Military Haircuts: Flat Top, High & Tight Haircuts

Military haircuts look great on men of all ages and are often seen on little boys to professional businessmen. The military cut is called such because it mimics the standards that are required for men who are enlisted in the armed forces in America.

As we all know, men in the military are required to keep their hair at a very short length. Men in the military are allowed to wear just about any style of short hair, but there are a couple of different types of military haircuts.

Of course, you do not need to be in the military to wear one of these hairstyles and some of these military haircut styles are quite popular.

A man will want to take into consideration what type of military haircut style they want to wear. In the following article, we will review some of the different types of military haircuts.

military haircut for men

Why Are Military Haircuts Short?

Military haircuts are short for some pretty solid reasons. First off, there’s the practicality factor. When you’re out in the field, it’s all about low maintenance. With short hair, there’s less fuss, and it’s easier to keep clean. Plus, imagine having to wear a helmet all day long – short hair makes that a lot more comfortable.

Now, hygiene comes into play as well. Those close-cropped cuts really cut down on the chances of catching lice or other bugs. That’s the last thing anyone wants to deal with in the middle of a mission.

A clean and neat appearance also plays a big role. In the military, discipline and uniformity is king. So, it’s all about looking sharp and being part of a well-oiled machine.

Another cool point – short haircuts can be a psychological tool. A fresh start, if you will. When recruits first enter the military, that buzz cut is like shedding their old civilian life and stepping into a new role. They’re joining a team, and that haircut is a unifying badge of honor.

Lastly, let’s not forget safety. Long hair can be a hazard in combat situations. It could get caught in equipment or, worse, give an enemy something to grab onto. No one wants that. Short hair is the way to go to keep things running smoothly and safely.

High and Tight Haircut

First off, there is the high and tight cut, which is a variation of the buzz cut. The usual length for this haircut is one-sixteenth of an inch. This is a length that is very nearly shaven.

The reason that many men in the military and out of the military get this type of military haircut style is that it’s known to make the face more attractive looking.

With this haircut, there is more emphasis put on the cheekbones and the eyes. Therefore, if you are interested in putting more emphasis on the regions of your eyes and cheekbones, the high and tight hairstyle to go with.

The high and tight military haircut may very well be the most commonly worn military hairstyle.


Flat-Top Haircut

The flat-top military haircut is another one of the more popular military hairstyles. The flat-top haircut is a style that is done to give the hair on the top of the head a flat appearance while the rest of the hair is shaved off. The hair on top will be kept anywhere from half of an inch to an inch tall.

The men that choose this style in the military are the ones who would like to keep their hair just a little longer than the rest. For those men outside of the military who would like a military style haircut without having to nearly shave their head, the flat-top is the way to go.

There are some other military haircuts, but these two are the most popular among the men who are in the military and the men who are not. Most of the other military haircuts are very similar to the two before mentioned hairstyles in this article.

flat top military haircut
Flat Top Military Cut


How to Cut A Military Haircut

The edges of the military haircut define the cut. They are cut in what is commonly referred to as a high and dry cut. This means that the hairs on the back of the neck and the hairs around and above the ears are cut tightly along the growth of the natural hairline. There are no hairs left looking jagged or out of line, this cut is precise.

  • The entire head of hair is electric razor or clipper cut; this is also commonly called a buzz cut or crew cut. The cut itself is performed with an electric razor over a comb or with variously sized attachments over the razor, these attachments are numbered. This is how some men ask for their trim: “I would like a number three on the top and a number one on the sides and in the back.” You can ask the professional stylist that is performing your hair cut what number guard or razor attachment they are using for your cut. This will help you to be specific when you return for a trim.
  • The hair around the top of the head and the crown should be kept slightly longer and it should be blended into a very tight cut around the ears and neck hairline. The top can be cut into a box effect which will be a flat top or the hair can be rounded to take the shape of the head. The top is usually left no longer than one or two inches in length and the sides and back are usually faded into an eighth of an inch or even bald.


How to Maintain the Military Haircut

Military cuts for men are one of the easiest cuts to maintain and keep looking great day after day. They are a wash and go look that consistently looks great with very little hands on or styling efforts.

This is one of the reasons that so many men enjoy the military cuts. They look great with formal clothing and with casual clothing; at the beach and at a wedding. They look great on children, on businessmen whoever you name it.

Maintaining a military haircut is fairly easy to do. Simply have the cut shaped up and the edges trimmed with an electric razor every few weeks.

If the haircut is not consistently reshaped every four to six weeks (or sometimes even sooner) it will lose the sharpness of the cut and the style will begin to look sloppy and unkempt. There is nothing less professional looking than a man with a haircut that looks totally great for several weeks and then awful before it looks great again.

A true military cut is reshaped consistently and always looks sharp and cared for. The hair around the ears can also be shaped at home with an electric razor once or twice a week to keep it looking great each day.


High & Tight + Flat Top Haircut Ideas

1. The Induction Do

black men Military Hairstyle

The day you’re inducted, you get yourself a free haircut—one of the most easily recognized military haircuts for men in the world, in fact. There’s a generic version, but different branches and military barbers may have their own twists.


2. The Burr

short beard with Military Hair

If anything, the burr cut is even shorter than the scalping you get with an induction buzz. It’s an all-over job, however. You’re not quite bald, and it’s not as short as you can go, but there’s not a lot of hair there, you know what I’m saying?


3. The Butch

natural Military hairstyle for young boy

The butch cut as the ’50s and early ’60s favorite—just read a few Stephen King books set in those time periods. The name might just be because you need a bit of butch wax to make your hair lie down properly after you get this crop.


4. The Regulation Haircut

handsome military haircut for men

The regulation is more than just a handsome military haircut for men. It’s a current trend. It’s the next best thing to an undercut—it just tends to be a bit neater. The small pompadour at the front is vital, by the way.


5. The Crew Cut

Military Haircuts

Like many other military haircuts, the crew cut is popular among civilians, too. It’s a spring and summer favorite for men with thick hair, and for boys of all ages. The odds are good you sported this ‘do at several points in your life.


6. The Ivy League

Military Haircuts

The Ivy League resembles an undercut, as well. It differs from the regulation cut because it’s slightly longer at the sides, and often at the top, too. It’s also very delicious, gents. Go forth and Ivy League in peace.


7. The Brush Cut

Military Haircuts

The brush cut is another retro favorite. It’s a cool coif for hot weather, plus it’s altogether neat and tidy. In addition to being an attractive military haircut for men, it’s also ideal for a more formal professional environment.

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  2. It’s about the hair (or lack thereof)..and it;s a style. Hairstyle.
    Now you’re just splitting hairs… read a book or something.

  3. As a military wife myself, I really dislike the haircuts even though my husband has a nicely shaped head.

  4. The little communists calling military styles gay are no different than liberals elsewhere.
    Military styles are function over form, think about it.

  5. it does not matter what haircut you give an american soldier . they still kill british troops. how can anyone mistake a union jack (british flag ) for another. if you give him a barrett hopefully he will shoot himself. no they are ok really

  6. lol @ last comment…kinda went off on one then just about saved himself! gotta agree tho!

  7. there is no style in these haircuts at all so don't praise these at all!!!! absolute insult to all hairdressers.

  8. I'm in the Military I just wanted to put out to all the communists that America is a Free Country so if you don't like it leave. I heard N. Korea was looking for citizens!!!!
    SGT R

  9. they're gonna die for a country that doesn't give a sh*t about em anyway, shouldn't they be able to die with whatever hairstyle they want…

    and people on this site don't know what the meaning of communist is,…

    also, america is only a free country in theory…

  10. As a Russian I do not understand why peopleare insulting this hair style and also using the word Communist without any knowledge of it. Also it seems very strange to preach your living in freedom then ask someone to leave for disagreeing with you. It more like what they do in North Korea SGT R

  11. communism-1. a social system in which property is owned by the community and each member works for the common bennefit. 2.communism such a system established by the u.s.s.r. and else where.

    -the oracle

  12. well being in the marine corps i like my hair high and tight so if you dont you could keep your coments to your self..

  13. It's a hair cut guys not a political or sexuality based statement. Deal with it and shut up for one second… open your mind and then comment.

  14. high and tights are a motivated haircut. as a marine i get my high and tight then go shoot some sand niggers. get some!

  15. All you flamers are just stupid! read up on your history of why there hair is the way it is. stupid people like you need to go back to Canada.

  16. i used to get these hairstyles the whole time but in ireland when you try to get into clubs they refuse you just over having tight haircuts, it looks more respectable than any other id rather military then bein a hippy curly headed

  17. lol, These cuts look quite good actually, nice and tidy :).

    And I think what everyones forgetting about "war" is that If you join the army, you sign sign on the dotted line to die in the first place. pointless or not.

  18. For you idiots that have never been a part of a military branch, you have no concept of what it's like to be in this position. I consider it a sign of brotherhood and to have my hair cut this way. We are part of a family no matter what branch of service you are in. You may wear your hair long as do most of your friends. They are your "family". No one is telling you that you have to cut your hair the same as I do. Not unless you join our beloved ranks. Then, you will be told that your hair will be cut a certain way. Shut up and be happy that we fight to defend YOUR right to style your hair the way you choose. Signed by UNITED STATES AIR FORCE.

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  20. Military members should never have to defencd their style. As a female vet, I never had to adhere to these standards but if you should be so lucky as to join the ranks of the best, then you would understand the honor. Our purpose is to save your sorry asses- in my opinion, not so worth it sometimes.

  21. For the moron who insulted Canada… When you yanks get in trouble,we always have your back. so shut up and show some respect. btw..Canadians are a helluva lot tougher physically that you yankees.

  22. You brainwashed morons in the military make me sick. Should I kiss the ground that you walk on simply because you've decided to join the military? You've become indoctrinated into a system which forces you to believe your defending "Freedom"…Please, sit and think about it, if you haven't lost the capability to think for yourself that is. From the writing ability of some of you, perhaps you never had that capability to begin with.

    • Too the person who said the military dissgusts them, they are the ones giving you the right to say that. So you think about it.

  23. A United States General once commented…Any high ranking militar officer that is honest with himself knows this one thing. That The United States military is not there to fight for "Freedom" it is there to win America's wars. And there is a difference.

  24. The people saying they are members of the U.S. Armed forces, if they do in fact truly belong, are disgracing themselves and there respective branches. We are the sword and shield of our people, whether we agree to our use or not. If you would kindly not put the blame on the military for the ineptitude of our leaders and citizens, I would Appreciate it.

    The people I serve with in the military are the bravest, brightest, and best that the U.S.A. has to offer.
    Now with that said, as May 7, 2009 put it. Form over function. We don't go into battle to make a fashion statement, we go to end said battle as quickly as possible. Believe it or not but hair over an inch long can decrease combat efficiency by a considerable amount.

    Z. Trammell O-6 SEAL

  25. As a military barber – working with all DOD and DHS individuals I can say there are MANY "styles" for each branch. All they have to do is fall within regs and they are fine. There are those that prefer high & tights, especially if they're headed anywhere near sand. There are those with scrambled eggs on their covers who like to wear some hair. There are even those with jobs that require almost civilian haircuts. What they do for a living is what they've chosen, no one was forced – and if any of you nay sayers knew half of what they and their families go through you'd change your mind.

    By the way – how many of you that are downing the military have stood with your hand out after a national disaster screaming "where's the military?" Get a grip folks and if you don't want the military protecting you (remember those words "both foreign and domestic") and your property, learn to provide for yourself.

  26. I'd like to interject with a big THANK YOU to our military. not only do they get the job done but they do it with much too little appreciation. The haircuts look great on some, not so much on others. As long as they keep us safe, who the hell cares!

  27. Well, the military should be there for the American public after a natural disaster. They should be there to defend our "freedom" (the freedom that exists on paper anyhow). What they shouldn't be used for are puppets of a government who cares only about the aquisition of resources and forcing its way of life on the entire world. I hate to be the one to say it, but WWII was the last time our troops were actually used to protect us from literal harm. Vietnam, The first Gulf War, and ecspecially this crap in Iraq and Afghanistan are all tragic mistakes that killed (and are killing) many young Americans. I'm sick of it. Being in the military isn't much to be proud of these days. You're a brainwashed puppet who knows not what he's really fighting for. Oh, and newsflash… the military doesn't want "the brightest and best." People with high IQs tend to get bored and rebel against military life. They are looking for typical people of average intelligence who can easily be programmed to do the government's bidding. Sorry, that's just the way it is.

  28. I just posted the last message on September 2nd at 4:02 pm. I just thought I'd add that I do have 2 members of my family who are in the military. One serves in the Air Force, the other is a Marine. I love them dearly, I just disagree with their chosen professions. But about the haircuts… short hair is beneficial in battle. There is no arguing about that. Who cares what the soldiers look like anyhow?

  29. Considering that these are just hairstyles(and yeah, I would consider anything to do with styling hair{including styling what is left after the shave} a hairstyle) there seems to be a lot of people focusing on the military itself. Seems like that happens allot on several subjects. Go to any forums or public comments and as soon as military, Christianity, or freedom in America is mentioned the whole conversation moves into a debate/dispute more then a simple "what do you think of these pics" type discussion.

    I will be going into the Navy sometime within the next six months hopefully, I have to wait for the ranks to thin out because they have to many people in there at the moment, and when i do I'll probably just choose to be bald altogether. Saves a hell of a lot of money from having to buy shampoos and conditioners and what I do buy I would only use a little bit of at a time. I consider military cuts in general to be more efficient and just all around better then most other hairstyles. Kind of like the military enlisted and officers when compared to most(although perhaps not all) non-military civilians.

    Mescovic, I kind of agree with what Sargent R was saying if I understood him correctly although I think it could have been worded better. America is a free country. Perhaps only in theory by the beliefs of some, but I have found that different people have different opinions of freedom and we are more free then most of the other countries if not all. In America we have freedom of speech meaning we are all free to say what we think and believe and we are free to express ourselves. Anyone who does not like that among other freedoms is also free to leave America and allow those who do enjoy their freedom to be free happily.

  30. Ultra short hair started to minimize the grip offered to an enemy trying to grab you by the head,and also to minimize problems with lice in barracks. Shaving off facial hair was part and parcel of the same trend. Form over function, except it is now evolved into a fashion statement of its own. And all you flamers are only confirming what a statement it makes. Political statement as well as fashion statement, because the two are, always have been, always will be the same thing.

  31. Okay wow… there's no need to hate any1 ppl o_o
    it's pointless to put negative energy towards another person for no reason at all. if u have a reason, like they killed ur parents, or stole ur girlfriend, then i guess that's okay.
    second of all, people in any military branch have to put up with a lot of tough shit. so leave em alone. thanks. 😎

  32. Listen most of you are probably liberal and dont support the war or American soldiers. You all need to stop bitching because without a standing military there would be no United States as we know it. The last thing on most of these soldiers is is my haircut in style. So quit complaining no one is making you cut your hair like this.

  33. (most) miltary hairstyles are more functional than:

    when one arrives at basic training, every male soldier/sailor/marine/airman recieves "the great equalizer"..a shaved head. this is done to promote unity among recruits. everyone is made as close to identical so all function as a unit and no one is thinking 'his hair looks stupid' or something to that effect and allow discord between recruits.

    on deployments, they are functional. when i was sent to Iraq, the first thing to go was my hair. the country is hot and when you're going through the city looking for god knows what humpin a 100lb pack, weapons, armor, and also bein a dog handler on top of all that goin down the streets of Fallujah, and even moreso sitting in a crowded APC or humvee. and also, theres really not much of a chance of getting a date in the middle of the desert, so personal appearance wasn't paramount. there are some that grow it out long enough to spike or whatever, but most of the time you're wearing a helmet or some other kind of cover so i figured function over fashion.

    b. horton MA-2005

  34. iv been serving my country for 7 1/2 years in the USN and i have to say that its all based on personal preference, but i can honestly say there is no more glory or honor in the military because you have all these people making asses out of themselves and placing a bad name for the armed forces by discriminating a certain race(s) of people. The military now days have nothing but immature children who are disrespectful and dont know the meaning of honor or respect and i can honestly say without a shadow of doubt that my country is going down the shiter because of its people and because the lack of respect and i am not proud to serve with these immature ass holes who "defend" our country. oh and i happen to like the haircuts even though i have a johnny cash style goin. lol.

  35. Have you, that do not believe our military is doing the right thing overseas, forgotten that dreadful day when those towers fell. If you don't believe that giving them what they brought onto themselves, a little return of a favor, then your not a true American. I love this country and would die for her, like so many before me have. Next time you try to hate on the military just remember where you were at 9-11 and how you felt when you turned on the tv.

    Navy Corpsman Martin

  36. All the better i say that all the pansies dont want this kind of haircut- now we can just consider it a part of the uniform. Besides, I can say that I'm not a metrosexual/homo who actually cares about my hair and amazingly good looks enough to let it grow out and look like one of the Jonas brothers. Real men dont care.

  37. To September 2: Those in the military tend to be of greater intelligence than the general population. A college degree is required of officers in the Marines and over 99% of enlisted have high school degrees. I am recieving my officer's commision this Saturday and with an IQ of 150I guess I am just another mindless puppet.

    We will continue to defend your right to make stupid statements, Oorah!

  38. I've served 4 years in the Army and have found that there are three types of military personnel when it comes to hairstyles.
    There is the brainwashed that believes everyone should have a high and tight. He gives endless to anyone who has more hair than they do and makes life very hard for no good reason.
    There is the guy who keeps his hair short for sheer simplicity. He likes that it's low maintenance and doesn't really care what one's hair is like as long as it falls within regulation.
    And then you've got the guy with the regulation mop. It's barely within regulation and he knows it. This guy catches an unreal amount of shit on the day to day. He keeps it long completely out of spite and loves to aggrivate the first guy.

  39. Like previous posters mentioned the military style serves a purpose.
    On a plus side it looks good, masculine, clean and requires little upkeep.

    Most of the longhair wearing communists or those who wear emo hair are very feminine in attitude, act and appearance. Those with long hair also tend to have very tiny framed skulls.

    It just goes to show you that those who where more feminine hair styles are just that, feminine.
    They couldn't hack it in any regimented lifestyle let alone the Military.

    Remember that the long-hair commies and emo's are still dwelling in the basements of there parents 🙂
    We are having experiences the world over.

  40. "High and tight" is a sexual term used by the military.


    The Marine leaned over and whispered into his buddies ear…"Climb into my bunk tonight and give it to me high and tight."


    It can also be used to refer to a military style haircut.


    Jill: Did you see that guy with the stupid looking haircut; what was he thinking?

    Jack: He's probably in the military, most of them have that stupid haircut, it's called a high and tight.

  41. I'm in the U.S. Army National Guard and was in a mall the other day.I was behind what I thought was two girls with long straight hair and "skinny" jeans. They turned around to walk back the other way and I realized that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. My point is this; be an individual, don't wear what you think everyone else would like. My personal opinion is that long hairstyles tend to make you look very girly. If that's the look you're going for then you go girly man. Unfortunately with being in the military; you are limited on the hairstyles to choose from. It's just hair people. Recon

  42. For those of u on here who bash those of use in the military, YOUR WELCOME !Because if it were not for the "Brain Washed Morons" like myself then you would not be able to run your mouth and voice your opinion so FREELY. Many men and women have die defending this great country and what it stands for so you can speak FREELY. If you dont like your FREEDOM then pack your shit and move to some other country and see how u like it. And so you know only 1% of the US population even qualifies to get into the Military. So again YOUR WELCOME!!!!! HOOAH!!!!!!

  43. This is unacceptable, I've fought for this country for almost 7 years. These comments from both you civilians and fellow soldiers, you would never go and insult a baker or a carpenter for his profession so why insult us, and soldiers the racism is unprofessional.. Useless f**ks like you are the reason people say things like what's stated above. I have and will continue to fight to keep my america free… Brainwashed or not I'd like to see some of the more immature posters come walk through half the shit I've walked through and come out as clean as I did, soldiers included

    SSG Roland, Scout-1st Calvary Division

  44. Christ, people. Between the homophobia, political shit, racism, sexism, and other bull up in here it's difficult to remember what this post was about.

    This cut is extremely practical and I still wear it because of that. Although some folks might like the look, that isn't the primary reason this clip exists. Practicality, practicality, practicality.

    Anyway, quit the bitching and peace out.

    1st Lt. Hess, USAF Ret
    USAF Vet

  45. I gave my wwife a high and tight haircut wqhen she came home drunk!
    It looks great! Especially when she is all made up!
    She hates it and me with it, but I don’t care.
    I’m going to keep it nice and tight (every time sshe is drunk)
    I think it is the sexiest thing I could do to her!
    She loves it when I get turned on to her, though…

  46. Well Karl, you are another brave one!
    My husband tied me op first!
    This was a week ago.
    I look rediculous now, I had soft shoulder length hair. Now I hardly have ayuthing on top.
    I am devastated and hardly leave the house now. Some neighborhood kids found out about it, so now everybody in town knows it too.
    I can kill my husband! I HATE him!!!!

  47. I’d like to tell Erica that today extremely short haircuts are getting more and more popular with women.
    My own wife has had a crewcut for many years and loves it. So do I !
    She has it sharpened up every two weeks.
    She looks great! Many men have complemented her because of her hair.
    So don’t hide from the world, be brave. Go out of the house and enjoy life.
    Years ago those haircuts were very unusual for women. Twenty five years ago I gave my wwife her first sexy crewcut. She too was reluctabt to face other people. Now she is proud to have been about the first to have such a cut.
    I have seen pictures of women wuth a high and tight and they look sharp!!
    Don’t cry, get out and enjoy the stares of menand women!
    Crewcuts, high and tights or flattops are all pretty much the same, my wife was telling me that she may switch to a flattop next time she goes to the barber again.
    Gene and Patty

  48. A high and tight is the best cut ever.
    This cut is extremely practical and I still wear it because of that.
    Miltary hairstyles must be at 1st. more functional as fashionable.
    By the way – the haircut look great!!!

  49. Yeah u look decent with that High & tight hair cut, do hell with those who don’t agree & those who think that America is for the white sh*t, go back into the history & find out who are the original inhabitants of America! Those high & mighty whites were just drifters of Europe who claim America to be their land! America is a free country, it belongs to those who work hard & pay taxes to protect it rights!

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