and further accentuated by the Mohawk style on the top. The relative length of the hair on top ensures better volume.


7. Taper Down Quiff with Undercut

This is one of those hairstyles that does not just combine the undercut and fade but also introduces a bit of taper to add more variation to the whole cut.


8. Comb Over High Fade

The high temp fade is effortlessly blended with the conventional short comb-over to create a stunning and absolutely edgy haircut. Stylish and trendy, this is also a very modern haircut.


9. Caesar Cut with Fade

In this, the medium to high crop fade is further accentuated by the hard part. It creates a uniquely stylish cut that is both trendy and functional.


10. Beard with Taper Fade Undercut 

high fade undercut

The conventional high fade undercut for black men gets a rather definitive form with the designer half-moon part. Whether it is a young boy or an adult, it is hard to beat the charm of this half-moon fade.


11. Flat Top Fade

mid fade undercut

If the high faded undercut did not seem edgy enough, try the box top sitting like a crown on the skin fade. The way this blends into the overall style is what makes it absolutely striking.


12. Bald Undercut with Beard

This is absolute drama with textures. The way the undercut blends into a skin fade creating the bald effect and then paired with the long slick back to the point makes it a winner. This style is all about creating magic.


13. Short Undercut 

The contrasts of textures, styles, and concepts form the basis of this men’s undercut fade hairstyle. You can wear it in a variety of style and length to best suit your preference.


14. Mid Bald Fade with Design

If you are looking for a haircut that highlights your rugged machismo, this is one of the best faded undercut options. The artistic designs on the side offer an unmistakably edgy twist to your fashion sensibilities.


15. Tapered Undercut With Spikes

high fade undercut with spikes

The spiky no doubt enhances the overall high fade undercut. The ease of the blending and the textured spiky top creates a subtle classy hairstyle that is sure to attract attention wherever you may go.


16. Faux Hawk with High Fade 

The undercut fade on the sides coupled with the faux hawk creates a striking combination. The designer surgical lines on the side compliment the dramatic impact. This is what makes this style very trendy and in many ways modern too.


17. Low Drop Fade with Design

Creativity has no boundaries and this haircut is an absolute reflection of this cardinal fact. If you thought that these artistic design lines were a reality only if you had a high fade undercut, think again. Even on a well-blended low fade undercut, this offers a striking contrast.


18. Mohawk Undercut

The undercut fade along with the ‘hawk on top creates a stunning combination. The slight highlighting or silver ombering makes this hairstyle even more attractive. It exudes a casual, rugged charm about it.


19. Undercut With Thick Waves

The thick wavy top makes quite an impact and blends beautifully with the undercut and low fade. This is a subtle suave hairstyle that is also very versatile and functional.


20. Wavy Comb Over with Undercut

undercut fade

This is another variant with the wavy top. The undercut blends with the high skin fade in a way that it tapers towards the neck in a convincing way. This adds texture and volume to the overall hairstyle creating a distinctive variation.


21. Slick Back Undercut

The feathered locks in this version of the faded undercut are extremely attractive and offer a subtle softness to your face. You can either pull it back like a slick back or style it with soft bangs.


22. High Undercut with Man Bun

Fad eon undercut is an option even for long hair. You can easily blend it with a pony or a man bun to create a unique and distinctive style statement. If you are keen on having long hair, this style will also help to manage them better.


23. Textured Undercut with Upswept Hair

If you want some fun and games with the undercut, here is this textured upswept variant that you can try. It is sleek, sophisticated and creative. It no doubt creates a sense of purposefulness even in this kind of an edgy haircut on the whole.


24. High Fade With Purple Top

The hair on top in purple completely changes the dynamics of this high top fade. The use of this striking purple shade transforms the conventional high fade undercut into a stunning and dramatic hairstyle. The silver color hair that is blending into the skin fade creates contrast and further accentuates the impact.


25. Curly Undercut with Highlighted Top

curly faded undercut

This style is all about celebrating the natural curls. The bright golden highlights on the dark-colored natural hair make a stunning impact. This is the kind of hairstyle that will always attract attention wherever you may go. It is smart, creative, interesting and heroes your natural curls brilliantly.


26. Pompadour Undercut

If you are keen on converting the conventional to something exotic, this is a great example. On the face of it, this is your regular quiff with low or mid-fade.

But what actually makes this interesting is how the blue metallic quiff complements the blonde undercut and the pale skin color. The contrast that it creates makes a definitive and lasting impression.


27. Long Crew Cut with Undercut

Have you always fancied the silver hair but not keen on growing your hair long. Here is a good way to keep it short, striking and silver all at the same time. A functional and versatile undercut fade, this style absolutely transforms the classic haircut to something exotic, special and of course, attention-grabbing.


28. High Fade Undercut with Side Part

The burnt orange highlights completely change the perspective of the high fade on the undercut. It makes the look way more intense and creates a rugged appeal with understated machismo. The way the skin fade blends with the beard line is also interesting and many ways this what heightens the impact.


29. Disconnected Undercut

layered tapered undercut fade

The undercut fade is tapered towards the neck to create a narrow winding down the impression. The voluminous top is cut in layers to show off both the thickness and playfulness of the locks.


30. Asian Undercut with Fringes

undercut fade with fringe

Easy going, playful and subtle, this undercut fade with fringes is another innovative adaptation of the plain Jane faded undercut. It transforms the cut into something exotic.


From a Sportster to a hipster, a corporate to a college professor, fade with an undercut is a type of cut that can suit most without a doubt. The mind-boggling variety can be the only point of concern.

With so many options, choosing the right one may be a challenge. But we have made the task a lot easier for you by shortlisting the 30 most eye-catching undercut fade options. Simply refer to this list and make a choice.