21 Short Afro Hairstyles for Men That Are Trendy

Let’s talk about short afro hairstyles for men. You see, this particular Afro-American hairstyle is extremely versatile, and people don’t realize that. This is why today we’re going to explore 21 funky short afro hairstyles.


Short Afro Hairstyle Ideas for Guys

Below are the most popular afro looks for black men with short hair to revamp their look.

1. Low Tapered Afro

Classic Short Afro Hair

Who said to get an afro you had to go big? This short haircut is also a great option for those black guys who can’t or don’t want to let their hair grow, not to mention, it brings out the natural shape of your curls.

To get this haircut simply ask your barber for an even cut, meaning both the top, back and sides of your hair should be the same length, and long enough that your curls actually show.


2. Long Top Short Sides

short afro hair with long curly top

If you’re not ready for a full-on afro, try going for this hairstyle! It is still a short afro hairstyle, but the top is actually longer than the back part, with curls sticking out.

To achieve this haircut, simply make sure to always trim down the back and sides of your hair, but don’t touch the top part, just cut enough so that your curls are always healthy, but not too much that they can’t grow.


3. Afro with Bandana

Short Afro Hair with Bandana

A great way to style your short afro is to wear bandanas. This hair accessory helps bring attention to your curls and gives you the illusion of having much more volume.

Simply tie up a bandana around your head (make sure it covers your forehead) and push your curls up so it seems as if you have more hair sticking to the top.


5. Puffy Big Afro

short brown afro hair

Believe it or not, this afro is still short, but it seems so big because the curls are broke down or combed until they have the texture in the picture, not to mention it’s dyed on a light brown tone.

To get this hairstyle, simply comb your hair (with a special comb!) upwards, slowly breaking the curls apart until they have this texture. Then make sure to apply hair mousse to help it stay in place.


6. Short Squared Afro

Amongst the most popular short hairstyles for afro hair is this classic cut. Basically, instead of going for a rounder, bigger afro, you let the top front part of your hair grow, but you keep it cut down on a squared shape.

The sides should be long enough that people can’t see your scalp, but not too much that they get mixed with the top part of your hair. This short curly hairstyle also requires constant trimming and proper hair care.

Fruitful Hair Care Tips for Black Men’s Afro Hair


7. Pushed Back Afro with Big Curls + Hat

The first thing you’ll have to do is curl your natural hair into big, chunky curls that stand up from the afro. Once you’ve done this, push the hair slightly to the back enough that your forehead is clear.

Finally, place the hat on top of the afro without squishing the curls down, but rather get to sit on the back part of your afro so the curls can still be visible upfront.


7. Short Curls with Faded Sides

Similar to the hairstyle above, but this particular shot afro haircut focuses completely on the top part of your hair, which should be long enough that your curls are showing.

Ask your barber to cut down the sides and back of your hair so the contrast can really be seen, if you want to, you can even go for a shaded/faded cut on the sides.


9. Squared Afro with Sides Undercut and Beard

To get this flat top fade hairstyle you do have to let your afro hair grow long enough that the curls can be seen on the top of your hair, however, you’ll have to cut down the sides and back.

Ask your barber to give you a sharp line that cuts right through the top and the middle of your hair, and then continue to shade the sides of your head until it connects with your beard.


10. Puffy Afro with Temp Fade

Short Puffy Afro with Temp Fade

This is similar to the one above, but instead of cutting the back of your hair as well, you just shave down the sides to bring out the contrast of your medium/short afro.

Also, remember to puff out the curls on top with the help of a comb to give your haircut more texture than usual, you can also use hair cream or muse to help it give it shape.


11. Long Top with Faded Sides

To get this afro hairstyle with short hair you’ll have to let the top part of your hair grow long enough that your curls actually take shape, however, make sure to shave down the sides and the back and a little bit of the front.

When it comes to styling it, this haircut is very versatile, all you have to do is break apart the curls just enough that they seem bigger and puffier than before.


12. Afro Mohawk

If you want an afro but don’t want to commit to the long hair, you can try out this hairstyle. However, you will have to let the top part of your hair grow, you just have to shave down the sides hair -and the back- completely.


13. Short Twisted Hair

This is a great way to give it a little twist to the short afro styles, and you can do it with whatever cut you already have. Simply shape your curls natural form into tighter curls with your fingers and then twist out random pieces until you’re happy with the result.


14. Slick Back Hair

Afros don’t have to be all up in your forehead and this is proof of that. To get this haircut simply ask your barber to cut down the very front of your afro lower than the rest to create a defined line, same goes for the sides and the back.


15. Curly High Top Fade

short afro hair with fade

The point of this haircut is for the line between the short afro at the top of your hair and the sides of your hair. Ask your barber to shade down the sides from more to less hair as you go down.


16. Twists & Sea Shells with Curly Undercut

Another great way to give your short afro hairstyles a twist is to literally make little twists all-around your afro and add little fake seashells on the top to really bring out this look to a new level.


17. Curly Man Bun

Similar to the popular man bun with afro hair this time. Simply push your hair to the back and carefully tie it up into a bun. Try not to break apart your curls while trying to get the slick back bun right.


18. High Top Fade with Dreads

If you don’t feel like letting your curls grown to their full size, you can turn your regular short afro hair into a dread hairstyle by twisting the top part of your curls.


19. Rounded Afro

This short hairstyle is quite similar to the regular round afro, but instead of leaving your whole hair long, cut down the sides and only leave the top part long enough to create an afro.


19. Afro Pompadour

We finally made it to a classic. The rounder afro. Although it is short, you will have to let your curls grow for quite some time meanwhile you continuously trim it to give it that round shape.


20. Curled Afro with Tapered Undercut

short afro hair with bandana

This afro styleis similar to the one short hairstyle we showed you before, however, this time, the bandana should be up there pushing your curls more, and your natural afro should be styled into big, chunky curls.


21. Rounder Puffy Afro

short afro hairstyles for men

If you already have a classic short afro you can always try to puff out the curls with the help of a special comb to give it that texture that makes it seem as if your hair was longer than it really is.