15 Low Temp Fade Haircuts That’re Totally Slaying It

Men who want to show a little skin around the temple, but don’t want a cut will want to consider a low temp fade. This is a great choice because it allows the face to be clearly defined and some skin to show, but isn’t such an extreme cut that men will feel uncomfortable when wearing it.


Latest Temp Fade Low Haircuts

We have curated top 15 low temp fade hairstyles for guys here. Have a look and get your next look here.

1. Buzz Cut with Beard

low temp fade with beard

This is a great low cut temp fade that looks especially impressive, thanks to the angular cuts around the face, as well as the attractive beard. The full beard and mustache help to balance the shorter hair on top of the head and really help the look to stand out.


2. Drop Fade with Strong Lines

curly low temp fade with line

Adding strong lines to any fade is a great way to ensure that the look doesn’t blend in with others, and this option is no exception. Thanks to the strong lines cut from the forehead, as well as the natural curl of the hair, it’s a full and attractive look on most any man.


3. Hair Designs on Side

low temp fade with design

Cutting designs into a low temp fade is a fun way to spice up a look and give it a little bit of personality. This look does require regular upkeep to look great, but the full top slicked to the side really shows off the designs and helps the look pop.


4. Curly Top with Low Fade

low temp fade with curly top

Leaving hair curly and natural on top is a great way to finish off a lower temple fade haircut. This look is especially impressive, thanks to how perfectly outlined and trimmed the beard is, which adds some great lines to the face and helps the face to stand out from the hair.


5. Natural Curls with Temp Fade

natural curly hair with low temp fade

Natural curls with a temp fade low cut are allowed to stand out. This look is unique because the curls aren’t contained or slicked back with the product. A slight fade around the temples and around the ears helps the curls on top of the head to be the real focal point of the style.


6. Fade with Braided Mohawk

Using a medium fade over the ear shows some skin and is a great contrast to this low temp fade with long top hairstyle. Braiding the longer hair on the top of the head gives the impression of a Mohawk without a lot of the work and is a great contrast to the strong lines around the face.


7. Crew Cut

Strong edges help the shorter hair on the top of the head look very well defined, even when there is a great low fade around the temple, ears, and the back of the neck. This look is very no-nonsense and doesn’t require a lot of work before heading out the door in the morning.


8. Drop Fade with Waves

Men who have strong faces and aren’t afraid to show them off will love the way that they look when they have angular edges cut around their face. This allows the face to be the focal point, especially when paired with a perfectly executed low temple fade hairdo.


9. Man Bun with Cornrow

Small braids that are very long and are pulled back from the face add movement and interest to this look. They can be worn down, but then the fade around the temple won’t be as obvious. Keeping them pulled back is the added benefit of making sure they don’t get in the way during work.


10. Thick Dreadlocks

low temp fade with dreadlocks

Thicker dreads that top a temple fade look great when they are outlined with a strong line on the sides of the head. This low temp fade, combined with strong edges on the forehead and a great beard perfectly shows off the face and make this a unique and stunning look on any man who has braids.


11. Natural Body on a Temp Fade

Allowing hair to have a natural body and stick up from the head shows off the movement of this low cut temp faded haircut. Adding beads brings additional interest to the look. Thanks to the great fade around the temple, the face and hair are both attractive.


12. Curly Mohawk Fade

A higher fade over the ear really shows off the skill of the hair stylist and allows the hair on top of the head to be the focal point. This look is great for men who have naturally thick hair they want to show off.


13. Hot Pink Top with Fade

There’s nothing boring about this colored hairstyle, thanks to the hot pink color of the hair. The lower temp fade around the ear allows the darker natural color of the hair to really shine through and adds some great contrast to the look. The professional fade on the temple helps break up the look and prevents it from being too heavy.


14. Dyed Top with Strong Fade

low temp fade for short curly hair

A top that is dyed a slightly different color from the rest of the hair adds some interest to this short curly hairstyle. Thanks to the strong low fade on the temple, as well as the perfect outlining on the beard, this look manages to be anything but boring.


15. Lower Fade with Strong Edges

guy with low temp fade haircutA lower fade with strong edges around the face set this look apart. It’s a great option for younger men who are new to the world of fades and don’t want to opt for a fade that will be too extreme for them the first time they get a temp fade low cut hairstyle.


When choosing a low temp fade, men need to make sure that they consider their face shape, how long their hair is, if they want a design, and how much work they are willing to put into styling their cut. This will help them choose the temp fade that is right for them.