Top 10 Side Part Undercut Hairstyles

The side part undercut is one of the most versatile haircuts. It is almost always perfect whatever the occasion might be. Whether it is a formal occasion or a casual one, this haircut has successfully survived the test of time and trends.


Cool Side Part Undercut Ideas

Here is a look at some of the most striking side part undercuts to try in 2024.

1. Formal Hairstyle

Classic Side Part Undercut

There is nothing complicated in this classic side part undercut here. It is simple, classy and undeniably attractive in every possible way. Rather gentlemanly and elegant, it is hard to overlook the subtle charm of this style.


2. Long Taper Side Cut

long tapered side part undercut

This is the classic side part with an innovative undercut. The tapering at the back and towards the nape brings in a unique amalgam of textures that enhance the rugged and masculine element of this cut. It is a rather bold twist and makes the whole haircut for thinning hair in front very neat.


3. Side Part Pompadour Undercut

guy with side part pompadour undercut

The undercut element sticks to basics but what really comes across as striking is the top layer on one side of the parting. The hair is combed over with a puffed up front creating a mini-pompadour. This also highlights the side parting for undercut in a significant way. You can also try undercut fade.


4. Businessman Cut

side part undercut hairstyle for businessman

Primarily a corporate classy look, this side part undercut is all about creating an impression at the first go. Dapper and decidedly charming, it is hard to not fall for anyone sporting this style.


5. Hard Part Taper Fade

undercut with side hard part

Rugged, bold and extremely functional, there is nothing complicated in this side hard part undercut. The taper fade, in fact, heightens the subtle elegance and machismo of your personality rather succinctly and in progression.


6. Disconnected Undercut

The contrast is what makes this undercut with side part rather attractive. The two parts of the side part are completely disconnected, and it creates a sense of mystique and subtle elegance.


7. Soft Part

guy with side part undercut

The side part undercut, in this case, is all about going with the flow in this case. The parting is not a hard part but rather follows the general fall of the hair. In case you have really fine or thin hair, this is a good bet.


8. Military Haircut

The hair is extremely short in this case and almost resembles the ivy league crew cut in terms of neatness and rugged appeal. The longer hair is combed over almost like a slick back.


9. Tapered Undercut for Thin Hair

Side Part Undercut for Thin Hair

Though the side part is distinct in this undercut here, it is rather narrow. This is ideal for thin hair.


10. Curly Undercut

side part undercut for curly hair

This is the classic side parted undercut but on curly hair. So while the undercut takes away most of the curl from the sides, the hair on top provides quite a contrast. It is a cool and relaxed haircut that also comes across as appropriate for formal occasions.


The functionality and the versatility of the side part undercut make it an immensely popular option. This is also a relatively low maintenance haircut. But the best part is how easily this exudes a cool casual yet classy style statement. It works equally well with wavy and curly hair apart from straight hair.