35 Handsome Hairstyles for Men with Medium hair

Medium length hairstyles for men are the easiest to find, and also the coolest ones. Short hair can be styled in only a dozen ways, while medium length gives you the opportunity to get more creative. Starting with different looks, to different colors, you will fall in love with so many hairstyles on the list. 


Latest Medium Hairstyles for Guys

These are the most popular medium haircut ideas for men to try out this season. All 35 are super-innovative and you’ll be the most fashionable guy ever.

1. Blue and Pink Hair with High Bald Fade

medium hairstyles for men

Adding some bold hues is just the thing you need this season.

Ideal for: These two colors are ideal for summer. They are the best choice for younger guys.

How to Style: Go to your hairdresser and let them know which colors you want.


2. Mohawk with Colorful Line Art

mohawk with medium length hair

Mohawks are very eye-catching medium hairstyles for men that gets even better when you add interesting details or when you make it super-high.

Ideal for: Great for men who always want to try out something new.

How to Style: Style the Mohawk with a strong hold product to keep it up. The hairstylist is the one who does the dye job.


3. Pink Pompadour with Fade

guy with medium length pink hair

Pink is a color meant for men too, especially in 2024. It’s one of the most fashionable hues for the season.

Ideal for: Perfect for men with medium hair who will not complain about the color, instead he will love it.

How to Style: Add some wax to the fingers and style it.


4. Curly High Top Fade

curly medium hairstyle for men

Curly hair can be fun, unique and chic. We found one of the most interesting medium hairstyles for men with curly hair.

Ideal for: Best for African-American guys or men with naturally curly hair.

How to Style: Shave the sides and ask for a line on each one. Keep the curls healthy with your regular products.


5. Hard Part Hair with Blonde Highlights

medium haircuts for men

Highlights are back again and now they’re a trend among men. Add some to the tips and you won’t be sorry.

Ideal for: Great for young adults who still like daring hairstyles.

How to Style: Do a  side part, then sleek the hair with wax, pomade or any other product.


6. Colorful Hairstyle for Guys

This is definitely not your ordinary mid-length hairdo, but it’s sure worth the try.

Ideal for: It looks like a smart idea for summer, especially if you don’t work in an office.

How to Style: Choose your two favorite colors to mix in the top part. Do a spiky mane with hair gel and think of the art that you want to add in the back.


7. Slick Back Fade

An innovative way to take the hair out of your face or avoid styling it.

Ideal for: Great for when you don’t want to style your hair and it’s too hot outside.

How to Style: Your hair needs to be medium-long in the top part so that you can do a half-up ponytail. Ask for a medium fade on the sides from the barber.


8. Colorful Flat Top with Fade

Have you ever seen a more vibrant medium length hairstyles for men than this one?

Ideal for: It’s ideal for younger guys.

How to Style: You can add any hues that you like. Talk to the hairstylist and let them know that you want a flat top with a high fade on the sides.


9. Spiky Mullet

Red is such an intriguing color and surprisingly looks interesting as a part of men’s hairdos.

Ideal for: This is the hairstyle not many will dare to try, but still a fun choice for summer days.

How to Style: Use a hair gel to do the spikes.


10. Pompadour with Undercut Fade

pompadour for medium length hair

This is such a statement haircut that everyone will be looking at you.

Ideal for: If your hair has reached medium length, this is the time to try a pompadour undercut. It’s one of those medium haircuts for men that are a great fit for a wedding.

How to Style: Use a pomade to do the pompadour with a comb.


11. Messy Spiky Hairstyle

The hairstyle that will never get old.

Ideal for: The easiest hairdo literally anyone can pull off.

How to Style: Just add some wax with your fingers and that’s it.


12. Braided Long Hairdo with Undercut

This is a relaxed hairdo for men with medium hair that is adored by younger adults.

Ideal for: Great for a vacation or a day at the beach.

How to Style: Braid the medium-long part of the hair and secure the braids with ties.


13. Medium Bald Fade

Spiky hair is always in.

Ideal for: It works for all ages, hair colors, and looks best when done on medium length hair.

How to Style: Use wax and your fingers for the spikes.


14. Messy Waves

Messy waves are so effortlessly chic. They are as popular for men as for women.

Ideal for: Great for men who love a messy hair moment and don’t want to style their hair too much.

How to Style: You will need a pomade for a natural finish.


15. Curly Mohawk With Side Art

curly mohawk with medium length hair

If you have curly hair feel free to upgrade it with this idea.

Ideal for: Best for guys with medium curly hair.

How to Style: Style the curls the way you always do and choose the pattern you want on the sides.


16. V-Shaped Fringe

Have you ever thought about getting bangs? This is the best time to do it.

Ideal for: It’s a very daring choice but will work for most guys with medium hair.

How to Style: Ask your barber to give you a v-shaped fringe.


17. Blonde Quiff with Medium Fade

You know what they say, blondes have more fun.

Ideal for: It’s great for all men, both younger and older.

How to Style: Simply use pomade for the quiff or pompadour and a fine-tooth comb.


18. Classic Comb-Over With Beard

A pompadour comb-over will never get old and works best with medium hair length.

Ideal for: Great for guys who love classics.

How to Style: Use your fingers with hair wax for the comb-over finish.


19. Textured Crop Haircut with Highlights

Blonde highlights can take any hairdo to a whole new level.

Ideal for: Great for younger men.

How to Style: The textured crop together with the blonde highlights will help you achieve a very eye-catching hairstyle for guys with medium hair. Add wax to the fingers to style it.


20. Punk Hair

hairstyles for men with medium hair

This is the coolest Mohawk you will ever see.

Ideal for: It’s meant only for men who are really ready to experiment.

How to Style: Use a product with strong hold for the look.


21. Sleek Hair with Side Part and Medium Fade

A side-sleeked look is very elegant and will be a great addition for special events.

Ideal for: Ideal for a wedding.

How to Style: Do a side part and sleek the rest with a comb and wax.


22. Faux Hawk with Burst Fade

Faux hawks are the medium haircuts for men that can change the whole appearance.

Ideal for: Great for young guys.

How to Style: You need pomade for the faux hawk and a comb.


23. Platinum Pompadour

The regular pompadour can be even cooler with a platinum hue.

Ideal for: It’s best for teenagers.

How to Style: Take the hair up with pomade or wax.


24. Grey Caesar Hairstyle


The good old Caesar hairdo is so easy to maintain.

Ideal for: Works for most men.

How to Style: Just brush the hair.


25. Fohawk with High Skin Fade

faux hawk for medium hair

Faux hawks can be harder to style but they’re so trendy.

Ideal for: Looks chic on everyone.

How to Style: Do the faux hawk with wax and ask a high fade from the barber.


26. Colorful Flat Top 

Who wouldn’t want to try this medium length hairstyle for men?

Ideal for: A fun, eye-catching hairdo that is meant for the brave ones.

How to Style: Talk to the hairdresser and let them know that you want a colorful flat top with high fade and a line as well.


27. Side-Swept Hairdo with A Twist

Another classic that won’t get old.

Ideal for: It’s ideal for a summer wedding or any other event where you need to look dapper.

How to Style: Once you do the side part and you sleek the hair, add a twist in the front.


28. Dutch Man Braids

Braided medium hairstyles for men are now much more interesting thanks to this one.

Ideal for: It’s a good idea for African-American men.

How to Style: Braid the top part and tie it in a bun. Decide what kind of pattern you like.


29. Bowl Cut with Medium Fade

This spiky version is an elevated classic Caesar cut that is equally chic.

Ideal for: Great for lazy guys.

How to Style: Do a medium fade on the sides and add some spikes in the top part.


30. Curly Hair with Fade

medium length curly hairstyle

Your curly hair can now look even better than before.

Ideal for: It’s the best choice for gentlemen with curly mid-length hair who want to have a neat hairdo.

How to Style: Ask for short sides with a bald fade.


31. Men’s Cornrow Braided Hairdo

Braided hairdos are a very unique choice for guys with medium hair, but a nice change as well.

Ideal for: Perfect for all ages.

How to Style: You will need to separate the top part of your hair into sections and braid them. You can always do it in the salon.


32. Statement Long Comb Over with A Twist

Try out a long pompa and you won’t be sorry.

Ideal for: It’s ideal for teenagers and guys who don’t mind being the center of attention.

How to Style: Make sure that you find a product with a very stronghold for this medium hairstyle for men.


33. Silver Spiky Hair With Side Art

Even men who don’t have a naturally grey hair now want to dye it silver. This is one of the latest trends and can look so fierce on hairstyles for men with medium long hair.

Ideal for: Great for all ages and hair types.

How to Style: Do the spikes with hair gel and with your fingers. Decide what kind of art you want on the side. If you decide to dye it, you need to know that you’ll have to have regular touch-ups.


34. Platinum Blonde Hair with Design

medium length spiky hairstyle

Going platinum can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Ideal for: Perfect for teenagers and young guys.

How to Style: Ask your hairdresser to give you a platinum blonde dye. Once you’re done, style the spikes with wax and twist them with the fingers.


35. Chic Comb-Over with Undercut

comb over with medium length hair

Adding hair art in the back is extremely popular at the moment.

Ideal for: It’s perfect for medium-haired men with style who also love details.

How to Style: You can choose any type of art that you want in the back, it doesn’t have to be three lines. The V finish is very eye-catching. Do the comb-over with a hair product that will hold it into place.


The hairstyles for men with medium hair are so interesting and easy to pull off. Whenever you notice that you need a fresh haircut, turn to this list and all of your problems will be solved. When a man has medium hair length there are so many smart options that you might even get confused.

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