How to Style Mohawk with Undercut + 5 Amazing Ideas

For years now the undercut Mohawk has been a pretty signature hairstyle for those who wanted a more risky option when it comes to haircuts, and today, we’re going to talk about them.

But, since we know pictures are worth a thousand words, we have put together a short but great list that will give you ideas on how to style undercut Mohawks in unique ways. Let’s begin.


How to Get An Undercut Mohawk

How to Get An Undercut Mohawk

Before we actually show you how to style it, we have to tell you how to get it, and it’s rather easy. First, you’ll have to let your hair grow long enough until you’re happy with the length.

After that, ask your stylist or barber to give you a Mohawk, but not a regular one, but tell them to give you an undercut as well, making the sides much shorter than in a regular Mohawk, and that’s it, then we can move on into styling them!


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Undercut Mohawk Hairstyles for Men


Latest Mohawk Hairstyles with Undercut

Following are our top 5 picks for men’s undercut Mohawk that are trending like crazy.

1. Punk Hairstyle

funky undercut mohawk hairstyle

As we said, these undercut Mohawk hairstyle aren’t for regular people, but for those who want to go for a much more unique hairstyle and getting it is actually quite easy.

We recommend you to bleach your hair first so the green and a yellow dye can actually have some effect on your own hair, then simply style it upwards with the help of hair gel, hair spray and of course, a blow dryer.


2. Liberty Spike Mohawk

guy with undercut mohawk

This is more of a classic undercut style for anyone with a Mohawk, and again, it’s really easy to achieve. Of course, you’ll have to get your haircut first in order to get the very short disconnected undercut style and dye it black in case you don’t have naturally dark hair.

Then, with a little round comb and a blow dryer comb your hair up until it’s completely straight. Don’t forget to spray it all up with some hairspray to finish things up and making sure your Mohawk stays in place throughout the whole day.


3. Short Fohawk

Short and Classic Undercut Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

To get this Mohawk hairstyle with undercut on the top part of your hair, meaning the actual Mohawk will have to be long enough that you can see the difference between the top part and the bottom part of your hair, however, unlike the rest of the hairstyles shouldn’t be that long or dramatic.

Then simply ask your barber to give you a very noticeable undercut that slowly fades away as your hair goes down, that way, your hair will get shorter as it reaches your neck.


4. Slicked Back Undercut

Slicked Back Undercut Mohawk

Contrary to what most people might think Mohawks don’t always have to be all about spikes and pushing your hair up, sometimes you can style your undercut Mohawk this way too and it works.

To do so, make sure to get your hair wet and then style it back with some hair gel, pushing the top and long part of your hair to the back, you can apply some heat with a hair dryer to make sure it will stick like that during the whole day.


5. Curly Mohawk

undercut mohawk for afro hair

This is a great Mohawk with undercut hairstyle for those who want a more edgy look. To get it, you’ll have to let your natural curls grow long enough that they actually show off their natural shape.


Then you’ll have to ask your barber to give you an undercut, but remember to ask them to really accentuate the line that will divide the top and bottom part of your hair and there you go! You have mimic this exact same undercut Mohawk hairstyle!!