41 Curly Haircuts for Men That’ll Always Be In Style

Wanna try a curly haircut in 2024? That’s exactly we are going to explore what curly hairstyles for men are on trend this year!

Curly hair looks great on men of all ages, but it can be difficult to manage and tame. Many men with curls consider the texture of their hair to be a curse, but actually, your curls give you the opportunity to find a really original and fashion-forward look that is just perfect for you. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is short, long, or somewhere in between, there is a curly style to suit you.

handsome curly haircuts for men


Types of Men’s Curly Hair

Curly hair has some variants. Some people try to embody wavy and coiled hair into the types of curly hair. Well! These are not pure curly hair but can, of course, be considered a close relative of curly hair. That’s why wavy and coiled haircuts are discussed under the name of curly hair.

However, curly hair is of many types depending on the length of each curl. As curly hair grows long making curls throughout its length, different curly hair differs because of the different length of each curl.

Curly hair is divided into 5 types. The first type of curl takes 2 to 3 inches to form a curl. Second, third, fourth and fifth ones take 1 to 2, 0.5 to 1, 0.125 to 0.5 and up to 0.125 inches respectively to form a curl. That’s why people look different despite having curly hair.


How to Get Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, there is no need to impose any external force to make the hair curly. But, if you have straight hair and want to turn that into curly hair this tutorial is for you.

The process is so simple. At first, apply a sea salt spray all over the head making sure that the spray reaches to the roots of the hair. Sea salt spray is a texturizing spray that helps to get a great hold and natural looking finish. Then, put all the hair forward on which you are going to apply the process of making curls. Scrunch and lift the hair just like the video shows.

Now open the nozzle of the hairdryer and let the hair dry while crunching and lifting hair. Use your fingers to make the hair more curly. At this point, the hair will follow the path you’re guiding this. So, this crunching and lifting are very important. One can apply more sea salt spray for a better result.


How to Grow Curly Hair Long?

long curly hairstyle men

The first thing to do while having long curly hair is to not have random cuts without proper planning. If you determine to grow curly hair long, let it grow without any interference. When the hair reaches the required length, find a compatible and stylish cut so that the long hair looks great. Keep the hair healthy by using proper hair styling products. Avoid any sort of low quality and wrong products. Thus, let the curly hair grow long and healthy.


How to Style Men’s Curly hair

The first step of styling curly hair is preparing the hair for further styling. Apply the products on semi-wet hair. Too dry hair or too wet hair, both type of hair compromise the performance of the products. Step 2 is styling the hair. To do this, one has to choose the right styling products depending on the hair length, hair texture, hair pigment, styling objective. A liquid pomade will help the hair to be guided to the target style. Make sure the pomade is applied to the hair evenly.

Use a comb to distribute the pomade to the further areas. Apply more liquid if needed. Comb the hair carefully to train the hair and guide it to the way you want. Let the hair air dry. Then seal the style with a good hairspray.



Check the following list of some handy tips to maintain men’s curly hair.

  • Protect the hair while you are sleeping. Wrap the hair and use a satin pillow to get rid of any trouble.
  • Keep the hair moisturized regularly with products of good ingredients.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair.
  • Limit the use of direct heat to the hair because heat causes damage and breakage to the hair.
  • Deep condition the hair at least once a week.
  • Don’t touch the hair unnecessarily. It leads the curl to frizz.


How to Wash Curly Hair

Not all people have curly hair, most especially the men, but if you happen to be a guy with curly hair, how do you maintain your hair? Probably, you are having a difficult time managing it, right? Indeed, the hair is way more challenging to maintain as compared with a straight hair, but the only secret there is through proper washing. If you are having a challenge managing your curls, you can make use of these some helpful tips.

here are so many simple ways on how you could wash your curly hair. You can easily do this at home, and there is no need to spend too much money on salons just to keep it healthy.


Choose the Right Shampoo

Curly hair tends to get dry easily. Therefore, shampooing with less lather is good and advisable. The best shampoos are those with no sulfate ingredient because they are natural and safer. When you choose to apply a sulfate shampoo, it could be detrimental to your health and the environment.

Check out the two recommended hair cleanser brands for curly hair:

DevaCurl No-Poo

Image of DevaCurl No-Poo

It is a gentle solution for unmanageable and frizzy curls. This no-poo cleans and conditions the scalp well and treats damaged and dry hair. DevaCurl comes with a refreshing scent of Turkish rose and peppermint. It is also 100% sulfate free, so it is very safe to use.


Hair One Cleanser and Conditioner with Argan Oil for Curly Hair

Image of Hair One Cleanser and Conditioner with Argan Oil for Curly Hair

The product cleanses and conditions the hair and scalp, improving the overall health of your hair. It contains argan oil which can help moisturize hair, repair damaged hair follicles, and tame frizzy hair.


Warm Water or Cold Water?

Warm water can open the pores and remove dirt. But, it also reduces oil and makes your hair frizz. In another side, cold water can close pores, reduce frizz, and increase shine in your hair. Therefore, you should use cold water to wash your hair, unless you want to remove dirt on your hair then use warm water, after that use cold water to rinse out shampoo or conditioner. You can both use warm and cold water for your hair, as long as you apply it accordingly.


Use Your Fingertips to Put the Shampoo and Massage the Scalp

If you have long hair, hang down your hair (head upside down) so the shampoo can flow down from the scalp to the tips of the hair. Massaging the scalp using your fingertips will clean your scalp and remove the dirt and dandruff.


Untangle Hair

If you need to comb and untangle hair, comb it using your fingers, a wide tooth comb, or curly hair pick gently.


Squeeze Out and Towel Dry Hair

After washing your hair, squeeze out excess water, and towel dry the hair using a soft towel. Avoid drying your hair with a towel because this will just destroy your hard work. The surface of standard towels can disrupt the cuticle layer and separates the natural clumping of the curls; so it will make the hair become frizz. Choose a towel that is soft and has high levels of absorbency. The best towel to use in removing excess water is the microfiber towel. Cotton t-shirts can also be a great alternative because they cause fewer frizzes to the hair.

Image of Aquis Microfiber Body Towel
Aquis Microfiber Body Towel


Apply Your Styling Product and Let the Hair Air Dry

In order to keep the curls beautiful, enhance it by applying your preferred styling product to add moisture and definition to the hair. Apply the product using your fingers, then scrunch up some twirl sections around your finger to achieve more defined curls. Avoid using hair dryers, just let the air to dry your hair.


Do not Shampoo Everyday

Shampoo your hair between 3-6 days depending on your daily activities and daily styling. In between, wash your hair using dry shampoo, just conditioner, or just water.

With these useful tips on how to wash curly hair, you can certainly maintain a curly hair that is always healthy, clean, and very easy to manage.


Curly hair Vs. Straight Hair

curly vs straight hair men

There is s debate going on which type of hair girls like the most. Well! It depends on the personal preference of every individual. On average, girls like a wavy haircut which is not too much straight and too much curly. And, there is actually no clash between curly and straight hair. Both types of hair look stunning if the styling is done correctly.

If you have a square or round face, curly hair will suit you the most. And if the shape of your face is something like the triangle or diamond, go for the straight hair.

Both types of hair have a different appeal to different people. Even it happens that some people like both of them and turn their straight hair into curly and vice versa at times to get the glam of both these styles.


Men’s Most Popular Curly Hairstyles

Curls definitely take more maintenance than straight hair, and they can also be much harder to cut.  It’s important to find a hairdresser who has experience in working with curls and knows how to cut them without ruining their texture. If you have curly hair and are looking for a little inspiration then we’ve got the best 41 haircuts for men with curly hair available right now:


1. Curly on the Top

Keep the hair off the top curly and trim the rest like a fade cut or anything you like. This will allow you to have amazing curly hair shining on the top.


2. White Guy with Curly Hair

Originally, black people tend to have naturally curly hair. But, it’s not unusual for the white guys too. White guys too have naturally curly hair and some people also turn the straight hair to curly sometimes.


3. Curly Quiff

quiff curly hair

Channel your inner Elvis by styling your hair into an ultra-modern curly quiff. Use holding products (such as holding gel) to achieve the perfect quiff shape, but remember to make the natural texture of your curls an obvious part of your look. Check out more curly haircuts on this post.


4. Golden Highlights

curly hair with golden highlights

Break up the texture of your curls by adding golden highlights to the length of your hair. If your hair is very thick then this will also make it look lighter and give your hair depth.


5. Curly Hairstyle for Short Hair

short curly hairstyle

If you don’t have the energy to tame and style your curly hair every day then why not wear it short instead? Ask your hairdresser to work with the texture of your curls as they cut, so that your hair is easy to slick down and style.


6. The Man Bun

man bun for curly hair

Long and curly hair looks fantastic, but it can also sometimes get in the way! The man bun is a stylish and practical solution: not only does it look fashion-forward, but it can also help to hold your hair off your face.


7. Bleach Blonde Curls

Add eye-catching color to your curls by bleaching them blonde. This is a great look if you already have fair hair, and want to lift and brighten your style. Ideal for the summer, this is a high maintenance style that will require regular visits to a hair colorist.


8. The Curly Bob


The Curly bob looks great but achieving this look will need the attention of an experienced barber: ask your hairdresser to shape your hair into a bob-type cut using the way your curls fall naturally. Be sure to use leave-in conditioner to decrease frizz and make your hair as manageable as possible.


9. Long and Luscious

Long curly hair for men is easy to style and maintain. Simply let your hair grow and naturally and then trim it whenever the ends become dry or split. If you want to style and emphasize your curls then use a salt spray, which will add texture without making your curls feel stiff or rigid.


10. Slick Back Style

Slick back your mid-length curly hair for a stylish and semi-formal look that will take your curls from daytime to evening. This look is easy to achieve with a good quality wet-look pomade which will hold your style in place for hours.


11. The Extreme Undercut

Shave the sides of your head and leave the hair on top as long as possible for an extreme undercut style. This brave look should only be attempted by the fashion-forward man that likes to be the center of attention.


12. Side Swept Quiff

The quiff is a popular style for men with curly hair, but to inject extra style points and give your quiff an upgrade, why not pull it to the side? This is a great style if you have asymmetrical features or if you’re looking for a style that will minimize a high forehead.


13. Broken Up Curls

Break up your curls and add texture to your hair by teasing out some of the curls at the top of your head, for a casual, no-nonsense look.  A salt spray will help to achieve this texture, whilst a strong-hold hairspray will hold it in place.


14. Add a Perm

If you have naturally straight hair but would love the texture and style of curly hair then why not consider injecting curls by adding a perm to your hair? Comb through your curls to break them up, and stop your curls from looking too uniform.


15. Add a Hair Band

If you love your curls but hate the way they fall into your eyes then why not experiment with a hair band? This is a great way to pull your hair away from your face and is a style that looks modern and trendy at the same time.


16. Windswept Waves

If you’re spending time outdoors then keep your hair tousled and product-free by letting the wind inject texture into your waves. This is a style best suited to a cut with a side parting. Ask your hairdresser to cut into your curls as naturally as possible, so that your curls fall into their natural position.


17. Strong Centre Parting

Wearing your hair in a center parting is a great way to show off your curls. This is a style that suits men with strong jaws and symmetrical faces, as it emphasizes and draws attention to your features.


18. The Textured Top Knot

For low key days where you simply don’t have the energy to style your hair, pull it back into a high ponytail or bun for a no effort style that oozes style. This is a style that looks fantastic worn with either stubble or a beard.


19. Me with Curly Wavy Hair

If your hair tends to fall in waves rather than curls then slicking them back using a strong pomade is a great option. Whilst this style looks high maintenance, it is surprisingly easy to achieve, and is a great way to keeping mid-length curls out of your face: The matching curled mustache is optional.


20. Men’s Side Swept Bangs

curly hair with side swept bangs

Add structure to your curly hair by adding side swept bangs to your style. This will cover your forehead, ideal if you carry weight in your face, and looks great paired with curly hair that is either long or mid-length. The upkeep of this style is relatively low, meaning that you won’t have to spend hours each morning cementing your style.


21. Afro Curly Hair

Afro Curly Hair for men

This type of curly hair is not silky and sleek. These extreme curly haircuts are identical to Afro haircut.


22. Smooth Curls

hairstyles for men with curly hair

Some curls add a nice and smooth texture to the hair. This is one of those haircuts which will blow your mind away.


23. Prolonged Curly Hair

 Prolonged Curly Hair for men

Innovation is a common attribute of fashion and styling. One has to embrace new styles to get a stunning look. And, this one is surely a top-notch in terms of both look and creativity.


24. Fade And Beard

curly hair with beard

A fade haircut and a full beard are enough to make you look stunning. If you have a curly haircut on top of that, it will turn people’s head for sure.


25. Medium Curly Hair

Medium Curly Hair for men

Medium curly hair for men is enough to cover the head full to the brims. If you like voluminous things, go for this curly haircuts for men.


26. Flourishing Curls

This curly haircut looks really interesting. The hair resembles somewhat similar thing to a flower. The top hair grows outwards as if it were flourishing from the head like that of petals of the flowers.


27. Voluminous Hair

The advantage of having curly hair is you will get access to a great volume of hair. No matter what hairstyle one gets, it will ultimately create something voluminous.


28. Long Curly Hairstyles

It’s tough to manage long curly hair. But, once you grow it and take its proper care, the curly hair will render you with great styling and look.


29. Curly Bangs

Bangs are one of the most used techniques in hairstyle. You can have curly hairs just at the right length which covers the forehead unveiling the eyes.


30. Dense & Curly

curly hairstyles for men

This type of curly hair is not smooth and silky rather highly dense. It requires more care to look stunningly beautiful.


31. Wavy Undercut

wavy undercut for curly hair

Wavy hair is the best sort of curly hair that has both the glam of straight and curly hair. You can add style to the haircut by getting an undercut.


32. Curly Fade

It’s not compulsory to have curly hair all over the head. The top hair is enough to make you look gorgeous with the help of a fade haircut.


33. The Ultimate Curl

This could be the best examples of curly haircut for men. Most of the people can relate themselves to this hairstyle as natural curls grow like this.


34. Curly Hair with Beard

Beard looks great if it is styled with the association of right haircut. A curly haircut will do well in this regard.


35. Abundance of Curls

There are many types of curly hair as we discussed before. Some hair has more curls while some others have very less. If you have an abundance of curls, try this hairstyle to make a difference.


36. Curly Tussled Long Hair with a Beard

curly hairstyle for men

When you have curly hair, the best thing you can do is work with it rather than against it. Use a texturizing gum or a thick gel to add additional texture to your hair, then emphasize the rugged look by pairing your curly hair with a fully-grown beard. This understated look needs very little maintenance whilst still making a big impact.

The Best Hairstyles for Men With Long Curly Hair


37. The Curly Undercut

men's curly undercut haircut

Just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with an ultra-modern undercut.  Leave your hair long on top to embrace its natural texture then shape it around your neck and ears as short as you dare. This is the perfect way to work with your curls and ensure they are as manageable as possible.


38. Extra Large

Coiled hair looks huge if you let them grow bigger. One must take care of these types of hair to make it look beautiful. But, often, this sort of hairstyle demands a high maintenance.


39. Short Curly Haircut

If anyone wants to show off fewer curls, it’s suggested to try a comparatively short haircut. For instance, this guy has curly hair when he let it grow long.


40. Cool Men’s Curls

cool curly hairstyle for men

Nothing gets better than this type of well-composed and well-organized looks. You can try this style if you want to stay cool and curly.


41. Spiral Curls

spiral curly hair for men

The curls of your hair will get a great look if they get the shape of spirals. On top of that, apply color to make it look more stylish.


Having curly hair is not very easy to maintain, but there will always be effective ways on how to take good care of it. Simply apply the above tips and managing your curly hair will be the least of your worries. At least, you can be more confident in yourself and you can do all the things you love and able to enjoy. Do not feel bad or indifferent when you have natural curls. Only a few people have this, so just be happy and thankful that you have it.