15 Stunning Taper Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Are you looking for a new haircut that’s detailed and sharp? Taper fade haircuts are a great option to consider for black men.

A taper fade is a haircut style that involves gradually decreasing the length of hair from the top toward the neckline. The fade effect creates a seamless transition from longer hair to shorter hair. 

What’s better is you don’t need to have a certain face shape or type of hair to rock the style. Bonus, you’ll be the best-looking guy in the room!


Taper Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Read on to see the 12 taper fade haircuts for black men you should definitely give consideration if you want your look to be next level.

1. Low Taper Fade


The Low Taper Fade is a subtler take on the classic fade hairstyle. It starts just above the ears and curves neatly around the hairline down to the neck.

This variant leaves the top hair longer, creating a gentle contrast with the faded sides. This look is perfect for those who prefer a bit of edge without going too drastic.


2. Taper Faded Designs

Taper Fade with Design for Black Males

For afro hairstyles, give your taper fade a cool detailed design like a zigzag or wave to set it apart from other fades. Shave the design on both or one side.


3. High Taper Fade

High Taper Fade on Black Hair

The High Taper Fade doesn’t just step into the limelight; it commands it. Starting high on the head, this style creates a striking contrast with a daredevil spirit. It’s for those who live on the edge and aren’t afraid to show it.


4. Afro Taper Fade for Black Men

Afro Taper Fade Haircut 

The Afro Taper Fade is a dynamic hairstyle for black men, combining the timelessness of an afro with the stylish taper fade. It’s characterized by natural, textured hair on top that progressively fades into shorter sides and back. This hairstyle is a nod to cultural heritage while keeping up with contemporary fashion trends.

 5. Taper Fade With Mohawk

Taper Faded Mohawk for Black Men  


A fusion of rebellion and sophistication, the Taper Fade With Mohawk features a narrow strip of longer hair extending from the forehead to the nape, with the sides fading progressively shorter. This hairstyle is a bold statement, bridging the gap between punk culture and modern style sensibilities.


6. Medium Taper Fade

Medium Taper Fade for Black Men


A middle-of-the-road option between high and low fades, the Medium Taper Fade starts midway up the sides of the head. This offers a balanced look that’s versatile enough to suit both formal and casual occasions. The Medium Taper Fade is an excellent choice for those black men who desire some distinction without going too extreme.


7. Undercut + Taper Fade  


Taper Fade with Undercut for Black Men


The Undercut + Taper Fade is like a finely tailored suit: sleek, timeless, and always in style. The undercut lays the foundation, while the taper fade adds layers of sophistication. It’s an ode to the men who appreciate refinement.


8. Short Black Hair + Taper Fade 

Short Black Hair with Taper Fade


This is a cool taper fade haircut for black men with less maintenance required. Short hair brings a level of simplicity, while the taper fade adds a dash of spice. The hair on the top is too coily and the beard is shaped like a pentagon on the cheek and it connects with the short goatee.


 9. Taper Fade with Part

Black Men's Taper Fade with Part


Adding a hard part to a taper fade introduces an element of classic barbering to this modern style. The Taper Fade with Part features a noticeable line (the part) on one side, accentuating the contrast between the longer hair on top and the faded sides. It’s a refined look, demonstrating attention to detail and an appreciation for tradition.


10. Bald Taper Fade

Bald Taper Fade for Black Men


The Bald Taper Fade is an audacious player in the field of hairstyles. The fade goes down to skin level, creating an illusion of being bald on the sides. This hairstyle is a magnet for the spotlight, crafted for the bold and the beautiful.


11. Black Boy’s Taper Fade

Black Boy Taper Fade 


A style for the young and the youthful, the Black Boy’s Taper Fade blends the traditional taper fade with an extra dose of cool. It’s a style statement that grants every young man the confidence to take on the world.


12. Taper Fade + Pompadour

Tapered Pompadour Fade for Black Guys

Take a dash of old-school charm, add a spoonful of modern edginess, and you have the Taper Fade + Pompadour. This hairstyle resurrects the classic pompadour, giving it a modern makeover with a taper fade. It’s a testament to the timeless appeal of bygone eras, styled for the contemporary man.


13. Taper Fade with Curls

When the playful bounce of curls meet the clean lines of a taper fade, you have the Taper Fade with Curls. This style is like jazz music for the hair, a melody of textures and contrasts. It’s perfect for those who embrace their natural texture with pride and style.


14. Long Hair + Taper Fade

The Long Hair + Taper Fade is where the carefree spirit of long hair meets the disciplined precision of a taper fade. It’s a stylish contradiction, a gust of freedom contained within the structure. 


15. Taper Fade with Buzz Cut

When the practicality of a buzz cut combines with the visual appeal of a taper fade, you get the Taper Fade with Buzz Cut. It’s as minimal as it gets, ideal for those who believe that style should never come at the cost of comfort. It’s a nod to the military precision and a celebration of the understated elegance.


How To Taper Fade Black Men’s Hair?

Black men’s curly hair is more difficult to get a taper fade than straight hair. Here are the detailed steps on how to taper fade black men’s hair:


1. Preparation

Before beginning, make sure your hair is clean and dry as this makes it easier to manage and cut. Ensure your clippers are clean, well-oiled, and in good working condition. If they’re cordless, make sure they’re fully charged or have fresh batteries.

Use a comb to remove any tangles from the hair. Section off the hair by creating a part line that runs from the temple to the back of the head.

This line separates the top of the head from the sides and back. Using a hair clip can help keep the top section out of the way while you’re working on the sides.


2. Clipping And Fading

Begin clipping at the bottom of the sides and back. Start with the largest guard on your clippers, which leaves the hair longer. Ensure the blade of the clippers is flat against the scalp and move the clippers upwards against the direction of hair growth. This will give a clean, even cut.

Gradually move to smaller guards as you work your way up the head, following the natural curvature of the head. This will create a seamless transition from longer to shorter hair, which is the hallmark of the fade.

When you get to the part line you created earlier, switch to using a comb and scissors to blend the fade into the longer hair on top. Remember to blend well to avoid a line of demarcation.


3. Shape the Top

Depending on the length you desire for the top of the hair, use scissors or a longer guard on your clippers. If using scissors, use the comb to lift sections of hair and cut to the desired length. If using clippers, run them over the top of the head against the direction of hair growth. Make sure to blend the hair on the top with the faded sides to maintain a smooth transition.

Finally, remove the guard from your clippers and clean up the hairline around the ears and neck. You can create a defined line or leave it natural depending on your preference. Use a fine-toothed comb to remove any loose hair, ensuring a smooth, clean finish to your haircut.

Throughout this process, remember to check your work often and make sure both sides are even. It’s easier to correct mistakes as you go rather than at the end when you may have to take more hair off than desired. Practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if your first few attempts aren’t perfect. With time and patience, you’ll soon master the taper fade.