Flat Top Haircuts: 40 On-trend Looks for Men

If anyone were to ever describe a flat top haircut, the words would be Classic, timeless yet chic and well put together. It has two distinct categories, the short flat hair, and the longer top fade. The original flat top that inspired a whole style and looks is the short military-inspired haircut.

This haircut was everything and more in 1950. The 1980s and 1990s was the official golden age of the flat top hair ideas. These haircuts are for any hair texture, which is exactly why they are liked.


Best Flat Top Hairstyles

Below we are going to touch upon styling ideas with flat hair on top for different hair textures.


Amazing Flat Top Hairdos for White Guys

Undeniably, your race plays a major part in your hair texture. An American and an Afro-American have drastically different hair. Different hair also means different ways to take care of it and style it. Keep reading and you will find 8 suggestions for flat top hair for a white guy.

1. Mexican Mullet

flat top haircuts for white guys

If you like a mullet hairstyle, this haircut is a great idea. You get to have a modern variation that looks chic and stylish. Compliment the hair with a long beard and long hair towards the back.


2. Modern Flattop

white guy with modern flat top haircut

This haircut is perfect for all ages of men, you could also wear it to any occasion and it would be appropriate. The descending flat hair on top that fades out into a drop fade is modern and chic.


3. Blue Highlights with a Short Pompadour

white guy flat top haircut with blue highlights

A great way to have a modern touch on a haircut is to add color and have a hard part. The hard part and blue highlights make the haircut look very trendy and edgy. If you are young and have a fun personality, this flat top hairstyle is right up your ally.


4. Long Top with Fade on Sides

short flat top haircuts for white guys

This haircut is apt for someone who has thick straight hair. By opting for this style, it wouldn’t require you to spend too much time styling your hair either. The angular hair with faded sides is modern and fun.


5. Ginger Hair

best flat top haircuts for white guys

This flat top haircut is ideal if you have a receding hairline. The side fades make the look modern and clean. It is perfect for all ages and occasions.


6. Top Flat Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

If you are not someone who prefers the tapered fade, this variation of the flat hair on top is great. The clean sides accentuate the top hair making you look sophisticated and chic.


7. Platinum Blonde Hair

Dual-color is one of the seasons ongoing trend. If you seem to warm up to it, this faux hawk taper haircut and style are perfect. The asymmetrically long flat top hairdo is extravagant and a perfect fashion statement. The dual color compliments the look making it chic and trendy.


8. Classic Flat cut

This short haircut is perfect for if you don’t weigh towards buzz cuts or tapered fades. Someone old as well as young can also sport it. This classic hairstyle is timeless yet trendy and chic.

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