8 Handsome Tapered Undercut Hairstyle Ideas

The undercut taper has numerous versions. The most technical definition of the undercut taper is a style where the top is left longer, while the sides gradually become shorter, from the top to the end.


The Best Undercut Taper Ideas

For those who are looking for inspiration, here are 8 cool taper fade undercuts to consider:

1. Slick Back Undercut with Part

side part tapered undercut

This tapered undercut gradually shows the change in the length of the hair. The side part is natural and deep. The hair is straight, combed to the side. The fringes are pulled back. This is a popular hairstyle among football players and celebrities.


2. Wavy Temple Fade

wavy tapered undercut

The top in this hairstyle is wavy to the front, making it look like the fringe hair is long and wavy. The rest of the hair is pulled to the back, where it is sleek and combed down. The undercut taper continues down, ending with a complete shave.


3. Mohawk

tapered undercut

A very modern version of a taper fade undercut is high shaved sides with a long top, sleeked back. The central part of the hair is pulled back, styled in a sleek way and fixated with a hair gel. For a greater effect, the top can be shaved in a sharp point and then gradually to open to the back.


4. Longer Top Shorter Sides

tapered undercut pixie

The tapered hair with undercut can be enjoyed in the regular boyish looks like the pixie. The pixie has subtle layering to the sides and the undercut is low and gradual. Starting from the top of the head, the hair is directed towards the front where each layer gives the texture of the look.


5. Comb Over Fade

long tapered undercut hair

A long tapered undercut look can be achieved with careful misbalance of the hair. One side of the head is cut in a high fade, leaving just a bit of hair while reaching the side part. From there, the longer hair is styled in a high curve, falling to the side and defined in separate parts.


6. Tapered Quiff

The gradual tapering can be done on each hairstyle, except on the very short ones. From a shaved bottom, the hair gradually becomes longer as it reaches the top. At the top, the front is wavy, styled like a twist, while the rest of the hair is pulled back.


7. Man Bun

tapered undercut with man bun

Many men love wearing a bun. The bun has become associated with an undercut taper. These two different styles come together in one. The taper faded undercut goes all over the head, following one round line. The top of the hair inside that round line is pulled in a slick back bun.


8. Comb Over Undercut

twisted fringe with tapered undercut

The tapered hair with undercut can give the hairstyle visual height. When a faded taper undercut is done with thick and long hair, the contrast between the top and the sides is quite big and dominant.

In this look, all of the top hair is styled to the back, sleek and neat. The fringes are twisted upwards and styled over the rest of the top.


The tapered undercut is a style that every man can enjoy, despite their shape of the face of the color of the hair. The most unique undercut for tapered hairstyles is done with long hair.