20 of the Best 1960s Hairstyles for Men [2024 Update]

In this article, we have prepared 20 popular 60s hairstyles for men. The 1960s were a fruitful decade in the world of fashion and hairstyling. Some of the iconic hairstyles were very innovative at the time and they soon became extremely popular, mainly thanks to the famous rock stars such as The Beatles or Elvis Presley.


Men’s Hairstyles Transformation of the 60s

1960s men's hairstyles

When it comes to men’s hairstyles of the 1960s, they underwent a huge transformation. The general style of the 60s was something between the conservative hairstyle of the 50s and the completely loose and somewhat careless style of the 70s. Some of the new popular hairstyles that appeared and became popular were the mop-top, pompadour, mullet or the afro hairstyle.


Iconic 1960s Men’s Hairstyles 

We have compiled a list of 1960s hairstyles that men love. Have a look and delve into the classic era!

1. Elvis Presley’s Hairstyle

Elvis Presley’s slick pompadour hairstyle

The famous pompadour hairstyle became famous after Elvis Presley wore it, even though it looked a little bit different back then. The hair was grown out a little bit longer. Then a big pompadour is shaped on the front using hair gel, while the sides are completely slick and flat.


2. Long Geometrical Hairstyle

1960s long hairstyles for men

When it comes to the 60s men’s hairstyles for those who were a little bit braver, there is a variety of unusual, geometrical hairstyles to choose from. Here, for instance, the hair at the back reaches shoulder-length. It is cut to form triangular shapes around the ears, while the bangs are cut thick and straight above the eyebrows.


3. Short and Curly Hairstyle 

60s short curly hairstyles for men

There are, of course, some classic retro 1960s hairstyles for men. One of the popular ones was this short, messy, curly haircut paired with a cool mustache. The length of the hair is even everywhere, and the hair is left completely messed out.


4. Sleek Hairstyle with Bangs

1960s men's hairstyles

Another famous Elvis inspired 1960s men’s hairstyle is the one sleek on the sides with some bangs falling over the forehead diagonally. The hair on top is a bit lifted so that the hairstyle preserves volume.


5. Hard Part Comb Over

comb over hairstyles for men in 1960

The glam of the old Hollywood was still a big thing in the 60s, so men frequently wore classic, simple, neat hairstyles. For this comb-over, the hair is parted far on the side and combed towards the opposite side, preserving the wavy texture at the front. A generous amount of hair gel is added to make the 60s hairstyle firm.


6. Men Bob with Bangs

Men bob used to be very popular haircut among young men in the 60s. The length of the hair reaches below the ears while the bangs cover the whole forehead.


7. Short Messy Hair with Slick Sides

This 1960s haircut for men defines a rocker from this famous era. While the hair is grown out a bit longer, it is slicked out on the sides with a generous amount of gel, while it is naturally messy and voluminous on the top. The sideburns are also a little bit longer.


8. Business Hairstyle

This hairstyle exudes with a relaxed vibe coming from a cool man from the 60s. He looks youthful thanks to the messy, careless shape of the haircut. The hair is actually shorter on the sides and made sleek using a little bit of wax, while the hair on the top is completely natural and messed out.


9. Long Curls

This hairstyle shows that a nice curly hairstyle that creates a youthful appearance is always a good choice. This popular 60s men’s hairstyle nurtures a natural form. The hair is cut right above shoulder-length and the curls are let completely loose and messy, both over the forehead and on the sides.


10. Long Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

60s long straight hairstyles for men

Long hair in men got really popular back in the 60s in all sorts of shapes and forms. It was also frequently combined with straight bangs that would cover the forehead. The hair is cut around chin-length and worn straight with the thick bangs going all the way down to the top of the bridge of the nose.


11. Slick Back Haircut

Among the new, crazy, progressive hairstyles, there were some 1960s hairdos for guys that stayed faithful to their traditional forms. One of them is this slick backcombed hairstyle. The hair is short and combed to the back, with a generous amount of hair gel applied to hold it in place tightly.


12. Short Comb Over

The absolute favorite hairstyle of almost all of the heartbreakers of the Old Hollywood is the classical slick comb-over. And it’s a hairstyle they stayed faithful to this hairstyle throughout many decades. This 1960’s men hairstyle includes a part far on the side, hair combed over and made firmer using hair gel.


13. Greaser Haircut

For real gentlemen, the neatly combed sleek hairstyle hasn’t gone out of fashion in decades. The 60s hair look is short and neatly combed to the back and the shape is very sleek. It is also very convenient for wearing a hat on top of it like Humphrey Bogart used to do.


14. Long Wavy Haircut 

Flowy, wavy shapes were clearly very popular 50 years ago. This men’s haircut from the 60s is very neatly combed, but the shape of the waves that reach right below ear-length is still preserved. The hair is parted far on the side and the bangs are combed over the top part of the forehead towards the opposite side.


15. Big Afro Hairstyle

1960s men's hairstyles

African American culture had a big impact on culture, fashion, and the 1960s hairstyles for men, which means that it also had a big impact on the hairstyles. For the first time, the afro hairstyle became popular on a wider scale. This afro is big, voluminous, and completely natural.


16. Long Layered Haircut

Long hippie haircuts were extremely popular in the 60s. The length of this hairstyle reaches the shoulders. The texture is wavy and relaxed. The fringe is layered and it falls over the head parted in the middle. The hair on top is messed out, which gives it more volume.


17. The Beatles Iconic Mop Top Haircut

The mop top haircut is also known as The Beatles haircut and it is probably the most famous hairstyle of the 1960s. While the hair is straight, the hairstyle does have a round shape, something similar to a men bob. The fringe is dense and thick and it covers the whole forehead.


18. Grown Out Mullet

One interesting hairstyle is the grown out mullet. The top layer of this 60s hairstyle for guys is a lot shorter than the rest of the hair but it is still not as short as usual. The bottomed layers are perfectly straightened and they reach shoulder length, while the top layer is left wavy and parted in the middle.

Trendy Mexican Mullet Hairstyles for Men


19. Classical Mullet

1960s mullet hairstyles for men

In the 1960s Paul McCartney wore one of the most iconic hairstyles from the era – the mullet. It is a  long hairstyle, usually with no layers other than the top layer. The top layer is significantly shorter than the rest of the hair and a bit messed out. Here the mullet is permed and the bangs are parted in the middle.


20. Shag Haircut

1960s men's hairstyles

After the era of the famous Beatles haircut, John Lennon has turned to simpler, more textured haircuts. One of them is this long, messy 1960s haircut. Its charm is in its careless form that is completely natural and messed out. The top part is brought to the front and then slightly side-swept for an asymmetrical touch.


The fashion and hairstyles tell a lot about the culture and society of a certain era. The 60s were an exotic era, to say the least. And who knows, maybe one of these 60s men’s hairstyles inspires your next haircut.