How to Style Curly Undercut Like A PRO: 11 Ideas

The curly undercut is a modern and trendy hairstyle that allows men with curly hair to try something new.

We all know that curly hair can be a bit difficult to style, especially if you do not have the skills or the time to it. The undercut makes the curls dominate and creates a contrast in the style of the hair.


Amazing Curly Hairstyles with Undercut

Styling men’s curly undercut is not hard and it can be done on all length of the hair. Here are some ideas to help you get some inspirations:

1. Curly Fohawk with Undercut

curly hair undercut

This hairstyle features curly, natural hair and an undercut. The hair is very curly, defined by small curls and the cut is not the same at all places. At the front, the curls and longer and the hair is higher. As it moves to the back it becomes shorter. The undercut is high and faded.

Styling this curly hair undercut requires special hair products that come for curls. It is important that the curls are untangled and defines, because only then will they provide the perfect look.


2. Curly Asymmetrical Bangs

curly asymmetrical fringe with undercut

Men who have bouncy and wide curls can also have a very hairstyle look. This modern and stylish cut comes a bit asymmetrical. The one side is cut with a medium undercut on curly hair. With a natural sideline, the curls are directed towards the other side, falling completely over the ear.

The cut is layered so that the curls are present all over the side equally. This type of hair might require the help of a round brush and blow dryer. The round brush will define the curls better, and the blow dryer will direct the flow of the style.


3. Long Loose Curls Top

loose curls with undercut

This men’s curly undercut hairstyle comes between curly and wavy hair. The curls are loose, more accented at the front than at the back. The taper fade to the side creates a nice transition. The hair on the top is dense, voluminous and high.

This is a hairstyle that has volume and that is why it needs to be styled properly. No matter if the hair is naturally curly or not, the round hair brush and the blow dryer are the necessary tools. Define the direction and the definition of the curls with the help of the blow dryer and use a hairspray to fixate it.


4. Disconnected Undercut

curly top with high undercut

The curls and the pattern of the hair can present different styles on different men. These curls and their pattern lead the style a bit to the side, which makes the whole top looking like an oval. The curly undercut male is high and natural. The curls on the front are longer. This is a natural look and does not need much styling.


5. Flat Top Fade

curly hair with faded undercut

The curly crop creates a distinctive and not very common look. The cut starts with curly fringes cut in a straight line. They are short and they barely cover a bit of the forehead. The line of the fringes continues all around the head which acts as a disconnect between the curly crop and the undercut.  

The only thing that needs styling here is the short fringes that with a small brush and a blow dryer will be styled perfectly.


6. Tapered Undercut

This is one of the most popular styling looks of the curly hair. The precision in the cut and in the fade is excellent. The contrast between the fade and the curliness of the top come great in a haircut that is very well textured and defined. The curls create their own flow, towards the front and they are left to fall a bit over the forehead.

This curly hair undercut is soft and curvy and there are no sharp lines or edges. The styling is left individually according to the hair type.


7. Curly Mohawk with Undercut

A modified version of the famous Mohawk comes in this hairstyle. The undercut for curly hair is short, low fade, leaving a big portion of the hair to sides. Separated by clean, natural sidelines, the top stays clear from the sides. The hair is very curly and a bit messy.

The cut on the top is flatter than curvy that gives a boxy look of the hairstyle. The temple lines are straight and sharp. Maintaining this look can be done by the regular visits to the barbers’.


8. Medium Curls with Sharp Facial Line

More extraordinary look that can be achieved with a medium curly undercut is when accenting the facial lines. This means that the lines on the sides and on the forehead have a sharp buzz cut. They are straight, with sharp edges and they create an extraordinary line for these types of cuts.

The hair is medium length, with a balanced layering and in equal length to the sides. The sharp lines are not allowing the curls to come anywhere near the face. Regular trimming is suggested.


9. Neck Undercut and Curls

The neck undercut is an interesting and fresh choice for styling a curly hair. The accent is put on the back of the hair where the undercut is the most visible.  It is low and gradual and it opens the haircut upwards. The hair is styled in its natural curly direction, bit more voluminous to the sides. It is voluminous and using a curl-definer product will come in handy.


10. Gradual Fade Undercut

curly hair undercut

This men’s curly undercut look visually presents the top as high. The curls are natural, small and interlocking. As the hair moves towards the neck, it slowly turns into an undercut. The natural temple fade is very precise and looks sharp and clean. The temple lines are vertical, straight and contrary to the curls, they keep the haircut in place.

This haircut requires regular trimming and the height of the curls should be equal at the top. For a better texture of the curls, use a hair mouse or other product that will make the top stand out.


11. Thin Curly Hair

thin curls with undercut

This is a specific undercut hairstyle for men who have curly thin hair, and their curls are not very strong. The haircut looks like it is leaning towards the neck and that impression comes from the equal height of the top and the decreasing fade. As the hair starts from the top, it keeps the same length.

What changes is the fade on the sides. It is the most accented on the neck and on the temples, while around the ears it becomes blurry. As the hair grows, the regular trimming is highly recommended because the hairstyle will change his shape and look.


Not many hairstyles leave such a great impression as the curly undercut. These looks are cool and the styling is pretty much easy.