7 Ravishing Platinum Blonde Hairstyles for Men to Explore

It seems like platinum blonde hair color looks good on absolutely everyone. Even though it takes a little bit of boldness and edginess to decide to bleach the hair and maintain this color, the results do look extremely cool and gorgeous.


Cool Hairstyles with Platinum Blonde Shades

These are the most ravishing platinum blonde hairstyles for men that anybody can try.

1. Long Blonde Hairstyle 

long platinum blonde hairstyle

Everybody is at least a little bit secretly jealous of the Legolas look from Lord of the Rings. But if you have long hair, you should definitely go for it.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to style: Just maintain the platinum blonde hair color by regularly toning your hair and bleaching the roots.


2. Front-Swept Comb Over

platinum blonde side swept hair

What makes this hairstyle special is the contrast between the platinum blonde long top parts and the short sides of the hairstyle.

Ideal for: Square and round-shaped faces.

How to style: Use some hair gel for the front swept look and then mess it out a bit to look more effortless.


3. Curly Faux Hawk 

curly platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde hair dyed curls look so gorgeous against a warmer skin tone.

Ideal for: Heart and oval-shaped faces.

How to style: There is not much that you’ll have to do to maintain the curls other than use some hair product to shape them and make them look shinier. However, we do suggest using a toner regularly if your hair is naturally black because of the probably strong red or orange undertone.


4. Short Messy Hair

messy platinum blonde hair

Dying or bleaching your hair platinum shade is a perfect way to add some spice to the otherwise plain and boring hairstyle.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to style: When you have platinum blonde hair, there is no need for a perfectly sculpted, complex hairstyle. The color already makes the hairstyle as bold as it needs to be, so you can just use a little bit of hair gel and mess your hair out.


5. Tousled Hair with Tapered Undercut

men platinum blonde hair

The contrast of gorgeous platinum blonde short hair and black eyebrows and beard is beyond this world. It will even look stunning when the black hair starts to grow out.

Ideal for: Square and round-shaped faces.

How to style: Use hair wax to create a tousled look. Spray a little bit of hairspray to hold it in place throughout the day.


6. Short Platinum Haircut

short platinum blonde hair

You can experiment with bleaching your platinum hair when it is really short to avoid damage.

Ideal for: Oval and square-shaped faces.

How to style: Use some hair gel to mess out the hair and shape the hipster hairstyle as desired.


7. Pompadour Fade

platinum blonde hairstyles for men

This platinum blonde hairstyle combines so well with trendy accessories. Put on some sunglasses and you will be good to go.

Ideal for: Oval and heart-shaped faces.

How to style: Use hair gel to create a brushed up effect. If your hair is too long and soft, you can spray a little bit of hairspray to hold this hairstyle.


You only live once, so why not try wearing a bold statement look such as platinum blonde hair. No matter whether you combine it with long or short hair, it will look amazing.